Friday, March 30, 2012

Making Easter Baskets!

Do you have fun at work?

I do.   Lots of fun.  If I'm not talking and laughing with my beloved boss, Miss Donna, then I'm up to no good with Coworker Bevvy or crafting it up with Coworker Chris.  Yeah, there are always gonna be some bad days- but really, I do love going to work.

Would you go into the office if you'd taken a vacation day?  I did just that, today!  Chris, who I'll now rename Crafty Chris, was the co-hostess of today's Easter Basket Make 'N Take!  Yeah!  We made Easter Baskets in the classroom area of our place o' bidness.

Here's the workroom area of the classroom.  Lots of nice, big worktables!  I need one of these at home!

Since I came in early, I was excited to 'help.'   Yeah, I really did lots- I put a towel on each table, and placed a pair of clippers on top of the towel.  Done!

While I joke about my little bit of help- I really have to tell you how much work that our two hosts put into day.  There were some flowers left after a class this week, and they came up with a fun way to use them- and before long, a pile of baskets were purchased (from Basket Market- everyone in town loves this store!) and everything set up-

You can see above there, flowers in the cooler, flowers in buckets in the top left-  flowers even look good in buckets!

Look at all those baskets!  So many different kinds, everybody got to pick one.

Here's the table of 'accessories.'  Grass, eggs, butterflies, ribbon...  I picked out my basket, chose my flowers- and went to work.  And how professional does it feel to tie on and apron and use clippers?!

I love the pic, above, of my worktable.  You can see a few of my coworkers, busy in the background, above.

Here I am, posing with my completed basket.  Thanks, Crafty Chris, for takin' my picture!

And there it is- my completed Easter basket!  How could a day be even more fun?  I know- a trip to BASKET MARKET!  

Yeahp, I found a few treasures at Basket Market, including a few things that I didn't know I needed for 'the project.'  Oh yeah- what about 'the project?'   I have a feeling I will have it completed this weekend!

Hmmm.  You know what this day needs?  A trip to TUESDAY MORNING!  I hear there's been more Tim Holtz product spotted in them aisles...


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Washi Tape from TARGET and a few cards to celebrate!

Sure enough- the smart 'n classy ladies over at the forum weren't tellin' lies!   TARGET has washi tape!

I ran over to Target so soon after work that I'm lucky I didn't break my ankle.   A slight delay on my rush to the office supply aisle when I was distracted by the SMASHBOOK aisle.  Yes, I just had to look- JUST IN CASE they had the new Smash Tape in-  have you seen that new tape?  Whoa, it's sexy.

Alright, what is it with tape?  Why do I love it so much?  Is it the color?  Is it the pattern?  Is it the informal fun of it?  WHAAAAT?!  I don't know.  We'll explore that over cocktails some dark night.

Yes, you did read correctly- Target put the tape in the office supply aisle.  It's with their colorful collection of office supplies.  Here's what the display look-a-like:

That's it on the first shelf below all the hanging things.  There's red/pink, orangey/yellow, blue/purpley, and green/green...ish?

Here it is- unwrapped from its packing and lovingly lined up on my stained-up craft mat, with one of my stained and chopped up cutting boards in the background.  I really know how to stage a photo.

The tape comes four rolls to a pack, for four bucks.  That makes it a dollar a roll.  That makes it a damn bargain.

After Target, I ran to Wal-Mart, to look for the Elmer's washi tape.  Couldn't find it.  Looked everywhere.  Gave up.  Headed back home.  Stopped at 7-11, to get a soda.  Saw two old men doing a drug deal.  They noticed me watching them, and said, 'C'mon! Let's do this outside!'  They gave me a dirty look.  I laughed about it with the cashier.  I went home and made cards.

I'm going to need some thank you cards, tomorrow- two of my coworkers are hosting an Easter basket-making 'make n take' class, at work, tomorrow- it was limited to four sittings and since they kindly gave me a heads up to sign up fast, AND cuz it's a fun, nice thing to do- I'll need to give them some thank yous later!  Yeah- I have tomorrow off, but I'm going in to make my Easter basket with my boss! 

Yes, I have a huge box full of pre-made thank you cards (they're very important in my profession, and I love to write thank you cards- so I have millions, ready to go).  But I love making cards!  I sat down with my new rolls of tape, some stamps from AMERICAN CRAFTS that I love, and - well, wanna see them?!  Here they are!

Card Number ONE!  A spray of Mister Huey's, a line of tape, a stamp or two and SURPRISE!  A card.

Card Number TWO!  This one is my favorite.  I really like it-  I used a light blue paint chip to stamp the THANK YOU on-  taped it to the card with my favorite of the tapes- this light blue stripe, and used this nifty 'lines' stamp on the sides.  I'm really happy with this one.

Card Number THREE!  Wait, what?!  I thought I was making THANK YOU cards?!  Well, I was.  But this Happy Birthday stamp caught my eye, and I wanted to try it out.  Sprayed some Heirloom Blue MISTER HUEYS (dammit I love this stuff!) then sprayed it with the Calico White.  Glued on one of the doilies I'd stamped and cut out, during my October Afternoon Doily Stamp orgy from a few weeks back, slapped on two pieces of my new tape, and used a thick foam dot to attach the HAPPY BIRTHDAY stamp.  I'm liking this card lots too-  now I just gotta find someone who's having a birthday.

