Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Card Day

After an uneventful weekend and a long Sunday afternoon nap- which left me extremely disoriented, I crawled to my worktable and made a card!

I was really just wanting to play with my new Spellbinders!

Yesterday, I made the drive to 'the new' Jo-Ann.  Yes, the official name of the place is 'Jo-Ann.'  Not Joann.  Not Joanne.  Not Joann'S.  Just Jo-Ann.

Am I cranky?  No.

Yes, I am cranky.  That nap was either too short or too long.  Why yes, I have been called Goldilocks before...

When I complain, everything is either too hot or too cold.  Like the weather.  Right now, it's too hot.  And I'll be complaining of that until about late November.  Possibly December.

What am I talking about?!

Jo-Ann!  'The NEW Jo-Ann!'  I love this place-  maybe because it's not as crowded as Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  I think Jo-Ann (or: "J's," as it's known in the land of is a great store.  It's always clean, the shelves are stocked, and the employees don't follow me around and bother me.  Even if I'm sitting on the floor, reading your magazines that while I will buy, I want to make sure I get the one I want THIS trip...

I'd lost my cell phone at some point between waking up and getting downstairs to the shower.  How?  I don't know.  I couldn't find it and I ended up at J's without a coupon and without my cell phone and the trusty Jo-Ann APP with a e-coupon.   I was close to frantic tears.  Especially when I spotted the set of Spellbinders that Paul at The Artsiders used to make this beautiful card.  I've never paid full price for a set of Spellbinders!  I'm also too lazy to drive home and find a coupon or my phone and drive back to Jo-Ann.  Imagine my surprise when I dragged myself up off the floor, where I was digging through a bin of dollar stamps (found a cute birdcage stamp) and made it to the cashier.  The Spellbinders 'Lacey Circles' rang up at 14.99!

I yelped like any self-respecting man in Jo-Ann and demanded they throw in a set of 'Lacey Squares,' too!

So- enough rambling.  Back to the card I made:

It's nothing groundbreaking.  I thought (hoped?) that by sitting down to make a simple card, I would suddenly be seized by a creative force and do something more substantial.  It didn't happen.

Here it is!

I used a piece of red paper from BasicGrey's Konnichiwa line, which I embossed in a Cuttlebug folder (Stylized Flowers) which I also found at Jo-Ann for two bucks.  From my sets of Spellbinders, I used one of the 'Lacey Squares' and one of the dies from Labels 5.  I think it's Labels 5, don't hold me to it...  That's one of Tim Holtz's Crown stamps, and some Frayed Burlap and Tea Dye Distress Inks all over the place.

Enjoy your Sunday evenings, everyone!  It's back to work in the morning, for me.  I think I can...I think I can...


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mini-Book Time!

Anybody who knows me knows how much I love to make mini-books.  More than anything.  Layouts? Cards?  MINI-BOOKS!  They're so much fun!

I recently made a blank book for my boss, for her birthday- for her to put photos in, after an upcoming trip.  She loved it so much that she begged me to make one for her to give, as a gift, to her daughter.  She emailed some photos of her grandsons and I got to work-

First, I used PIXLR to edit the photos.  What's PIXLR??!  It's a terrific and FREE editing website (also available as an app for Android, Apple's app store- I have it on my iPad, too- f'realz, I like it that much).  I added effects to all of the photos, added borders to some and uploaded the photos to Walgreens.  It is convenient to upload pics to Walgreens and just go pick them up on my lunch break.  No, I'm not being bribed by Walgreens to say that-  I really do!

I'd recently found the "Journey" collection of papers from AUTHENTIQUE and knew they'd work well for this mini-book.  With two of the 1.00 packs of blank chipboard book sets from the dollar bin at MICHAELS, I was ready to get to work!

I'm sure it's no surprise that there will be plenty of product from Tim Holtz in this book!  On the outside, right away you can spot the Philosophy Tags and the beautiful 'wings' stamp, which I heat embossed with clear embossing powder.

The metal frame/file-label tab-thingy, is from Hobby Lobby.  They have a box of ten for two or three bucks.  They look even better when sanded a bit!  Inside is a ChitChat sticker that says 'journey.'  The closure is made with a Hitch Fastener, string, and a Hinge Clip (all from Tim Holtz.  Well, except the string, which is DOLLAR TREE!).

How about a look inside?

Here's my favorite part of the book.  The page above was made by embossing a piece of plastic (leftover packaging material from a set of Spellbinders) and rubbing some paint on the 'back' side after I scratched it up with some sandpaper.  And there's one of my favorite stamps from Catslife Press!

And there's the back of the book.  Pretty anticlimactic, but it didn't feel right- all that and not showing the back of the book!

My boss was totally thrilled with the book.  She spent most of the day, running around the building to show it to people.  I'm glad she liked it!

And now- to clean up the mess I created while creating this book.  Looks like a bomb went off and then a tornado hit!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Product Party Time!

I feel like I've been away for years!  No, please, don't cry-  I'm right here!

There's so much excitement that I can barely keep it in my pants!  My wallet, I mean! 

Yes!  It's almost PAYDAY FRIDAY and on top of THAT-  there's heaps of new product coming out of the woodwork!

Last night, I almost fell off my bed when I noticed that SCRAPBOOK.COM was now fresh in stock with all of Mr. Holtz's AMAZING new dies-  the globe, the telephone, the typewriter (AND MORE!!!)....  These look cool beyond words. 

