Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Happ'nins

I had a ton of trouble waking up, today.  I had crazy dreams of wake up and being fully functional before 9AM.

Well, that didn't happen...

I did wake up for a few moments at 8AM, to a phone call from Holly, who told me that she was already up and awake and at ACE Hardware, to get her free quart of paint, to paint a dresser she'd found at Goodwill a few days ago.  I guess it was free quart of paint day. I think I said something like, "Momma.  Get paint for Daddy."  And then I hung up and went back to sleep.

I eventually made it to consciousness.  And showered-ness.  AND THEN IT WAS TIME TO BUY STAMPS.

I don't know what it is- but I can't get enough stamps.  Not only are they fun, but they look good.  Don't stamps look good sitting on a shelf?  Or hell, don't stamps look good jumbled up in a box?

I went to My Hearts Fancy, the home of the coolest stamps in town.  I had my eye on a stamp I saw last week.  And I bought that stamp.  But it's not the stamp I'm showing you, tonight.  I'm saving it for tomorrow.  Tonight, I'm showing you a different stamp.  But it's just as cool.

I don't know what the stamp is called, I'm lazy and a little drunk and not in the mood to even research it- but here it is, people, feast your eyes on this damn beauty: ((Before clicking PUBLISH, I decided to look it up and he's called "SMILE". You can find out more about him HERE.))

Isn't he cute?  He reminds me of myself, as a child.  Yeah, cute.

While the very classy owner of the shop was ringing up a very random selection of items, she told me of something she'd seen done with another one of these stamps-  the head cut in two and positioned so that it looked like it was 'talking' or spitting out words.  Well, this sounded so cool and fun that I ran home and tried it out!

I used Mr. Holtz's 'Gridlock' Texture Fade with my Sizzix BigKick to emboss a 5X5 piece of kraft cardstock from the classy Jo-Ann, and my Magnetic Poetry Word Stamps.  I found them at HALF PRICE BOOKS.  Nearly 100 word stamps for six bucks.  Check your local Half Price Books, or look online- they have several sets, and they are very worth it- I love these!  I  rubbed the embossed card with some Tea Dye and Walnut Stain- and I colored the little guy with one of my BRAND NEW DISTRESS MARKERS and also some regular Scattered Straw Distress Ink, using a Tsukineko Fantastix Coloring Tool Brush Point.  I pushed it on the ink pad, pushed it on a water droplet that I'd sprayed on my Craft Sheet.  You can't tell from the photo, or maybe you can, but some of the words are 'flat' and some I attached with some foam tape.

Alright- I'm off to drink another classy glass of wine fresh from its classy box that it's calling from and then, I'm gonna play with my stamps.  Yes, the nightclubs are calling, too.  I might be back with more fun, but then again- I might end up at a bar.  Who can say?



  1. This is such a cute card! I haven't seen this stamp or I would have snatched it up! I had such big plans for being creative this afternoon, but after the week from hell and having to be up early again this morning, all I managed was a long nap, LOL!

  2. Brilliant card Kory. The split head is an excellent idea. And you're a dab hand with the markers. Hope you enjoyed the clubs. You're making me feel very old haha. Px

  3. Oh what a fun card Kory, I love it!!!! SOOO cool, and that stamp is amazing!!! Have fun at the clubs buddy!!!


  4. your stamp is what you did with it, too! can't wait to see the stamp you thought about all week!! :) xo,hl

  5. You are going to cost me BIG bucks. I just spent close to 20 minutes looking at those stamps and I want every single one that Daniel Torrente & Jill Penney have designed. In my wish list is the Octopet. It is to die for!!
    Also, thank you for the entertainment on I love a good fight ;-) meow

  6. Gotta reply :-) Seriously, you are our entertainment and if anyone makes you cry there will be a stampede of ladies ready to do battle. BTW birdhouse took me around 1 1/2 hours from start to finish including drying time. Lucky mom to have an original Kory design.