Alright.  Gonna go to sleep.  Gonna wake up, hit up JOANN's, go into the office for my coworker's EASTER BASKET MAKE N TAKE LUNCH HOUR PARTY (I'll take pictures!  I'm sure you're all curious as to what kind of place has make 'n takes and what the hell it'll look like) and THEN I'm gonna try to find some summer clothes!  I NEED CLOTHES.  

See ya!


PayDay Friday Eve!

At the new JOANN's Grand Opening SALE-abration!

That's right, people!  Tomorrow is that sacred holiday, PAYDAY FRIDAY!  It's not a time to quietly observe with friends and family.  It's a time to take a day off work and leave all slow people behind, as you wildly tear ass through your favorite stores, buying whatever you want before going home to collapse in a total post-binge bliss.  You know- that moment right before you crash and cry and say WHYYYYYYYY?!
Just kidding.  It's not that severe.  Nobody call that mean old biddy from on me!  I'm not spending myself to the poor-house.  I'm just having a little fun!
I also do NOT take off of work every PAYDAY.  But something felt special about tomorrow.  So a day off it'll be!
What am I on the look out for?!
Well, I heard that PAPER ARTS, here in Oklahoma, has the 'Technologic' collection from Kaisercraft in stock! 
Then, there's the new WASHI TAPE at Target and Wal-Mart- wait, WHAT?  Yeahp!  Washi is so out there, right now, that it's being found at Target and Wal-Mart.  I heard from some of the classy ladies over at SCRAPBOOK.COM about it-  and wow, some of it looks good!  Target has some, in the office supply aisle.  Not sure what the brand is, and I don't have a photo of it- I'll let you know what I find out, tomorrow.
But this Elmer's brand washi tape has been spotted at Wal-Mart.  Again, Wal-Mart, of all places.

Interesting, huh?
I definitely want the darker colors in the first picture. 
Enjoy FRIDAY EVE, everybody!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where's Kory?

  Oh, HI!

What am I up to?!  Well, allow me to take a break from washi tape window shopping (laptop screen shopping?) and watching 'Alien Encounter' on the Science Channel to stop in and talk about WHAT I am up to this fine Wednesday evening.

I guess I've told you what I'm up to- watching a stupid show about UFOs and window-shopping washi tape.  I'm also worn out after a tough three days at work in the office.  I just got an offer to stage manage a new show.  Even though I said to myself that I needed a good break between shows, it sounds like a good time.  But that's what I always say until I'm working nonstop.

I did a little bit of work on THE PROJECT.  If you count holding a few things up to the project, considering them, and throwing them down and giving up as WORK, then yes- I did a little work.  I'm just not in the mood.  I thought about making a card, to get my creativity flowing.  But that's all I did- think.

And then I thought of a fun thing to do-  and thought I'd run it by YOU!

How would you feel about a TELL ME WHAT TO DO game?!   Don't get excited, it's not dirty.  I'll post a picture that I want to scrap, and you tell me how to scrap it!  Well?  Would you play along?!

Okay, back to the aliens from outer space show.  Let me know if you'll play.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint

Who was it, a few days ago, who asked me about the Distress Crackle Paint and if I've had any luck with it?

I've had lots of luck with it-  I don't know what could be causing any troubles you might be experiencing. I've not had any trouble with it- so I've never needed to experiment.  I think that before I bought any, I read something on Mr. Holtz's blog (or saw something on a tip video) that said you should brush it on and not really mess with it once you brush it on-

For example, sometimes when I'm painting something, I have a tendency to keep brushing the paint back and forth and back and forth- trying to smooth it out, trying to make it look just so- and then SURPRISE- parts of the thin layer of paint gets a little dried out and it balls up while the rest streaks with brush lines.   So, I just pull the brush out of the Distress Crackle jar- don't wipe off the excess- you don't want a THIN layer, just make as few strokes as you can with the brush onto whatever you're painting.  One stroke across, then one stroke across right under the last stroke.  Just cover it and, as they say in rehab, LET GO AND LET GOD.

What reminded me of this?  No, not rehab- Crackle Paint.


I'm now at the 'making embellishment' phase of my TOP SECRET SUPER PROJECT.  Which somehow took most of the weekend to make JUST PART OF- and it totally looks like nothing so far.   This could the Al Capone's Vault all over again, people.  Don't be excited.

I painted this Grungeboard wing piece with some ivory acrylic paint, when it was dry, I brushed on some Rock Candy Distress Crackle.  Once that dried, in all it's crackle-ly glory, I rubbed some Walnut Stain Distress Ink on it- ain't it purty?

Anyways.  I need a new job.  Wait, not need.  WANT.  I want a new job.  It's time.  Anybody want to hire a fun guy?  I can type like a mofo.  I've got tons of office skillz, public relations skillz....bow hunting skillz.  I'm good enough with computers that I won't have to call IT every fifteen minutes because I don't know what to click on... any takers?   I don't require much.  Just cocktail hour every Friday at 3, so a place that frowns on drinking at the office would be a bad match.  Let me know,  I'll start Monday.


