Monday, March 19, 2012

Hot Product Alert: New from KAISERCRAFT

I just about got a little too excited when I saw this hot new sexy product from those damn geniuses at Kaisercraft!

The TECHNOLOGIC collection is beyond cool.  So cool it went past cool and back to cool all over again.  It's beautiful.  It's hot.  And I need it all.

These papers from the new line really caught my eye:

photo via kaisercraft

photo via kaisercraft

photo via kaisercraft

Excited.  Wouldn't these be great for a some pages in which I reminisce about my days as a handsome young kid?   That's called revisionist history.  I looked like a little blond frog.

Check out this sheet of KEYBOARD stickers!!!

photo via kaisercraft

This set of 'Collectables' is too cool for words, too:
photo via kaisercraft

Now, the stamps.  I'm a stamp hoarder and proud, but I would really USE these!!!  A BAR CODE STAMP?!?!  PERFECT!!!  Those robots would be great on cards.  I've already got a card idea in mind, for my coworker's birthdays- insert lame joke about being 'robots,' stamp on the card, you're done.

photo via kaisercraft

Also, I'm sure I don't have to point out how great the gears are, but THE HEART-BLEEP MACHINE?!?!  Cool for a get well card or another coworker birthday card!  Insert a lame 'glad you survived the week' joke and YOU'RE DONE!

Alright, I'm a bit too excited over all this stuff.  Must. Order. Now.

See all of this hot sexy new product over at HERE.



  1. I love robots. That's why I made a kit all about robots. And aliens. And alien robots. Check it out:

    I would have been all over this had it been out when I compiled said kit. Those keyboard stickers are waaaay too cool. Blond frog. Ha!!

  2. This is a fun collection, saw it at CHA and thought it was original and cool, cannot wait to see what you create with it Kory!


  3. Awww I bet you were real cute as a kid Kory - you'll have to post a photo now, let us see how adorable you were. Funky stamps! Funny, but the heart bleep looks like a crack to me. I can imagine using it to depict the centre of a broken heart. i'm obv warped haha. Looking forward to seing what you make with these, that is, if you've gone and pushed the "buy now" button lol. Pxx