They are also carrying the embossing folders I've nearly gone insane waiting for- the "'Book Covers"  Aaaaaand the "Riveted Metal" and "Diamond Plate" set!!!   I've been coming up with so many ideas to use these for-  I can't wait to get a set in my hot little hands! 

And speaking of the Holtzcitement-  did y'all check out his blog today for the special announcement?  NEW DISTRESS INKS!!!  Yes- you're right- it's time for the SPRING Seasonal Distress set.  Yes, if you're in Oklahoma, you'll join me in saying IT IS 90 FREAKIN DEGREES OUTSIDE SPRING WHAAAAT WE'RE ALREADY READY FOR THE SUMMER COLORS!!!   The colors are BEAUTIFUL - get over to Mr. Holtz's beautiful new website and see the colors for yourself!!!

K & COMPANY's crazily popular SMASH line is out with the new just-like-a-DYMO labelmaker.  Which I want.  Badly.  Why, Kory?  You have a real-life vintage DYMO labeler that works perfectly?  I LIKE THE FONT, OKAYYYYY?   And can you believe how popular the SMASH Books are?!  I heard from a friend that saw a display of them at a GROCERY store in Dallas!  You can buy them in Target!  I don't know why I find that as exciting as I do... Congratulations on a great product, K & COMPANY!!!  I love it!  (I also really love their SWATCH tape, which I recently picked up at the local store, My Heart's Fancy.)

Is there some new product you're excited about?  Let me know!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Storage. Storage! Storage?

Storage.  It isn't one of the more exciting aspects of life.  But it's like drinking water.  A necessary evil.

Without storage, our lives would collapse.  Like what happened to the dinosaurs.  Or something.

Lately, I've been thinking lots about storage.  Because my shelves of supplies has been threatening to avalanche.  And I don't have one of those dogs that carry liquor around in a barrel on their necks, so I have to be careful.

Yes, believe it or not, I don't have a dog that carries liquor around on its neck.

I've kept all of my Idea-ology and other random metal bits in their original packaging.  For the longest time, I had a perverse fantasy that I would buy pegboard and hooks and install a wall so that I could pretend that I live in my own store.

Why?  I don't know.  Growing up, I wanted to grow up to live in a hotel room.  I don't have reasons for why.

I finally decided that I wouldn't ever build the 'store' in my mind.  I began thinking about storage options- and today,  Joann had their plastic storage on sale for 60% off.  (I also had an idea that I would drive to my storage unit and get my old metal toolbox out and load everything into it- but like lots of money-saving ideas, it flew out the window.)

I bought this:

It was 7.49.

That's pretty cheap.

I went home and pulled all my bits 'n pieces out- and piled them on the table.

That pile is thicker than it appears.  I buy lots of stuff.  It's also lots of packaging.  I usually try to save the packaging- not because I worry about the environment, but because - hello?  Free crafting material.  Face it- when I'm dead, what's the environment gonna do for me?  (Just jokes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm not advocating wastefulness.  I'm funny, dammit.)

So what does my newly filled box of fun look like?

I cut strips from the packaging (RECYCLING, RIGHT?!) and inserted the strips (with the product name on it- in case I forget what a 'hinge clip' or 'hitch post' looks like) into the edge of the slots where the dividers go...

Classy, huh?

Awww, thank you!

Well, I've got things to not do and nobody to see- so see ya.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Embossing Diffusers, or: The Most Exciting Day of My Life

Have you ever had one of those moments, when you realize that your life hasn't been lived in vain?  That moment has happened to me a few times.  The first time, it was while stage managing the rock musical, HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH.  The second time was today, when I discovered the EMBOSSING DIFFUSERS from Sizzix/Tim Holtz/Alterations.

You should know right away that if Mr. Holtz has allowed his should-be sainted name to be placed on a product that it's worthwhile.  Yeah, I'm a little drunk on boxes wine, so I might be going overboard.  But really.  You know true love when you see it...  whether it's in the broad sober daylight or in the dark of a nasty smoke-filled bar.  Or in your local scrap/art store.

Today was DEMO DAY at My Heart's Fancy- one of my most favorites spots in town.  I went with the lovely Darla/Chocklit Dee from  They were demo-ing (is that a word? no, it would just be 'demonstrating,' I guess- that's another thing that can get on my nerves-  I mean, as much as I love to invent new words, I dislike it when they're co-opted by the masses, such as 'demo' for 'demolishing' thanks to HGTV).   I'm sorry, I tend to ramble a bit when I'm on the Jesus Juice (thank you, Mr. Jackson).

What the hell was I talking about?


Just go out and buy them, ladies and gentlemen.

Here's mine!


Now, do you get it?

If not- here's a brief and the best explanation that I can do in such circumstances.

You use the diffuser to emboss all but a part of the card.  You can emboss all but a circle, oval, or small wide oval, of the the card.  OR- you can use the inset shapes to just emboss a circle of the card.  Or an oval or a small oval.

Do you get what I'm trying to say?

Yes.  You have just multiplied all of your embossing folders by six.

This product will change the way you look at every embossing folder that you own!

Promise.   Go buy it.