Monday, March 26, 2012

iPad Scrap Apps: ScrapPad

There's a few iPad scrapbooking apps.  I've tried many of them.  I might talk about a few of the others, but then again- I might not feel like doing so.... and that's why I resisted titling this post with 'Part One' or something like that...

Because I've tried a few scrappy apps, I thought I'd tell you about my favorite one- ScrapPad.  It's fun.  It's easy.  It's CHEAP.  Seriously- how can something that only costs five bucks be this fun?!  I'm talking about hours of entertainment.  It even beats one of my other favorite five dollar apps, 'Pollock's Toy Theatre,' in the hours of entertainment category. 

I first tried out ScrapPad by downloading the free version with just the 'Movie Theatre' theme.  It was just a trial like thing- with a watermark and just the one kit, with a movie theatre theme.  Withn a few minutes, I realized it was worth buying and bought the full version!

The full version comes with seventeen- count them- *17* 'kits!'  Over 1500 'elements.'  There's backgrounds, stickers, embellishments, borders...  Each kit is themed- there's the 'Starter Kit,'  Love, Travel, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Christmas, Spring-  so so much for just five bucks.  Every onece in awhile, an update comes out that adds another kit to the app without an extra charge.

There are more kits available for purchase- I mean, if all that you get with the full version isn't enough!  But the kits are only .99 cents each!  That isn't bad.  Totally justifiable, especially if you have as much fun with the app as I do-  so far, though, I've only downloaded two extra kits, the 'What A Trip: NYC' and the 'Indie Nation.' 

So back to how easy it is to use-

You don't need to ready any instructions to be able to use ScrapPad.  You can make something the moment you load the app.  Want to add a background?  Click on 'Backgrounds.'  Want to add a photo?  Click on the camera button.  Want to add an embellishment?  Click on embellishment.  Then just pinch or 'push out' with your fingers to make them smaller or bigger!

I'm not really into digital scrapbooking, though-  but I love it for an online scrapbook look, and I love using it to make stuff that I call 'magazine layouts.'  That's when I use photos and add text to show instructions and stuff-  remember the 'Paint Chip Tip' picture from posts back?  I made that with ScrapPad.

What you make is pretty much limited to your imagination- and I'm sure many of you could do much more amazing things with the app- but here's a simple layout I made just to show you what it's like!

Fun, huh?  Alright.  I'm gonna get ready for bed and another stress filled week at work!  Whoooo!

For more information about ScrapPad, visit the developer's site HERE.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

On The Aisles At MICHAELS and/or: WHY AM I AWAKE?!


No.  My social life is not over.

I'm still fun.

I've spent most of the day working on my 'super secret super exciting' project.  You know, the one that I'll surely build up so much that when you see it, you'll say, "Really?! THAT is what you've been going on about?!"

The rest of the time I've spent drinking boxed wine and watching movies.  Yeahp.  It was movie night at the SCRAPiVERSE household.  I mostly listened/sang along from my workspace.  Yes, sang along- cuz we played HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH on da big screen!   I love this movie/show.  I stage managed the stage version, during its 'hit long run' here in OKC.  And I never got tired of it.  Usually, by the end of a show that I'm stage managing, I'm sick of it-  begging every night that the curtain goes up that the actors just talk really fast and I can go home early- but with HEDWIG, I was in heaven.  I was a big, big fan of the show during its original Off-Broadway run in NYC.  I used to fly to New York and stay in hostels just to see it!  Of course, I was much younger and much more adventurous that I didn't have any problem sharing a room/bunk beds with 11 strangers.  But it was 17.00 a night, in NYC, with free breakfast!  I would've slept ON a stranger 17.00 a night!

But I digress.  However, remind me to tell you of my 'staying in NYC at the infamous Carter Hotel' days, one day, too!


Last night, Holly joined me for an evening of crafting and smack-talking.  We had to run to Michaels at 8pm for supplies.  They close at 9pm, and yes, we were still wandering around the store and they had to get on the intercom to tell us to make our decisions and head to the front.

Check this out:

They're selling these scrapbook paper sized frames for 2.00 each.  That's a good price for a decent looking frame.  And if you're like me, and think you've gotta hang that cool mustache paper on your wall- this is a steal.  Michaels.  Two bucks.  Tell them Kory sent you and to tell the girl who works the line nearest to the exit on Saturday night that he doesn't think she's a very nice person.

And speaking of the great punk rock musical that is HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, let me leave you with this photo that I took backstage at the production that I stage managed, on the last night of its run:

Isn't that a great photo?  Why, thank you.  I'm very proud of it, myself.

When I wake up, it'll be Sunday and I've got lots of stuff to do, so I've gotta make like a nail and press on...

see ya


Friday, March 23, 2012

Where's Kory?

I feel like I've been gone for months!  Don't worry, babies, Daddy's been here all along, right there in your little black hearts!

Actualy, for the past day and a half, I've been busy!  I'm planning something very cool and can't wait to share more about it with you!

In the meantime, I was workin' it at JoAnn, and noticed this:

Look at that!  3-packs of Mr. Holtz's perfect Distress Stains and Crackle Paints!  I've NEVER seen these packaged this way!  I was so excited that they almost had to call for a wet-cleanup in the papercraft aisle.

