Friday, March 30, 2012

Making Easter Baskets!

Do you have fun at work?

I do.   Lots of fun.  If I'm not talking and laughing with my beloved boss, Miss Donna, then I'm up to no good with Coworker Bevvy or crafting it up with Coworker Chris.  Yeah, there are always gonna be some bad days- but really, I do love going to work.

Would you go into the office if you'd taken a vacation day?  I did just that, today!  Chris, who I'll now rename Crafty Chris, was the co-hostess of today's Easter Basket Make 'N Take!  Yeah!  We made Easter Baskets in the classroom area of our place o' bidness.

Here's the workroom area of the classroom.  Lots of nice, big worktables!  I need one of these at home!

Since I came in early, I was excited to 'help.'   Yeah, I really did lots- I put a towel on each table, and placed a pair of clippers on top of the towel.  Done!

While I joke about my little bit of help- I really have to tell you how much work that our two hosts put into day.  There were some flowers left after a class this week, and they came up with a fun way to use them- and before long, a pile of baskets were purchased (from Basket Market- everyone in town loves this store!) and everything set up-

You can see above there, flowers in the cooler, flowers in buckets in the top left-  flowers even look good in buckets!

Look at all those baskets!  So many different kinds, everybody got to pick one.

Here's the table of 'accessories.'  Grass, eggs, butterflies, ribbon...  I picked out my basket, chose my flowers- and went to work.  And how professional does it feel to tie on and apron and use clippers?!

I love the pic, above, of my worktable.  You can see a few of my coworkers, busy in the background, above.

Here I am, posing with my completed basket.  Thanks, Crafty Chris, for takin' my picture!

And there it is- my completed Easter basket!  How could a day be even more fun?  I know- a trip to BASKET MARKET!  

Yeahp, I found a few treasures at Basket Market, including a few things that I didn't know I needed for 'the project.'  Oh yeah- what about 'the project?'   I have a feeling I will have it completed this weekend!

Hmmm.  You know what this day needs?  A trip to TUESDAY MORNING!  I hear there's been more Tim Holtz product spotted in them aisles...



  1. What fun! Your basket looks cute and YOU don't look too bad yourself! ;) Have a great weekend Kory K!!

  2. Tim Holtz at tuesday morning? No way! Pretty flowers in your basket. Lucky you in that nice room crafting away. Have a fun friday night!(do not leave a glass of wine near your projects. In fact I have a gruesome story about wine spilling I used to tell but dont anymore. Its a true story, and i was there when the wine was spilt.)

  3. What a fun project, and amazing really, sounds like you have tons of fun!!! Awesome basket Kory, it turned out beautiful, might have to give one a go. The worktable is awesome, wish I had so much space lol Love your pic, looking good!

    Hugs! Frank

  4. Looks like you had a brilliant day. Such colourful baskets you have all produced. Fabulous photo of you holding your basket. Is that your Mona lisa smile :) Good job you have eyebrows though lol. Pxx