Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where's Kory?

  Oh, HI!

What am I up to?!  Well, allow me to take a break from washi tape window shopping (laptop screen shopping?) and watching 'Alien Encounter' on the Science Channel to stop in and talk about WHAT I am up to this fine Wednesday evening.

I guess I've told you what I'm up to- watching a stupid show about UFOs and window-shopping washi tape.  I'm also worn out after a tough three days at work in the office.  I just got an offer to stage manage a new show.  Even though I said to myself that I needed a good break between shows, it sounds like a good time.  But that's what I always say until I'm working nonstop.

I did a little bit of work on THE PROJECT.  If you count holding a few things up to the project, considering them, and throwing them down and giving up as WORK, then yes- I did a little work.  I'm just not in the mood.  I thought about making a card, to get my creativity flowing.  But that's all I did- think.

And then I thought of a fun thing to do-  and thought I'd run it by YOU!

How would you feel about a TELL ME WHAT TO DO game?!   Don't get excited, it's not dirty.  I'll post a picture that I want to scrap, and you tell me how to scrap it!  Well?  Would you play along?!

Okay, back to the aliens from outer space show.  Let me know if you'll play.



  1. Well you already know that I'll be right behind you, making suggestive comments. I'll definitely play, just try to hold me back haha. Your work may be tough but it sounds really interesting. It must be a good new show for you to accept taking it on. Pxx

  2. Kory, this is the best idea! Count me in.