Meanwhile, I'm suffering through an insane time at work.  And Oklahoma's crazy weather is playing dirty, evil games with my sinuses.  The only thing crazier than Oklahoma City's weather is our people.  This week, a 76 year old man was arrested for running a PORNO THEATRE out of his HOUSE.  Now, I'd heard rumors about the place's existence.  Luckily, I didn't think it would be HILARIOUS to get drunk with a bunch of friends and go check it out- and then end up arrested, too.   One time, me and Holly got loaded and thought it would be HILARIOUS to go apply for jobs at an, um, 'Adult Toy Store.'  Well, the people there didn't think it was hilarious and they called the police on us.  What does this have to do with scrapbooking?  I don't know, you tell me.

I'll be back later with more fun!  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And what did YOU do at work today?

I wrote my name, in cursive, with bent paperclips.  See for yourself:

Long day at work- time to go home and play with paper!  I feel like doing a real-life layout tonight.  No, not using real people and huge sheets of paper.  But actually, in real life, doing a layout.  Hmm. Maybe I'll just be lazy and do one on my iPad, with the ScrapPad app.  Hmmm. Yeah.  That sounds fun!  Maybe I'll do one and show y'all what the magic of ScrapPad is all about!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Sometimes, I feel just like Mary's donkey..."

What a day.  I have had a killer headache all damn day.  The kind that makes you sick to your stomach.  The kind that makes you want to throw your Cricut Expression 2 at anyone who makes a noise.  The kind that makes you leave work at 1 and call it a day...

So that's what I did.  No, not throw my Cricut.  Leave work at 1.  I thought my head was going to explode.  And since we can barely get the cleaning people to vacuum the office, I went home.

But I stopped by Michael's on the way home.  Did you know that my middle name is Michael?

What a good day to stop my Michaels!  Check out what I found in the ONE DOLLAH MAKE YOU HOLLAH aisle:

New stamps!  These are pretty cool.  I love the lion with the crown and the giraffe with the frilly collar and party hat.  Notice my attention to detail with the upside down 'Have Fun' stamp.  These coordinate well with last Spring's vintage circus stamps from the dollar aisle.  And I loved those!

I bought one of each they had in this set- I don't know if there are any others.  Since my nearest Michaels is famous for not having ALL the stamps in the set/collection, I'll hafta check the more reliable/better stocked location on the South-side.  In my dreams, there's one more stamp in the set, an elephant in a tutu or something.

I laid on the couch, watching Kitchen Nightmares for a bit, before getting up for make a couple of cards.  

First up, a very simple card, using one of my favorite stamps.

I used my newest set of Spellbinders!  Labels #5, which I found on clearance at JoAnn for 5.97.  That's a bargain, if you didn't know it...  I love the little guy peekin' out of the window.

For my next card, I used my newest Daniel Torrente stamp.  

I did my favorite technique from Mr. Holtz, 'Wrinkle Free Distress.'  How fun is it to do that?!   Then I stamped the little heartbreaker on top, and colored him with more Distress Inks.  I got the, what's it called?     Text bubble?  Chat bubble?  What's it called?!  Anyways, I got the bubble in a set of them, for a dollar, at Michaels, and stamped the HI with my typewriter letter stamps that I seem to want to use on everything lately.  I stamped a houndstooth background with Tea Dye Distress Ink onto a card made from white cardstock and glued the guy on!  I can't wait to write something inside and send him to someone!

Last night, the sky was pink.  Really!  It was purty as can be, and I wanted to see if I could take a picture of it-  I went into the backyard and here it is-  and I still thought it was so purty that I had to show y'all!

There ya go- stamps, two cards, and a picture of a pink sky!


Spring Pennant: First Draft: Take Two!

If you missed Sunday, you missed reading all about how a ghost attacked me, breaking my glass and spilling wine all over my first attempt at designing my SPRING PENNANT for the SPRING PENNANT SWAP!

I spent hours trying to come up with a design, trying different things, working out that all important first draft and then: ruined.  But I did come up with the main idea that I liked- putting the tiny pennant banner at the top of the single pennant.

Today, I worked up a new first draft, trying a few new things.  

Aaaaand, I think I'm halfway there:

It's very, um, refined, for me- so far, don't ya think?!  I'm trying to think nice thoughts, trying my best to concentrate on the mantra: WHAT WOULD FRANK DO?!  WWFD, all the way.  Clearly, that didn't work- cuz it's nowhere as refined and damn beautiful as the work of his highness!  I love you, Frank!  Now, I beg of you, HELP ME!

Here's the middle.  It needs so much work.  Maybe another piece of the ivory cardstock in front of the blue piece?  A lighter color of 'foliage'?  (Thems are pieces from Mr. Holtz's FESTIVE GREENERY die.)  And it needs a new 'edge.'  Hmmm.  Maybe the second draft will look EVEN BETTAH!

Feel free to point me into the right direction!  


Monday, March 19, 2012

Hot Product Alert: New from KAISERCRAFT

I just about got a little too excited when I saw this hot new sexy product from those damn geniuses at Kaisercraft!