Here's the card that I made at DEMO DAY.  This might give you a better idea:

And here's one that I just made, at home.  Pretty much ripping off that demo design- but using a different diffuser:


I can't wait to play with these more.  And more.  If you're into card making, it really makes a world of new ideas.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Learning Lessons

I guess that shouldn't be plural.  I can really only think of one lesson I've learned, tonight.  And that lesson is that: RED DOESN'T PHOTOGRAPH WELL.

There is another lesson- but it's one that I need to learn.  That is: learn to take proper pictures.  Maybe I need a better camera.  Yeah, that's what the camera companies WANT me to think!

I'm stone cold sober, and thought- well, I'm home alone on a Friday night, why don't I pull out that new package of BasicGrey KONNICHIWA paper and see what I can make with it with it's delightfully colorful paper and possibly racist sticker?

Well, here's what I managed to make!

I offset the 'cuteness' of the sticker by using the (also included) alpha-stickers to say 'smile dammit.'

A great card to send to a friend who's down in the dumps.  You know, that friend of your's with an unhealthy me-no-speak-english-geisha-fixation.

Here's to a great weekend!  DEMO DAY at My Heart's Fancy, tomorrow!

And in the GREAT NEWS department, Ghostlight Records has recorded the off-Broadway revival of my FAVORITE Broadway musical of ALL time:  CARRIE.   YES!  1988's Broadway musical, CARRIE, has finally been professionally recorded!  No more suffering thru scratchy bootleg recordings!  However, no wonder how great sounding this new production will sound- it will never compare to the insane thrills of the original Broadway cast.  Here's to CARRIE!  There's NEVER Been A Musical Like HER!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

!00! No, oops, 99.

I was all set to invent some kind of 100 FOLLOWERS celebration-

and then I lost one today.  

So back to 99.   Dangit!  It was surely something I said. 

Do I care?  Yes.  Strangely.  But that's life.  I don't like what everyone has to say, either. 

So, back to waiting for one more follower! 


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

just a little hint or two

I know.  Every time I offer a hint or a tip, you cringe and say, "Aren't you the person who, until even a year ago, thought the line in SILENT NIGHT was 'ROUND YOUNG VIRGIN'???" or "Aren't you the person who swears a half a bottle of vodka and snorting a crushed diet pill can cure a cold?"

Well, I'm not always right and some of my tips aren't for everybody.  But these are pretty good.

If you're anything like me,  you put off changing the blade in your paper trimmer for as long as you can...

It isn't that they're outrageously expensive- they just aren't any fun to buy.

Also, it can turn into one of those things that you just FORGET about-  you know what I mean.   You're busy and you cut a strip and think, 'time ta change that blade!'  Then, you turn back to what you're working on and forget all about it...

What I do, to make a raggedy cut look just as crisp as with a brand new sharp blade, is to just pick up my handy Tim Holtz sanding block and lightly drag it across the edge of the paper.  Not really ANY pressure beyond the weight of the paper pushing agains the block

Yeahp, it's as easy as that...

Now, say you're laying out your photos- and you notice something.  DAMMIT THERE'S A GLARE IN AN EYE!

Yeah- you went through all the trouble of standing around the photo printing computer at Wal-Mart for an entire hour, and never thought to check for any glares to correct.

Pick up one of your INCREDLIBLE brand new Tim Holtz Distress Markers (I grabbed Walnut Stain) and color the glare!

See?  That's it, in the upper left.  Same photo.  NO GLARE.  Not even noticeable.  I know, I know.  I've been singing the praises of these markers.  And I've only got ten of them so far.  They really can do it ALL.

As Brini Maxwell always said,  'Now, why didn't YOU think of that?'


My Best Friend

I took the day off of work!  

I was so stressed out yesterday, I realized that I had better use some personal time, or quit.  I decided to ask my boss for a day off, ince I don't have another full time job begging me to start in a few days (hint, hint- wanna hire me?  I'll do anything).

I really wanted to 'make a page.'  That's what I call scrapbooking, really.  Makin' a page.  I've got so much new paper laying around, begging to be used- but I needed the photos!  I'm really bad about getting photos printed out.  Because like everything I set out to do, it usually turns into an ordeal.

Well, it was-

Printing photos was an ordeal. I woke up bright and early-  thinking it would be nice to be in Wal-Mart with less of the humanity usually involved.  It was empty!  Which was GREAT- but the photo printing machines don't turn on until 9am.  WHY?!  You do it yourself!  It was only 8am, so I had to slowly wander around the aisles and read magazines for an hour.  Which attracted lots of attention from employees.  In a big empty store, I guess the bored employees decide to focus on the three people there- NO I don't need help! NO I'm not stealing anything! NO I'M NOT COOKING DRUGS IN THE AISLES. 

Also, I have a habit, of when I'm looking at things on the bottom shelves- I will just sit down on the floor. Which is what I was doing in the scrap aisle, looking thru all the dollar stamps and junk. I guess they think that means trouble or they're used to chasing away hobos who 'move in' or something. Just leave me alone! I'm browsing!  I did find three nice lookin' rolls of Wal-Marts new 97cent washi tape!

9am finally came and I finally started printing photos- a young girl came up to use the machine next to me- and I guess it was giving her trouble. It required that the loud and pushy photo counter employee to come over and be...loud and pushy. I just want to print photos in peace!!!

I was happy that I was able to print my photos with a white border around them- I love that look.  I think it adds a touch of class.  I know what you're thinking- why would someone who thinks Franzia's box of Crisp White is a nice drink think they can recognize a touch of class?  I don't have all the answers.

