Monday, March 12, 2012

I used the stamp! I'm SERIOUS!

The time change has beaten me within an inch of my life.  It's not even been 48 hours and I still don't see how I'll survive.  I woke at 7- confused and feeling like a newborn kitten.  Closed eyes and all.  I dragged myself into the shower and then dragged myself to work.  On my third cup of coffee and still no light at the end of the tunnel. 

To cheer myself up, let us all just take a moment to admire this piece of wonder and beauty that is this stamp from Catslife Press.

Remember this beauty?  Of course ya do!  Alright- so I didn't think anybody would even reply with any ideas for what to make with this stamp when I posted that entry before running out the door for Friday night cocktails.  So what a surprise it was to read all your comments!

I did consider each one.  Promise.  Except for Paul's 'tramp stamp' idea.  That's one trashy thing I will never do...  Which is saying lots, because if I can think of something that sounds trashy, I'll do it.  Nevermind, I'm not going to lie- I did consider Paul's idea.  I just didn't do it because I don't have any Staz-On.  Yes, really, I don't have any Staz-On.

One comment 'spoke' to me (wrote to me?) and here's the one I went with:

DARLA said: Great stamp, Kory! I think it would be super for a birthday card (maybe I just have birthday on the brain right now, lol), but this on the front, then on the inside it could have the birthday sentiment. Would also work for anniversary or thank you card. The possibilities are endless!

Yeah!  I AM needing a birthday card, for a friend, this week- and I LOVE making cards! 

After much, much, much playing around and experimenting and different ideas and a movie on Netflix about a tire that rolls around the desert, murdering people, I made the card.  Oh yeah, you read that right- a TIRE that kills people.  Yes, A TIRE.  A CAR TIRE.  NO, not attached to a car, JUST A TIRE.  THAT KILLS.  I don't recommend the movie.  But here's the card!

After stamping the serious guy onto a white card, I cut out the square and used Memory Foil Tape around it- I thought it gave it a cool look.  And that stuff is sticky.  I had trouble keeping it from sticking to my fingers, the table, itself...  It was my first time to use this foil tape- I don't even remember buying it.  I love it, I can't wait to use it more!  I felt it really gives a 'purposeful' look. 

Next, I started the card with a base of kraft cardstock.  Big surprise there, huh?  I'm sorry!  I love this cardstock.  I embossed a sheet of thin plastic that was part of the packing of a set of stamps.  I used Mr. Holtz's Dot Matrix Texture Fade embossing folder.  My definite favorite  embossing folder.  At the moment.  It's just cool, isn't it?  After embossing the plastic, I rubbed some white paint on it with my fingers.  I love how plastic looks when embossed.  I'm doing it lots lately.  Instead of tearing packaging to pieces in my toddler-style attempts to open stuff, I'm now carefully opening or cutting it open, so that I have the packaging more or less intact and ready to be used for something else.  No, I'm not going all Mother Nature on you- but it is good to recycle.  And it's like getting stuff free.  And FREE is my second favorite four letter 'F' word.

The white card is torn out of a book of "ATC Blanks" that I found at Michaels for 99 cents.  It's really nice thick Bristol board.  The smooth texture of the Bristol board is perfect to stamp on -  the clock stamp is from 7 Gypsies.  I inked the edges with Walnut Stain Distress Ink.  I used a piece of punchinella to stencil some Broken China Distress Ink onto the card.  Then I used my Tiny Attacher to attach the 'ribbon' that I made earlier by stamping on plain muslin.  I thought the numbers went perfect for what's inside:

Yeahp!  I had to use my Dymo Lablemaker again!

So what about the prize?  I've been keeping my eyes out for 'prizes' for a little while, now- Anytime I'm out shopping and I see something that I think is cool but not necessarily my taste, I buy it and put it in the 'prize fund.'  Hahaha.   Here's the prize!

A set of "Dear Lizzy" Thickers from American Crafts!
A set of Valentine's stamps.  
AND- a blank chipboard book from Maya Road in the shape of a birdcage!  I saw it and thought it was pretty damn cool, but not my style.  But I still thought it was cool enough to buy.  

So, Darla, email me at and tell me where to send your prize!

Happy Monday, everybody- well, as happy as it can get.  Have a good week!



  1. Thanks for posting about your card. It looks great, very creative. Im sure the recipient will appreciate it.

    1. Thank you very much, Peace!!!

      And yes, Walking Dead was good last night! That show makes me so nervous when I watch it!


    2. I was hollering at the tv when the guy with Glen almost got killed by the zombie! I know there was another time i was yelling too. I hope you saw the preview to the finale. Its going to be good.

  2. Jaw dropping! I think recipients of your cards should frame them. Seriously; this is soooooooo cool!

    1. Wow, thank you! It's hard to really get an idea about what I make- I usually just see other people's things and say, "Why can't *I* make something cool?!" lol

      thank you so much!


  3. Great card Kory, especially good to see your muslin ribbon being put to good use. The Dymo sentiment is perfect. Love the clean, crisp look it has. And I have the very DVD you're referring to. Except I DO heartily recommend it lol. It sat in a pile of "to be watched" films for ages, cos it didn't appeal. But it turned out to be just like the arthouse movies I used to catch in the tiny, grungy box-rooms of cinemas. Get a drink down you and watch it again lol. :) At least you considered the body art idea haha. It would wash off after a while lol. I agree it is TRASHY. A friend of mine had one done and when she showed me, I instantly muttered "Tramp Stamp". She was not best pleased with me haha. You went with the right choice. And CONGRATS Darla, I doff my cap to your fab idea. Pxx

  4. very cool Kory! Lovin all the little details that make it into a fab card! congrats Darla! hugs, hl

  5. I won? I won! Actually, the recipient of this awsome card is the real winner, I love what you did with all the embellies! Very, very cool! As always when I see your work, and hear I bow, I'm not worthy!

  6. Oops! I need to correct my grammar, LOL! the "hear" should be "here". One of my pet peeves, I just ogt ahead of myself in my excitement

  7. What an amazing card, soooo cool Kory, I simply love your style, it really is so unique and awesome, just love the fabric, the texture in the back, man how amazing! Your rock!


  8. another hilarious post. Love the idea of the embossed upcycled plastic- will have to try that.