The TECHNOLOGIC collection is beyond cool.  So cool it went past cool and back to cool all over again.  It's beautiful.  It's hot.  And I need it all.

These papers from the new line really caught my eye:

photo via kaisercraft

photo via kaisercraft

photo via kaisercraft

Excited.  Wouldn't these be great for a some pages in which I reminisce about my days as a handsome young kid?   That's called revisionist history.  I looked like a little blond frog.

Check out this sheet of KEYBOARD stickers!!!

photo via kaisercraft

This set of 'Collectables' is too cool for words, too:
photo via kaisercraft

Now, the stamps.  I'm a stamp hoarder and proud, but I would really USE these!!!  A BAR CODE STAMP?!?!  PERFECT!!!  Those robots would be great on cards.  I've already got a card idea in mind, for my coworker's birthdays- insert lame joke about being 'robots,' stamp on the card, you're done.

photo via kaisercraft

Also, I'm sure I don't have to point out how great the gears are, but THE HEART-BLEEP MACHINE?!?!  Cool for a get well card or another coworker birthday card!  Insert a lame 'glad you survived the week' joke and YOU'RE DONE!

Alright, I'm a bit too excited over all this stuff.  Must. Order. Now.

See all of this hot sexy new product over at HERE.


An Altered Box, A Few Cards, A Rough Day

Alright, I know- last night, I promised I'd show you some cards, today.  Is 8:30pm still *today*?  Technically, yes.  But it doesn't feel like it...

Today was one of the worst and craziest days of my life.  And I've lived a rough life.

Anyways- there will be cards, I know you were all holding your breath for some cards!  Haha.  But first, here's a little box that I made.  Oops, I mean, a box that I ALTERED.  

It was a plain little paperboard box that I pieced up at Michaels for fitty cents.  Yes!  That *IS* one of the new 'Faucet Knobs' from Mr. Holtz, thanks for noticing!   I bought a package of the faucet knobs on Saturday.  As soon as I bought them, I knew exactly what I was gonna do with the first one-  attach it to this little box! 

Here's a a shot of the top, so's that you can fully appreciate the beauty that is Tim Holtz's knob:

Isn't that terrific?!  Only four for eight bucks, though.  Kinda expensive.  If you wanna use lots of these little jewels, you'll definitely hafta turn a couple extra tricks, oops, I mean:  work some overtime.  I covered the top of the box, as you can see above, with a Martha Stewart 'Precious Metals' paint chip from Home Depot.  I picked up lots of them- they're so cool!  A square with no printing, and it LOOKS like metal!  And they're free.  So that kinda helps cover the cost of the faucet knobs.

I rubbed some white acrylic paint on the sides of the box with my finger, then dirtied it up with some Vintage Photo Distress Stain.  I covered the edges of the lid with some Tissue Tape- the new 'Commute' set!  Aaaaand rubbed some more Vintage Photo Distress Ink on it, before stamping my initials with my letter stamps. 

Cute box, huh?  I'm happy with it- and it's the perfect size for a few contraceptives or your 'nighttime pills' if you keep it on your nightstand.  Or keep it on your desk for your 'daytime pills.'

Okay, okay, okay- it's time for cards cards cards!  

Well, time for cards cards.  I only made two.  

First up:

I embossed a piece of Distress Core'dnations (don't know if I'm spelling that right and not in the mood to research) then swiped some white paint over it, before stamping a square of kraft with a cute background stamp.  Love those circles.  The typewriter stamp was found at Basket Market.  I don't know who made it- but it's cute.  The 'paper' with the type on it says 'old school.'  This would be a nice card to send to someone you went to school with, to let them know how terrific your life is going, and that you hope everything's working out well for them and their five kids and dirty house.

Here's something a bit more colorful:

I finally got a piece of Kraftcore paper.  It's every bit as wonderful as you imagined it would be...

I embossed it with the Tim Holtz gears folder, then sanded it up-  ain't that kraft a beautiful thang?  Seriously.  Does anything look better than kraft?

The gears were cut from the Gadget Gears die, from more 'Precious Metals' paint chips from Martha Stewart.  Look!  Looks just like metal!

I love these paint chips!  I've gotta get more!  Home Depot, here I come!

Please, pray that I survive my work tomorrow.  ALSO-  I want to thank all of you that have been reading and leaving such nice comments.  They really make me smile, and when I see how many people are viewing each day, it just makes my head spin.  Thank you so much!

I'll be back tomorrow with my 'first draft' Spring Pennant!  Yeahp, SPRING PENNANT FIRST DRAFT TAKE TWO: POST WINE DISASTER.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crafting Under The Influence

What a weekend.

I'm saying that because of how fast it went by- not because of how great it was...

I did make it out for some shopping-  picked up this great new Daniel Torrente stamp, while at My Heart's Fancy on Saturday:

Isn't that cool?!  I love these stamps!!!  I already know which one I'll get next time.

Also, while at the store, I 'entered' their Spring Pennant Swap.  I've never done any kind of swap before- and I'm always one to get caught up in the moment, so I picked up the 'starter bag.'  I've gotta come up with ten pennants by April 14 with a Spring or Easter theme.  Now I'm really wishing I bought the Tim Holtz BUNNY die when I saw it that first time at Paper Arts.  No, actually I'm glad I didn't- that seems a big too obvious and it would be like showing up on the first day of school, in the same shirt and sweater as someone more popular.