I finally finished choosing which pictures to print, waiting for the slow machine to load each next screen so I could click NEXT until I could click SUBMIT ORDER, finally finished waiting for the machine to print my fifty-three photos, finally get to the counter to pay the loud pushy photo counter employee.  Guess what?  Now I have to wait for her to get the cash register to work-  even had to move to another register.  And then what?  She flips through all my photos!  I'm like, WHAT THE HELL?!  Is she this bored, that she's gotta flip through my stack of photos?!  

I was so happy to get out of Wal-Mart that I almost kissed the ground.

Since there's a Hobby Lobby next door, nearly, I thought- 'Well, I might as well check out their clearance aisle.'  

I wasn't finding anything.  I considered buying some paper, since all paper (including pads! all pads!  take THAT, Michaels!) was 50% OFF!  I was just about to buy Mr. Holtz's glorious new DESTINATIONS pad- but noticed the corner was dented.  Each page had a dent in the corner.  That would've driven me insane.  No matter how small a dent, no matter how unnoticeable it might actually be- I would always know it's there...  and they only had one left!  The Denim Skirt Queen was stocking the scrap aisle, and I guess she thought I was stealing, so she hovered over me all the way through the clearance aisle.  So I left. 

Went to Basket Market. They are just not getting new stuff into BUYER'S CORNER!!! I was about mad that I wasted time going, until I remembered that the last time I was there- with Darla & Tanya, I hid some stuff I wanted into two separate hidey-holes. An employee was stocking in the aisle of my favorite 'vault,' so I had to 'make' a new one- and I COULDN'T exactly remember where it was- I new it was in the entire shelf full of blue glitter, but couldn't remember the exact path. After a bit, I managed to find the stamps behind all the glitter. So I ended up with a cool new stamp, a set of the new Anna Griffin flourish stamps (only 5.00!) and a nice 12x12 pack of AUTHENTIQUE papers (the Journey collection) for only 6.00! 

So now I'm at home... have everything I need to make some pages. But my lazy side is trying to talk myself into going to th movies. I wanna see the Cabin in the Woods! lol And I love going to the movies alone, during the daytime. 

Nevermind. I don't wanna drive again. I'll make something. 

I decided to scrap two cute photos of my best friend and son, Nelson.  May he rest in peace.

I loved this dog more than anything in the world-  I'll miss him for the rest of my life.  I'm glad I took so many pictures of him!

I used some of the washi tape that I got at Michaels to point to the 'best friend' sticker that I stuck on a pennant cut from one of the smaller dies in the Spellbinders Lacey Pennants set-  luckily, not all of the pennants were 'lacey.'  I love the smaller ones!

Well, that was fun, 'makin a page!'  

I'm gonna go drink a Dr. Pepper.  My sugar and caffeine high is fading.  That's not a good thing.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Is this my beautiful life?

If you were to guess what I hate most about Spring, you'd probably guess it's TORNADO SEASON.  But that's not the worst thing about Spring.  The worst part of Spring is:  ALLERGIES!

My head feels like it's gonna explode.  By explode, I mean EXPLODE.  BOOM!

Seriously, it hurts.  I have more sinus pain than MTV has shows about stupid pregnant tweens.

Work was a nightmare.  It lasted forever.  The only bright spot of the day was a trip to Michaels on my lunch hour.  I don't think I would've gone to Michaels if it weren't for Co-Worker Michelle wanting to go, in search of more letter stickers (I don't know how many letter stickers this woman needs, but the same could be asked about my paper collection).  Aaaaaand speaking of paper, I was thinking I could find a nifty pad of paper, since they were 1/2 off today- but only the 19.99 pads- the Tim Holtz paper packs I want (Kraft Resist and Crowded Attic) are 14.99, so they WEREN'T on sale.  So, I settled on two more packages of the Recollections Washi Tape, since it WAS on sale.  I got the brown pack, and one of the blue packs.  Bargain!

  Oh, how I would love for My Heart's Fancy to be within driving distance from the office.  I would be there every day.  Maybe that's a good thing- I'd hate to have to resort to unsavory behavior to support my rubber stamp spending habits.

And SPEAKING of My Heart's Fancy-  while I was there on Saturday, to drop off my Spring Pennants for the swap, I picked up a brand new stamp!  I had to have another stamp by Daniel Torrente.  Wanna see?

 I love these creepy, sad, but hopeful looking little guys.  I can't get enough of them!

I've been wanting to make something with this stamp since Saturday-  but you know, tornado warnings and work get in the way.  Well, they make good excuses.

I've been sitting around since I got home-  wanting to take my Nyquil and call it a day, but knowing that if I took it now, I'd pass out before 7 and be awake around 3am.  I finally talked myself into just getting up and doing something, no matter how simple or 'bad' it might turn out- just make a little card.  Because this TV show about people who catch alligators for a reason isn't that entertaining AND I started thinking: DAMMIT,  soon, I will have even less free time.  I start work on my next show in a few weeks.

Yeahp, I'm back in show business.  I'll be stage managing a new show, rehearsals start sometime around the end of April.  So, I've got to enjoy the time I have, while I have it...  I always, always say, that I'm going to take a long break between shows- but the second one closes, I'll say 'yes' to the next job that pops up.  I think it's because I like making opening night gifts so much.  I should find a picture of the cards I made for the opening night of 'Buried Child.'  I made really cute kraft cards, made my own stamp, and made necklaces for the cast- using the Tim Holtz Muse Tokens.  They turned out very cool and impressive looking-  everyone loved the words they got and I felt like such a superstar.  Oh, wait- what am I talking about?  Oh yeah- my card- wanna see it here it come!

