Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lazy Lazy Sunday

I don't want to start sounding like a broken record-


My plan for Sunday morning was similar to my plan for Saturday morning.   I planned/hoped/wanted to wake up and be ready for the day early in the morning.  I wanted to have a  full, productive day.  Did that happen?  Nope.  Not even close.

I didn't get to bed until a little after 6AM.

Was I running wild, barhopping and falling in love?  No.  I never left the house.  I was drinking wine, playing with stamps, playing with/learning iMovie on my new MacBook, and watching random stuff on Netflix Instant on the Wii.

What?  Kory?  You have a Wii?!  I didn't think you would play video games!

Well, I don't.  I use it to watch the Netflixes.

I do have one game for it-  Super Mario.  I've loved Super Mario since the 6th grade.  It's a love that shall never die.

So, thanks to Netflix, I didn't get to bed until 6AM.  I slept until about Noon.  The day was ruined.

I did finally sit down and play with some stuff.  Here's what I've got for you!

Yeahp, that's my brand new sexy Octagon Spellbinders set!  Yeah- I had my heart set on HEXAGONS- but everyone is doing hexagons and I want to BE ORIGINAL- oh, who am I trying to impress?  They only had the octagons at Jo-Ann, and the set was marked down at 14.97.  

I didn't have any plan in mind-  I arranged the dies as I did in the above photo, thinking that I would use the negative as a misting template, or maybe as a frame-

But then I saw all those cute little shapes laying there:

I  sanded and roughed them up a bit with my new distressing tool (more about that new wonder, first thing tomorrow morning!!!).  Then, I inked the edges with some Tea Dye and Walnut Stain Distress Inks, stacked the pieces up, largest to smallest- using some foam tabs, for a little dimension...  (I found these boxes of foam tabs at Tuesday Morning for .99 each!)

AAAAAAAAND SURPRISE!!!  A flower!   A more abstract, clean looking flower, actually.  I like it.  

I didn't have any plans for where to go from here-  I made a flower.  Now what?  Well, I needed lotion and soap, so I went to the grocery store.  But my brain must've misfired, because I forgot the lotion and bought cookies and ice cream.  So I had to go back out to buy the lotion- and yes, it was a matter of life and death to get this lotion.   I was out.  Like, sticking my finger into the empty bottle, hoping for a just a drop to take the dryness away.  My skin is sensitive.  It has to be non-scented, sensitive skin lotion.  I was drying up and looking my age.  I HAD TO GET LOTION!  And, since I was going right back out, why not stop in at the nearest Michaels, just in case there was something on clearance?  Well, there was.  Do I have instinct or what?  I found some nice packages of plain 12X12 chipboard marked down to 2.49 per package.  Score!  I love chipboard.  Almost as much as I love lotion.  I was also tricked into buying more Smashbook accessories.  I love that entire line.  More than I love lotion.

I came home, drank my Kool-Aid (yes, I still drink, and love, Kool-Aid) and made this:

Is it a card?  A cover for a mini-book?  A big page accent?  I don't know yet.  But I love it.  Yeahp, I'm still pushing the OCTOBER AFTERNOON doily stamp from the FARMHOUSE line.  And I just bought that nifty Martha Stewart 'Monarch Butterfly' punch.  Don't they look great?  The flourish was cut with my Cricut Expression 2.   

I hope everyone had a great weekend- and come back tomorrow morning, to see what it is that has changed my life for a better!



  1. This is awesome! Love how you made the flower from oxygons. I have that journey stamp set and love it. I just made a card with it so it's fresh on my brain! :)

    1. Thank you very much!

      Yes, that is a great stamp! I love it!


  2. It is scary how Netflix kept you captive......Thankfully it's not happened to me. What you made is very pretty. I'm not familiar with that stamp but love it.

  3. love your latest creation, kory! cool lookin' flower! you did some shopping, some crafting..sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! :) hugs, hl

  4. I love it Kory!!! You really love that Journey stamp! lol this is the second item you have used it on in a week I believe! hahahah

  5. Very beautiful Kory, gorgeous flower very abstract and unique love! Netflix eh? Don't wanna get hooked on that yet! Hope you had a good crafty weekend!


  6. Brilliant post Kory!!!! Has me in fits of laughter here. I can especially relate to the going out for....& coming back with ice cream haha. I am blown away by your flower. That's definitely in my 'ideas i'm gonna steal and pretend that they're mine' file. I seriously want that die!!! I've been thinking about buying it to make covers for jam jars but now I have an extra excuse. Keep up the great blogging. I love visiting here. And yes, I could do with learning imovie too. Any tips you wish to share? Pxx

  7. OOo you have the ideas a fluttering in my head now. Thanks for sharing!