Because I'm such a famous procrastinator, I decided that I should start on the pennants IMMEDIATELY, instead of on April 13th.  I'm glad I did- because my first attempt took most of the day and ended in tragedy.  Hence the title of this blog post.

I wasn't drunk.  It was Sunday morning, dammit.  I was simply having a pre-craft aperitif or two, of my favorite box wine.

Now, this is where you will say, "No, Kory you were drunk."

But I wasn't!  I swear- A GHOST DID IT.

My wine glass exploded.

I always drink my wine out of a small juice glass.

Except for today.  It was dirty.  So I used a regular wineglass. (Is that one word? I'm saying it is, since a squiggly red line didn't appear underneath.)

I'm working away on my first pennant, when BANG-SPLASH, wine was everywhere.  I may have set it down in just the right way that it fell sideways (loved that movie) and broke- but I'm still saying that a ghost did it- it was just that fast.


Ruined pennant, shot number one.

Ruined pennant, shot number two.

Wine was everywhere- took nearly twenty minutes to get everything cleaned off and dried-  but the pennant-in-progress took the brunt of the storm.  It didn't survive.  Oh well, maybe attempt number two will look lots better.

Has anyone else made any pennants lately or would you care to come over and make some with me?  I promise to retreat to higher ground to drink.

I'll be back tomorrow with MORE CARDS!


P.S.  To the person who, according to Google Analytics, found my blog by searching Google with the keywords "HOOKER HOT SPOTS OKLAHOMA CITY,"  the part of town you're looking for is SW 44th and Robinson and/or NW 16th and Blackwelder.  Good luck, fella.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Friday Eve! Time to make a card!

It's Thursday night- what a better night to sit down and make a card with your brand new Graphic 45 stamps?

Even though it's only Friday Eve, I've already got a bad bad case of Friday Fever.  I'm already having trouble sitting still and it's not even Friday and I'm not even at work.

I had big dreams of doing a layout tonight.  But like many big dreams, it died a horrible death.

So I made a card!

This is what I started with-  those new stamps from Graphic 45's Olde Curiosity Shoppe line.  Aren't these little bottles kick ass?  I bought them while at the BasicGrey class on Tuesday night, remember?  I used those little letter stamps from the dollar bin at Michaels, too- 

See?  I used the letter stamps to turn it into a little liquor bottle!  The set comes with various small stamps you can use to label the bottles, but none of them were as cool as the bottles!  I was excited when I found my sets of letter stamps.  I don't drink gin, I drink vodka.  But 'gin' is a shorter word and I'm lazy.

I kept it very monochrome.  I embossed the piece on the back with a folder from the Sizzix 'Figgy Pudding' set, and very lightly edged it with some Walnut Stain Distress Ink.  The card under the bottle, I edged using the Walnut Stain Distress Marker-  these work GREAT to quickly put a faint line on the edge of a piece of card!  Just drag it across and BANG- classy card.  I also used foam dots under the bottle for some dimension amongst all the kraft, but it didn't translate well in the photo.  

I thought this would make a nice invitation for a night of drinks.  Because I'm sure all of you are like me, and when you want to invite someone out to drinks, you send them a nice card with a bottle on the front. 

I hope you aren't getting bored of kraft, cuz I'm not-  I just might start a new blog called "Kory's Kraft-y Kingdom."  No, maybe it should be a video blog, and I narrate the entire thing in monotone Rick Steves PBS travel show style.  Have you ever watched this guy?  I seem to catch his show often, while waiting for Lawrence Welk to come on-  oh, you didn't know that I like Lawrence Welk?  I don't really-  only when they do production numbers.  I appreciate the insanity of it.

Well, as Holly's Mom says, "I'm gonna make like a baby and head out."   See ya, people.


Totally Forgot What Else I Had To Say: Trip To Michaels...

Alright- so I admit that my mind is not the best.  It's been through lots, I tells ya.

This post is in addition to the rambling/semi-insane post below- 

But yes,  Monica Lewinski did once really let me have it-  it was embarrassing and Holly Busch was involved via text messages. 

What I forgot to include in all that was:

I made my in person trip to Michaels, during my lunch hour, to investigate their "NEW PAPERCRAFTING SHOP!"

There's nothing new.  They've lied to us.  There were a few sheets of flimsy scrapbook paper that I didn't recognize.  There were some new stickers from that elusive, boutique line of 'Recollections' stickers (haha).  That was it.  Big surprise.

But a couple of cheap things caught my eye:

Some American Crafts THICKERS- classy, huh?  And another issue of Papercrafts Magazine.  I like this magazine. 


Moustache stickers!  From MAMBI.  Note the marks on my wrist.  That's not a barcode, it's from 'testing' markers while shoppping at Michaels. 

I can't wait to find something to stick these moustaches on...   Or maybe I'll just grow a moustache.  But it wouldn't look classy on me, I'd just look like an old drunk.  So I'll have to make due with moustache stickers.


Demo Day at My Heart's Fancy

Forgive me for a moment, I'm going to whine and feel sorry for myself. 