Here's my card:

I colored him with a couple of Distress Markers, first.  I LOVE these markers- I have to say that every time I use them, because I'm amazed at how much I love them.  I've never really liked markers of any kind- but from the first time I used a Distress Marker, I was in love.  They work beautifully.  I also used a couple of colored pencils on the little guy, too- and some regular Distress Ink (Vintage Photo) on his edges.  I loved how the Vintage Photo looks on the top of his head there- it really gave him some dimension.

For the background, I ran my cardstock thru the BigKick with my newest Tim Holtz Texture Fade embossing folder.  As much as I love my BigKick- OHhhhh what I would do for a VAGABOND!  I'm jealous of all that have one- but if you don't- have you ever seen it in use?!  I saw someone using one at a local shop, and I couldn't close my mouth.  Amazing machine.

And HOW cool is this Bubble Wrap embossing folder?!?!   I colored it with a handful of Distress Inks-  some Wild Honey, some Frayed Burlap, Broken China, Victorian Velvet, Walnut Stain, Vintage Photo.  Just rubbed them all in and misted with water-

Then, I cut his arm so I couple pull it up- glued him down, then added the word 'Smile' from the new ChitChat word stickers.  

Well, that's it for the day.  I've got to rest.  I'm old.

If you really want to see some beautiful work, you've gotta check out Frank's HAUS OF W and Paul's THE ARTSIDERS.   Seriously, go look, it's beautiful.


Bargain City!

I'm sure that all you classy people out there have subscribed to MICHAELS 'Daily Deals' emails- but I can't help but spread good news.  Or bad news.  I'm talkative that way.

BUT TODAY, MONDAY APRIL 16:  ALL 12X12 PAPER PADS ARE 50% OFF.  (Also, the Recollections brands of 180-sheet and 240-sheet paper pads are 50% off all week..)


You know where I'm going to go to at lunch?  That's right.  MICHAELS.   Because I need more paper that's 'too nice to use.' 

ALSO on sale- ALL WEEK, not just today only- the RECOLLECTIONS brand of WASHI TAPE is FIFTY PERCENT OFF!   So, 2.50 for three rolls.  That's a bargain.  That's about 84 cents A ROLL. 

See y'all, I've got a mere ninety minutes until my lunch hour and my TRIP TO BARGAIN CITY!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Tornado Pennant Party!

Wow, did April 14 come fast or what?!

My fun scrappy friend, Darla- or, 'Chocklit D,' and I went supply shopping nearly a month ago.  Our first stop was the spectacular art shop, My Heart's Fancy.  It was DEMO DAY- so not only could we buy kickass stamps and supplies you CAN'T find anywhere else in town, but we also got to make a cute Easter card.  While we were there, Darla talked me into doing the Spring Pennant Art Swap.  Because I am the model for the dangers of peer pressure, I said SURE!   I didn't have to have my ten pennants made for nearly a month!  April 14th was AGES away- I could make one every day or so...or I could spend time coming up with a design I like and setup a supply line and crank the bastards out- or whatever... doesn't matter... cuz April 14 is YEARS away..

I do have to give myself a hand.  I did start on them a few weeks ago- but, remember, my early prototype was destroyed in a freak wine glass explosion.  After cleaning up the mess, I was too 'tired' to continue.  So I sat back down and got drunk.

When last Saturday came and passed, I realized I had officially less than a week before I had to turn my pennants in-

and you totally know that I waited until running home from work on Friday, April 13, to get myself in gear.

I managed to get six completed (by raiding an undamaged bit from the wine-soaked pennant and cutting apart a Spring tag I'd just made) before I got too sleepy/distracted by a zombie movie.

I woke up bright and early and finished the rest, before I ran up North to deliver my bag o' pennants!   And I bought a few new things, that maybe I'll show you later-  but NOW-  ladies and gentlemen, I give you:


Well, I'm tired.  Too tired to even offer any commentary on each tag.  I even considered posting just a couple of tags each day-  but screw it... there they are- enjoy.  Or don't.

We're supposed to have wild weather and tornados tonight.  You know what that means- I've gotta get to the liquor store and stock up in style.  I'll be damned if I'm gonna risk a bad storm and loss of power and do it SOBER.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Night At The Hobby Lobby...

After last week's near-death experience during yet another routine trip to Hobby Lobby, I didn't know how long it would take me to gather up enough courage to make another trip.  

Turns out, it took a week!

Actually, I've just been either busy or not feeling well (damn allergies) until tonight.   I've been meaning to go since about Monday- I needed to pick up a few things and check out their restocking progress.  Because someone has to keep up with it!

Saw these kick-ass papers:

Aren't those nice?  They're the cheapo-licensed to HobLobs by My Mind's Eye versions- so very flimsy, but still- don't they look great?!   I love them so much I bought two of each when the HobLob's paper wasn't even on sale!  But now that I've seen these (and a few others) they best put this crap on the five fer  a dollah special OR ELSE.

