Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Sometimes, I feel just like Mary's donkey..."

What a day.  I have had a killer headache all damn day.  The kind that makes you sick to your stomach.  The kind that makes you want to throw your Cricut Expression 2 at anyone who makes a noise.  The kind that makes you leave work at 1 and call it a day...

So that's what I did.  No, not throw my Cricut.  Leave work at 1.  I thought my head was going to explode.  And since we can barely get the cleaning people to vacuum the office, I went home.

But I stopped by Michael's on the way home.  Did you know that my middle name is Michael?

What a good day to stop my Michaels!  Check out what I found in the ONE DOLLAH MAKE YOU HOLLAH aisle:

New stamps!  These are pretty cool.  I love the lion with the crown and the giraffe with the frilly collar and party hat.  Notice my attention to detail with the upside down 'Have Fun' stamp.  These coordinate well with last Spring's vintage circus stamps from the dollar aisle.  And I loved those!

I bought one of each they had in this set- I don't know if there are any others.  Since my nearest Michaels is famous for not having ALL the stamps in the set/collection, I'll hafta check the more reliable/better stocked location on the South-side.  In my dreams, there's one more stamp in the set, an elephant in a tutu or something.

I laid on the couch, watching Kitchen Nightmares for a bit, before getting up for make a couple of cards.  

First up, a very simple card, using one of my favorite stamps.

I used my newest set of Spellbinders!  Labels #5, which I found on clearance at JoAnn for 5.97.  That's a bargain, if you didn't know it...  I love the little guy peekin' out of the window.

For my next card, I used my newest Daniel Torrente stamp.  

I did my favorite technique from Mr. Holtz, 'Wrinkle Free Distress.'  How fun is it to do that?!   Then I stamped the little heartbreaker on top, and colored him with more Distress Inks.  I got the, what's it called?     Text bubble?  Chat bubble?  What's it called?!  Anyways, I got the bubble in a set of them, for a dollar, at Michaels, and stamped the HI with my typewriter letter stamps that I seem to want to use on everything lately.  I stamped a houndstooth background with Tea Dye Distress Ink onto a card made from white cardstock and glued the guy on!  I can't wait to write something inside and send him to someone!

Last night, the sky was pink.  Really!  It was purty as can be, and I wanted to see if I could take a picture of it-  I went into the backyard and here it is-  and I still thought it was so purty that I had to show y'all!

There ya go- stamps, two cards, and a picture of a pink sky!



  1. Wow! Love those dollar stamps! Thanks for sharing that tidbit if info, Kory K! :) As for the card you want to write in and send off..if you can't think of anyone that would appreciate it, you can send it to me! lol I am sorry you felt like crap..I hope you are better now! That pink sky is pretty! Thanks for sharing that with us. Hugs, hl

  2. OMG i saw all of those stamps this week as well... and donkey.. if u dont mention me when sayign donkey im offically offended.. lol

  3. Sorry about your headache Kory, sending hugs your way, love those cards so creative, especially the window one, awesomeness! WOOOW I must have that balloon stamp, I am off to check those out tomorrow! Great find!!! Love your garden by the way!


  4. Hardly noticed the pink sky, looking at your gorgeous garden view. And WOW to your cards. Two very different styles and you rock them both. Have to admit that I'm drooling over the kraft card. The window with the guy behind is perfect. It's like the cards you see in designer shops. You definitely shine with the CAS style. Have you a background in graphic design? Hope the headache has eased. Sounds rotten. Thank goodness you have Michaels to medicate with :) Pxx

  5. I'm with the other on the card, stamps and the fantastic garden you've got and yes that really is a beautiful pink sky. Sorry you had a headache but what a fantastic excuse to got shopping at Michaels, but I do have a question... is your middle name really Michael?

  6. New crafty supplies is a great cure for a headache. Hope you're feeling better today!

  7. Wonderful rubber stamp bargains :o) I NEED a Michaels near me in the UK, I'll write to him and let him know. Maybe I could write to you as your middle name is Michael. Allegedly.

    Re the pink sky - has a nuclear bomb dropped near you, perchance?