I don't understand why I can't stay home, waist deep in kraft cardstock and happier than a crackhead who's just sold a pint of blood. 

Do y'all even have places like that?  Not DONATE blood, but the places you can SELL it?  There's a place here in OKC, where you can get about forty bucks for your first visit- and every morning, there's a line of OKC's finest crackheads, hobos and hookers, lining up with blood in their veins and dollar signs in their eyes.  I used to live near the place, because I'm cool like that and enjoy living in areas where it looks like DAWN OF THE DEAD outside your apartment.  I would drive past the place on the way to work and say, every morning, "If I ever need a blood transfusion, just kiss me goodbye.  I don't want it- I've seen where it came from."

It's almost St. Patrick's Day- maybe when I get home, I'll make a card tonight with a shamrock or a leprechaun on it- that sounds fun, doesn't it?  Ms. Aw-Yes just announced there's something downtown this weekend "WITH RIVERDANCERS!"  I won't be there- know why?

Cuz it's DEMO DAY at My Heart's Fancy!  I don't know what they're doing yet- but I'll be there.  So- if you're in Oklahoma, you should go too!  It'll be fun.   

Yeah, I know- nothing to show you, but wanted to let you know about what's up on Saturday.   Maybe next time, I'll tell you about the time that Monica Lewinski bitched me out. 


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BasicGrey Class at Whole Lotta Scrap

Last night was my first night at Whole Lotta Scrap's Basic Grey class! 

My fun friend, Miss Coworker Chris, told me about the class and asked me to go-  well, I love BasicGrey and how much do I love WHOLE LOTTA SCRAP?!  Seriously- have y'all been to this store?  It's HUGE.  It's like the Mega-Mart of Oklahoma scrap.  The store is big.  And it's filled with the newest, latest, and greatest-  every scrappy item you could ever want to buy and rub all over your naked body. 

The owners are great, too!  I don't know about you- but when I go into a store, I expect to be treated like the celebrity that I am- and they know how to treat a visiting dignitary. 

Oh, you wanted to know about the class- not just about how popular I'm not. 

First of all- to get to the class, we had to leave work right at 5pm.  Whole Lotta Scrap (I love saying the name of this shop- it's fun.  Say it.  Say it again.  Now say it like you mean it) is in Norman.  Which is, per Marjorie, my navigation unit, is about 27.46 miles from my place o'bidness.  That's a helluva drive.  I can't even say what kind of drive it is during rush hour traffic. 

But thanks to Marjorie, we made it there in a record 43 minutes.  During rush hour traffic, from work to the sorta-East side of Norman in 43 minutes?  It can be done. 

I haven't totally finished my two page layout from the class- but it's almost there...  I had lots of fun, using my new Ingvild Bolme Distressing Tool and my beloved Picket Fence Distress Stain to customize my layout in my own fun Kory way.  I also threw some twine into the mix, in the style of the GREAT FRANK from The Haus of W!  As soon as it's complete, I'll hafta take a picture!

The great thing about the class was that we were free to do the layout how we wanted to do it- we didn't have to follow and exact plan.  I loved being able to just do what I wanted- and it also helped that we were free to get up and shop!  You know how I love to buy things-  so you wanna know what I got?  I picked up another template from The Crafter's Workshop, a set of blank chipboard shapes, a small brick wall stamp from Prima, and what I really wanted, and have been wanting since I first saw them:  Graphic 45's new stamps, 'Olde Curiosity Shoppe Two.'  This set is the ones you can see here, at  Did you take a look?  If not- it's the set with the old bottle stamps.  These are great!  I'm already coming up with all kinds of fun ideas for these little effers.

Also, right before the class, the very nice Vickie from Okienurse's Paper And Ink Therapy, came up to me and said hi!  She is great- check her out!

Alright, I got work to do- I can't sit here all day talking to you.  But I mean that in the kindest way.  See you later!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The 'NEW' Papercrafting 'SHOP' at Michaels??

Did anybody else see this ad and get as confused as I did?


Excuse me, but WHERE at or in Michaels is this located?

I know the stock at Michaels better than any employee there-  seriously.  I know what they carry, how much they carry, what they sold last week, what didn't sell last week, and how much they'll probably move by next week. 

The need to hire me.

I usually go to Michaels on my lunch hour- that way, I'm out of the office for an hour, and after 5, I can go home and play with my new supplies instead of spending that precious time out buying the supplies.  I know, I know, I'm a genius.  But because I go to Michaels on my lunch hour, I'm usually wearing my 'badge' on a lanyard, the keycard thingy that unlocks the door to the office- you know what I'm talkin' about.  Well, it's amazing how a keycard on a string can make a guy look 'official,' because while I'm searching through the shelves at Michaels, I'm often appoached by a customer who thinks I work there- and needs help finding things.  Usually because they asked a cashier first and got was told, 'Well, IF we have it, it'll be over there.'  And then they wave their hand in a direction that covers a wide area of any certain corner of the store. 

So, it's no surprise they mistake me for Employee of the Month when they see me on my hands and knees, straightening up stock on the shelves or putting lost items back on their pegs.

What the @$!# am I talking about?