Hmmm.  What else did I pick up?  Not much, because PAYDAY FRIDAY is TOMORROW, not tonite- so Kory was on a bit of a budget.  I did grab a pack of Spellbinders Lacey Nested Pennants (thank you forty off coupon) and one of the K&CO 'Ephemera Packs.'  I love K&CO's ephemera packs.  They rock! They're cheap and FULL of cool little pieces.  Can't recommend them enough.  Especially love the vintage travel themed pack that I picked up at da Wal-Marks, of all places.  

So why did I get the Lacey Nested Pennants dies?  I thought they'd add a nice accent to the Spring pennants I'm making for a swap.  The spring pennants I'm making for a swap that's due on Saturday and I've put off for WEEKS.  I'm a procrastinator and I hate myself for it...  I might be the world's worst procrastinator.  I swore all day- all I need is a quick trip to HobLobs, see something to inspire me- I'd rush home and - dammit.  I'm not gonna do anything tonight.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Life Lessons

I've learned so much in my decades here on Earth.  Do you capitalize 'Earth?'  I'm guessing you we're gonna go with it-


First of all- it surprises me that I can say 'decades.'  Sadly, it's been more than two.  Wait.  No, not sadly.  Surprisingly.  

So what have I learned?  Lots of stuff!  I'm going to begin sharing lessons with you all.  Starting here, starting now.

Number one is 'never be the only guy in the office.'  Trust me.  If you get a job offer, and you'll be the only male in the office:  TURN AND RUN.  If you aren't singled out for the torture, then you'll just be caught in the crossfire when they turn on each other.

Number two is JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS.  Because they run out.

Number three:  Making your own transparencies/overlays!  From a beautiful blog called PaperVine.  Click here:  DIY Acetate Sheets.

Number four:  MAKING beautiful paper flowers!  I love this tutorial.  From the great Paul, at The Artsiders.  Click HERE and see a new world open in your mind!

Well, that's all that I've got for tonight...


Friday, April 6, 2012

Washi Tape O'Mania, or: Kory Will Die For You

Washi Tape? Die?  What?

Yes.  I almost died for washi.

How?  Well.  I've decided we'll blame it on MICHEALS.  You know him-  The Ellen Bee calls him Mike.  He's a dirty son of a bitch.  Oh my, the language.  I hope that old biddy that called me out on my excitable spending isn't here, I'd hate to get on her bad side again oh what am I talking about?  Sorry, I've been hittin' the box.  Of wine.  Franzia's Crisp White.  To the rescue.  At my side.  Takin names.

What am I talking about?

That's right.  I ALMOST DIED.



The ever-classy lady MIA, from, let it slip that MICHAELS is carrying their own store brand of WASHI TAPE.  A few years ago, washi was something barely known to the crafty world.  I'd see it on etsy or high-class crafty sites and say, "Wow, if only I could overcome my objection to pre-paying for something and waiting, itchy-handed and heart full of longing at the mailbox every single freaking day after work for something I paid for eight days ago, I'd order some of this here WASHI tape up by the handfuls!"  That's right.  I hate ordering things, paying for them, and waiting- like an hopeful honest bride outside the mensroom door on her wedding day- for the stuff to show its dirty face.

What the hell am I talkin' about, ladies and gentlemen (Paul and Frank)?

Thank you.  Washi tape.


Tim Holtz took some of the pain away.  But she couldn't call it WASHI.


Mr. Holtz called it TISSUE TAPE.

Why?  I don't know.  Ask him.

But I bought it.  Oh yeah, I bought it.

And right now, allow me to assure you-  I talk like I type.  Like a drunk telling a life-changing story.

I bought that tissue tape and I LOVED IT, all my dirty hands touching and I LOVED IT.  (I so wish you could hear my line-reading of that line, it was hilarious.)

But just like the person I am- I wanted more.

Well, the ever classy Classy Lady Rushli and others on sent me on a hot and heavy run throughout the big-box town, for tapes at Target and Wal-Mart.   Yes.  The big girls got they own versions of WASHI out, now, too.

But then, Lovely Mia.  She told me the seductive tale of WASHI at Michaels.  Yes.   Ellen's boy, Mike.  He had WASHI.  His store-brand, RECOLLECTIONS- but WASHI, nonetheless.

I headed to my nearest Micheals.


But something caught my eye-  they had the brand new, GIANT SIZE big-ass SMASH Books in stock!  My heart fluttered (probably a symptom from past drug use).   Where there's new SMASH product, there's surely the new SMASH tape, right?!  Have you seen the new SMASH tape?  The one I'm talking about is called SWATCH and it is sexxxy.  That's right.  Three X's.  The way it's mean to be-

But no.  No SWATCH tape.  No CALENDAR tape- but-


They did have a tempting but empty hook ready for the CALENDAR tape.

Yes.  Empty.  My nearest MICHAELS is famous for not putting out their stock on time.  Or close to on time.  I swear that they must wait for the next stock to show up, then when they have no storage space left, they begin to put the stock out-

So I did what anybody in Oklahoma City with half a dream and a need does-

I headed to the SouthSide.

Yes.  For some reason, the 'Good' Michaels is located on the South side of Oklahoma City.  I guess it's true what 'they' say about urban sprawl.

I hitched up my truck and headed to:

SouthSide Michaels.


I was rolling in riches!   SMASH Calendar Tape!  Tim Holtz Sizzis Dies (they had TWO left!) and more!

I grabbed a roll of CALENDAR tape- and then- why hello pretty lady!

