Friday, March 9, 2012

Wine! A Stamp! A Prize!

So, have you seen these commercials for boner pills?  You know, Cialis, Viagra, Needagoodtime-a?  Well, you know how they say, if you have an erection lasting longer than 4 hours, to call your doctor?  A friend of mind put her phone number in the phone book under the name 'Your Doctor.'

How'd I spend my day?  I didn't spend it at my desk at work, I'm tellin' you that!

I started off the morning, bright and early, with the infamous Holly.  Just wait 'til you see what we did!  Okay, I'm not gonna lie to you and build it up- cuz we didn't do anything but buy crap.

But speaking of building things up-  remember when I told you about a stamp that I had my eye on for a week?  Thinkin' and thinkin' about it until I went back to pick it up and claim it as my own?

Well, here it is- feast your eyes on this little beauty!

Another stamp from those geniuses over at Catslife Press- and if you're in the Oklahoma City area, you can pick up one of your own, over at My Heart's Fancy.  The owner is beautiful and on the freakin' ball, and has the sweetest dog.  Come ON!  How much more enticing do you need?

I had planned to make something with it, before I just showed the stamp.  But I got all busy in mini-book land, and haven't made anything.

So there it is!  What to do with this guy?  Give me an idea!  I'm lazy and not too ashamed to admit it- so give me an idea of something to make with this classy, serious guy.  If I pick your idea, I'll send you a prize!   Yes!  The wine I am drinking at 4pm in the afternoon (Central Standard Time) has encouraged the very first prize at the SCRAPiVERSE!   What is the prize?  I don't know, yet.  But it won't be nice, so don't get your hopes up.



  1. If I owned that stamp I would take a large match box, alter it and then use that stamp on the top. That way I could fill the box with paper clips and keep it on my desk. I'm Serious!
    BTW I've got my order to Catslifepress all ready - 80 friggin dollars - and I'm only getting red stamps no wood bases. It's all your fault!!!

  2. hi kory! your new stamp is snazzy! i think he'd look great on a do not disturb thingy for a door! the "do not disturb" at the top..then that guy with the "i'm serious"! i can see it now! lol oh, i hope i win the (not so fab) prize..i never win anything! lol have a great weekend, sugar! xo,hl

  3. LOL too cute Kory, but you know what would be amazing, if you use a resist technique and make a card, stamp this clear and then use some distress ink and see how that goes, it would look awesome! Have fun!

    <3 Frank

  4. No need to win the prize, I dont have any ideas for you! Sorry, hahahah maybe I will later to get a chance at the prize but I wanted to let you know that any prize coming from you would be great, you wouldn't have it any other way. You may say that its not great but I know you better than that hahahahha!

  5. kory..i love you man! you are so talented and creative! not to mention adorable (oops wasnt supposed to mention that). hmm. i suck at sucking up, was any of that enough to win a prize from you??? i hope so cause imma drawing a blank on what to do with that super cool stamp! lol

    what are you up to this weekend? and your cohort holly? hope to see another fun blog post from ya!

    your adoring fan,
    p.s. i just had to add 1 more little suckup! hehehe later dude!

  6. I would have loved that stamp with a woman on it when I made my kids' chore lists. It would have been at the bottom.

    No ideas from me: what a bore.

  7. Oh i gots me an idea!!! hahaha you could make it the main focus on the outside of a card and then on the inside of the card have it say thank you for a thank you card!!! "Im serious, Thank you" :) I hope that all comes out like it is in my head hahahha

  8. Hmmmm! I'm thinking black Staz-on ink & body art. Needs to be somewhere easy to stamp. Left hand side, chest area? Tramp stamp region? Back of neck? Right thigh? Or wear knee length shorts & stamp it on your lower leg for all to witness on your next shopping expedition. :) Have a great weekend! Px

  9. Great stamp, Kory! I think it would be super for a birthday card (maybe I just have birthday on the brain right now, lol), but this on the front, then on the inside it could have the birthday sentiment. Would also work for anniversary or thank you card. The possibilities are endless!

  10. You could write a note to someone and use the stamp at the end. if you wanted to youcould be all original and say "not" at the bottom. I know youre going to make a tag with it.
    Make a label out of it and put it on a bottle of liquid soap, put it in the guest bathroom. Above the stamp leave enough room to say, "you must wash your hands 7 times" lol.
    Write "stay out of my way please" above the stamp and show it to people at the dollar tree.

  11. Love your writing . You could use it as an idea for a layout. Make it the theme and put some photos on about things in your life that annoy you, and how you feel about it.
    Use it in your smash book. Are you tired of hearing about your stamp? lol!

  12. Here Kory here is my Idea for you!!!

  13. Hmm my ideas blow.. and not the good kind of blowing either. But since I'm all about sharing my shitty ideas here they go: my first thought was to buy a small lamp, the kind that have a candle or somethign in them but still have a lamp shade and do the stamp in diff colors around the mini shade and have them embossed... or even a card.... I've had some wine too so can't think of the type of paintings this is inspired from.. lol Also thinking some super fun coasters because i'd love to have that stamp on some fun coasters! LOL i'm not coming up with anythign scrap related more so home decor stuff. Like i would make my own wine labels using them for when i give wine to someone.. lol. Like i said they all blow, so if my choices aren't choosen then i'd say go with the tramp stamp idea!~ lol

  14. how about on socks or a tie? Business cards? Random grafitti wherever you want?