Oh yeah- this ad.  SO WHERE is this new 'Papercrafting Shop' in Michaels?  Nothing has been moved around at my local store.  There's no 'more styles.'  Unless you count a little rack of Recollections' finest plastic 'bling' or fifteen more stacks of Jolee's worst- I'm missing something.

Has anyone seen any changes at their Michaels? 


Monday, March 12, 2012

Things What Have Caught My Eye Lately:

These are just a few sexxxy things that have caught my eye lately.  And what do you do when you see sexxxy things that catch your eye?  You tell all your friends about them!  So here they are, in no particular order:

From the smart people over at BasicGrey, one of my favorite paper-maker-people, an interesting challenge idea:  Use your punches to make a background for a layout!  See it HERE.

Via Julie Shain on Pinterest, this idea for a cool book, via a blog called 'bloesem kids.'  It's very, very cool looking- I love this style of book- gotta make one! 

Via Punk Projects, via, a nice template for making those string-tie office envelopes- I guess I can use this until that new Tim Holtz die comes out to do it for me!


I used the stamp! I'm SERIOUS!

The time change has beaten me within an inch of my life.  It's not even been 48 hours and I still don't see how I'll survive.  I woke at 7- confused and feeling like a newborn kitten.  Closed eyes and all.  I dragged myself into the shower and then dragged myself to work.  On my third cup of coffee and still no light at the end of the tunnel. 

To cheer myself up, let us all just take a moment to admire this piece of wonder and beauty that is this stamp from Catslife Press.

Remember this beauty?  Of course ya do!  Alright- so I didn't think anybody would even reply with any ideas for what to make with this stamp when I posted that entry before running out the door for Friday night cocktails.  So what a surprise it was to read all your comments!

I did consider each one.  Promise.  Except for Paul's 'tramp stamp' idea.  That's one trashy thing I will never do...  Which is saying lots, because if I can think of something that sounds trashy, I'll do it.  Nevermind, I'm not going to lie- I did consider Paul's idea.  I just didn't do it because I don't have any Staz-On.  Yes, really, I don't have any Staz-On.

One comment 'spoke' to me (wrote to me?) and here's the one I went with:

DARLA said: Great stamp, Kory! I think it would be super for a birthday card (maybe I just have birthday on the brain right now, lol), but this on the front, then on the inside it could have the birthday sentiment. Would also work for anniversary or thank you card. The possibilities are endless!

Yeah!  I AM needing a birthday card, for a friend, this week- and I LOVE making cards! 

After much, much, much playing around and experimenting and different ideas and a movie on Netflix about a tire that rolls around the desert, murdering people, I made the card.  Oh yeah, you read that right- a TIRE that kills people.  Yes, A TIRE.  A CAR TIRE.  NO, not attached to a car, JUST A TIRE.  THAT KILLS.  I don't recommend the movie.  But here's the card!

After stamping the serious guy onto a white card, I cut out the square and used Memory Foil Tape around it- I thought it gave it a cool look.  And that stuff is sticky.  I had trouble keeping it from sticking to my fingers, the table, itself...  It was my first time to use this foil tape- I don't even remember buying it.  I love it, I can't wait to use it more!  I felt it really gives a 'purposeful' look. 

Next, I started the card with a base of kraft cardstock.  Big surprise there, huh?  I'm sorry!  I love this cardstock.  I embossed a sheet of thin plastic that was part of the packing of a set of stamps.  I used Mr. Holtz's Dot Matrix Texture Fade embossing folder.  My definite favorite  embossing folder.  At the moment.  It's just cool, isn't it?  After embossing the plastic, I rubbed some white paint on it with my fingers.  I love how plastic looks when embossed.  I'm doing it lots lately.  Instead of tearing packaging to pieces in my toddler-style attempts to open stuff, I'm now carefully opening or cutting it open, so that I have the packaging more or less intact and ready to be used for something else.  No, I'm not going all Mother Nature on you- but it is good to recycle.  And it's like getting stuff free.  And FREE is my second favorite four letter 'F' word.

The white card is torn out of a book of "ATC Blanks" that I found at Michaels for 99 cents.  It's really nice thick Bristol board.  The smooth texture of the Bristol board is perfect to stamp on -  the clock stamp is from 7 Gypsies.  I inked the edges with Walnut Stain Distress Ink.  I used a piece of punchinella to stencil some Broken China Distress Ink onto the card.  Then I used my Tiny Attacher to attach the 'ribbon' that I made earlier by stamping on plain muslin.  I thought the numbers went perfect for what's inside:

Yeahp!  I had to use my Dymo Lablemaker again!

So what about the prize?  I've been keeping my eyes out for 'prizes' for a little while, now- Anytime I'm out shopping and I see something that I think is cool but not necessarily my taste, I buy it and put it in the 'prize fund.'  Hahaha.   Here's the prize!

A set of "Dear Lizzy" Thickers from American Crafts!
A set of Valentine's stamps.  
AND- a blank chipboard book from Maya Road in the shape of a birdcage!  I saw it and thought it was pretty damn cool, but not my style.  But I still thought it was cool enough to buy.  

So, Darla, email me at and tell me where to send your prize!

Happy Monday, everybody- well, as happy as it can get.  Have a good week!