Friday, March 2, 2012

Well, if you twist my arm...

11:15AM CST:

It's almost time for my lunch break. 

CoWorker Michelle decides to take my PayDay-Friday Fever and run with it-  she practically gets down on her hands and knees and BEGS me to accompany her to Basket Market, as she is in need of alphabet stickers. 

By begging, I mean she just said, "Kory, let's go to Basket Market."

The next thing you know, we're flying down the interstate and she's honking and shouting, "OUT OF THE WAY, GRANDPA!"  (This part is not exaggerated.  She really shouted this at a Cadillac that was trying to make it off the off-ramp.)

The Mother-Land
Look at that blue sky!  If that isn't a sign from the Lord himself that we're doing the right thing, I don't know what IS!

While Miss Michelle dug through stickers and then disappeared into the Christmas aisle for the better part of 45 minutes,  I was crawling around the scrapbook aisle and found these treasures:

Wood Flags!  Studio Calico!

Sexy envelopes!

Here's everything together:
A new Sizzix/Basic Grey tag die!
Little black letters!
Crazy red letter stickers!

We stopped by the Portland Express Mart on the way back to work, for a nutritious lunch of Heat Lamp Burritos, and returned to the office to this:

The other ladies in the office went to pick up cupcakes, from Cuppies & Joe, on THEIR lunch hour!  Cake Party!

Happy Friday to everyone!



  1. Kory, you're too funny! Your post cracked me up! Basket market sounds like any scrapbooker's heaven!

  2. Sounds like everyone you work with (except the "aw, yes" lady) knows how to utilize their lunch hours to the fullest extent! i mean who wouldnt love a little scrappy shopping and coming home (and by home i mean work) to cupcakes from a place called cuppie joes! so jealous! i have just under an hour left at work and i think i need a cupcake to get thru the rest of the afternoon.. could ya fax me one please???? :)

    have a great weekend! you should totally do a virtual crop.. where of course you would be the hostess with the mostess! could you ustream something like that??? just a thought anyways!

    1. Yes! A Virtual crop would be so much fun! Lets do it!!!

      I'm still trying to figure out how to fax a cupcake, when I do, I'll do it!

  3. dang, yall have all the best places to get scrapstuff

  4. hey i have a party place near me. I'll check it out. One stop party shop i think it is.

  5. Ha, how fun was this? This just makes me laugh. What awesome treasures you found too!

  6. Wholesale to the Public? How cool ! I want that store here. Love those flags.