There it was.  The display of RECOLLECTIONS WASHI TAPE.  Oh, I'm sorry, madame.  Michaels calls you CRAFTING TAPE.  But look at all the options:

I immediately set my eyes on the black and white sets.  Because I'm classy that way.

But for realz- that tape with the birds, the sheet music, and the plain black?!  Cool.

I also got the other set with the more graphic pattern in black and white.

I wanted to get more- but please, no fighting, there's enough fo'ty off coupons to go around!

Also, note the empty spaces around the display, Michaels executives.  If *I* worked there, this mess would never happen.  Want to hire me?  I'm available.  Yes, I have a great job, but if you want someone to kick ass, take names, and put your store in order, I'm your guy.  I can also change flat tires in less than five minutes.  More on that later.

I grabbed the SMASH Calendar tape, grabbed my selection of Michaels Recollections finest, and headed to the cashier-  who was fast.  Too bad the woman in front of me and her spaced out teenage daughter weren't as fast to LEAVE AFTER THEY HAD PAID.

Seriously- what's up with this?  Pay, and move.  Pay.  Move.  It's not pay and hang out, rearrange stuff in your purse/wallet, brush lint off your boob, readjust your belt, smooth your hair, pop your gum, stare into space as you scratch your nose imagine what you're gonna do with your new ribbon IT IS MOVE. PAY AND MOVE!

I paid.  And moved.  And left.

Drove straight across the street to Hobby Lobby.  Da HobLobs.

I parked, dropped my wallet while getting out of the car, grabbed it, almost twisted my ankle, walked to the automatic doors and straight to the back where the scrapbooking magic lays-

And if I weren't wearing my shoes, I would've... I don't know-


Yes.  I can spot new product in a craft store like a streetwalker can spot a Mercedes with a lonely driver.

There it was-  new (For da HobLobs) 7 Gypsies stamps,  new ANNA GRIFFIN stamps- and well, if this Miss Anna Griffin is half as classy as her stamps at da HobLobs, well...hello Anna!  Hope that skirts as short as it looks!

I love her stamps!

Anyways.  Just like a lady in a short skirt, I didn't know what I'd do with 'em, so I kept on hobbling (twisted ankle, remember? keepin' up?) down to the Tim Holtz section of the aisle-

Wait. What?!  Distress Markers in PACKAGES?!  I haven't heard one damn word of this!

As you can see, the middle and side aisles are EMPTY.  Which means two things.  Either the denim-skirt army of Hobby Lobby's stock-matrons haven't got all the stock up, OR- the Tim Holtz army has beat me to the punch.

I bought what they had left-  two packs.  Wait.  My memory fails.  I bought one pack and hid the other- only one forty off coupon.  Five to a pack.  14.99.  With a forty off coupon, that comes to about 1.80 each.  Plus tax.

And have you used these markers, yet?!  They are amazing.  Amazing.  You can 'paint' with the BRUSH tip and WRITE with the 'FINE' tip and color stamps with- yes, every bit as amazing as- oh wait, you came here to read about my near death experience, didn't you-

I'm not one to disappoint.

After buying my tape and markers and feeling like I was once again on top of this seedy world, I jumped back on the interstate and headed back to civilization.  You know- the North side of Oklahoma City.  Haha. As if- but anyways-

The car in front of me turns on its signal and moves over to the right- into an exit only lane.

Now, normally, my super-intelligent brain takes over and says, "Now, Kory, this person surely doesn't know what they're out."

But my brain was pre-occupied with tape and Tim Holtz Distress Markers.  I simply gave a friendly 'Welcome to the exit only lane' wave and continued on my way when SURRRRPRIZE!

The idiot- who was most likely the dumbass, in line, in front of me, at HOBBY LOBBY.  The woman who, when I thought was done WAS NOT DONE AND PROCEEDED TO: YES! NOT TO PAY AND MOVE, but instead, to play with her hair and say, "This was s'posed to be forty off" and "this was s'posed to be on clearance."  Which forced the cashier to say, "Yes, it was forty off, see the FORTY OFF ON THE RECEIPT?!  SEE THE DISCOUNT ON THE RECEIPT?!"  Yes, it must've been someone like that woman, who then, INSTEAD OF PAYING AND MOVING, played with her hair and the shopping cart, before walking SLOWLY and mindlessly towards her JAGUAR- YES- this ho, who believed her crappy forty off discount might not have been subtracted from her crappy low dollar artificial flowers, GOT IN FRONT OF ME ON THE INTERSTATE and, while still probably wondering if she saved fitty cent at da HobLobs, decided to get into an EXIT ONLY lane and then- to decide:

"Oh no, I'm too busy screwing around, I'm in the wrong lane- here, let me just SWERVE RIGHT BACK OVER A LANE!"

Yes.  The idiot swerved BACK into my lane.  Inches in front of me.  And I'm not exaggerating here- it was INCHES.  I'm still surprised they didn't hit me, but not as surprised by what happened NEXT!

I hit my brakes.


I ended up in the grassy ditch on the side of the interstate.  Luckily, the grassy ditch broke my spin- or I'm sure I would've ended up UPSIDE DOWN- and luckily, nobody was close behind me and HIT ME-

but I did end up with a flat tire.

And that's where we get to the next best part of the story:

I got to change a flat tire.

I love changing tires.

I don't know what it is- but I love it.  I even have one of those professional looking on-a-wheel jacks, that I keep in my truck, in the chance I get to change a tire.  I've been known to put spares on for women I work with-  one lady once gave me a bag of chips in exchange for changing her tire, when she found it flat at lunch.  And I don't stop with my professional on-wheels jack.  I also have a tire pump.  I can air up your tires, too.

I'm sure it all fits together- scrapbooking, crafting, fixing flats-

but my glass is empty and I'm young.  See ya.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Dollar Tree Treasure Box!

Earlier today, while suffering through an especially horrendous day at work, I spent some time cruising around one of my favorite online hangouts- the forum at SCRAPBOOK.COM.   On my favorite forum, one of my favorite online scrapbook personalities, Miss Henri, was writing about her family's Easter plans.  In a matter of minutes, I decided that *I* needed an old-fashioned childhood Easter, too!  I quickly e-mailed my Mom with my demands.  On my lunch hour, I ran out to buy some EASTER SUNDAY supplies!

I decided that I would be in charge of table decor and Easter baskets for all of my Easter Sunday participants.  Willing or not, my Mom will hide my (soon to be) beautifully colored eggs and willing or not, my friends will hunt for these eggs!

I headed straight to DOLLAR TREE.  That's right- The Dee Tee!

I bought six baskets, a vase, six chocolate bunnies, and many rolls of ribbon- in different colors- I couldn't decide if all baskets should have the same colored ribbon or if each should be a little different...

While staggering through the aisles, I spotted something- YES!!  One of my favorite things is back in stock at the Dee Tee!

What is it?!


I LOVE these things!  Around Christmas, I found lots of them - and once I'd fixed them up a bit, used them to 'wrap' Christmas presents.  I put the present inside, then tied a classy black string around the box.  Very simple, but looked great.  Then, the person got their present AND a nice box they could use to store jewelry, money, or pills or other medicinal/birth control needs.

So how did I fix them up?  With some acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, and some Mod-Podge!

Here's one box that I made for myself.  No, I don't use it to store contraceptives.  Silly.  I use it to hold my spare Cricut blades!

Ain't that purty?  I love that paper from My Mind's Eye.  I need to find more!

Here's another view:

Yeahp.  Cute.  And so cheap.  Dollar for the box, then just a piece of paper from your stash!

I have so much fun making these, that I'm gonna go make another right now!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's time for the Tim Holtz Tag O' The Month!

  Am I alone in my excitement, or are Mr. Holtz's 12 Tags of 2012 not the best things to happen to the year, so far?!  I mean, what else do we have to look forward to- an election?!  Which means nonstop talk at work from loudmouths who know nothing about politics, except when an election nears and you're forced to hear their insane and idiotic political talk until election day when you find out they didn't go vote anyways, cuz they 'didn't have any time?!'  It also means idiotic political commercials and even worse- commercials for products and businesses that think they're being oh so clever by parodying political commercials?!

Sorry, I get a little worked up.  I should have a glass of wine and relax.  I should.  But instead- I'm here because today is April 1!  

No, I'm not talking about April Fools Day-  it's time for the next tag in Tim Holtz's hella fun 12 Tags of 2012 series!!!

I was sitting around, doing what I do best- being lazy, when I remembered- FIRST DAY OF APRIL!  I WONDER IF THE NEW TAG IS UP?!  It was!  And I wanted to make mine as fast as I could- but suffered a great delay when my Mom called me up, needing a ride to the auto parts place to exchange a car battery.

Hours later, I'm home and here's mah tag!

Kinda similar, right?  Well, it's got a bird on it.

I didn't have the new bird on a branch die, because when I saw it- I couldn't think of anything I'd need another bird for-  I like the birdcage die lots, tho-  so I used it to cut a bird from some chipboard, which I colored with Walnut Stain and Broken China Distress Inks, then heat embossed it it some clear embossing powder.  Which looks like some kinda candy when I sprinkle it on, pre-heating, and I almost just wanna eat it.  (Don't).

I used a Grungeboard flourish from one of the Grungeboard shapes packs, for under the little bird.

The tag- I followed Mr. Holtz's instructions to use the frame Texture Fade embossing folder, stamping it's smooth side with a 'dictionary' stamp- then embossing the tag.  Imagine my surprise when it WORKED!  So cool!  So, the embossed part doesn't have any text on it- just the 'background!'  I love this technique!!!

I colored the tag with the same Wild Honey and Broken China Distress Inks that Mr. Holtz used- but I went a little too heavy on the Wild Honey.  I also added some ICED SPRUCE Distress Ink (from last Winter's SEASONAL set).  I love this color.  Last, I rubbed some Walnut Stain onto the embossed frame.

I didn't have any word bands, so I cut another piece of chipboard with one of the 'Labels' Movers N Shapers, colored it with some Picket Fence Distress Stain, stamped 'JOURNEY' on it, and glued it on...  It was an 'Enjoy the...' stamp, so I used a mask to just get the 'Journey' on there...

Last, I grabbed a strip of white ribbon from my ribbon rack, ran the Weathered Wood Distress Stain across it, and tied that little booger on my COMPLETED TAG!

There it is, people.  Kory's version of Tim Holtz's tag for the month of APRIL 2012.   I don't know how happy I am with the 'Journey' label- I might redo that part, if inspiration strikes later this evening.  But I also need to shave.  Since I haven't shaved in a week, I might need a machete and a good three hours, so...we'll see what happens.