Thursday, March 29, 2012

Washi Tape from TARGET and a few cards to celebrate!

Sure enough- the smart 'n classy ladies over at the forum weren't tellin' lies!   TARGET has washi tape!

I ran over to Target so soon after work that I'm lucky I didn't break my ankle.   A slight delay on my rush to the office supply aisle when I was distracted by the SMASHBOOK aisle.  Yes, I just had to look- JUST IN CASE they had the new Smash Tape in-  have you seen that new tape?  Whoa, it's sexy.

Alright, what is it with tape?  Why do I love it so much?  Is it the color?  Is it the pattern?  Is it the informal fun of it?  WHAAAAT?!  I don't know.  We'll explore that over cocktails some dark night.

Yes, you did read correctly- Target put the tape in the office supply aisle.  It's with their colorful collection of office supplies.  Here's what the display look-a-like:

That's it on the first shelf below all the hanging things.  There's red/pink, orangey/yellow, blue/purpley, and green/green...ish?

Here it is- unwrapped from its packing and lovingly lined up on my stained-up craft mat, with one of my stained and chopped up cutting boards in the background.  I really know how to stage a photo.

The tape comes four rolls to a pack, for four bucks.  That makes it a dollar a roll.  That makes it a damn bargain.

After Target, I ran to Wal-Mart, to look for the Elmer's washi tape.  Couldn't find it.  Looked everywhere.  Gave up.  Headed back home.  Stopped at 7-11, to get a soda.  Saw two old men doing a drug deal.  They noticed me watching them, and said, 'C'mon! Let's do this outside!'  They gave me a dirty look.  I laughed about it with the cashier.  I went home and made cards.

I'm going to need some thank you cards, tomorrow- two of my coworkers are hosting an Easter basket-making 'make n take' class, at work, tomorrow- it was limited to four sittings and since they kindly gave me a heads up to sign up fast, AND cuz it's a fun, nice thing to do- I'll need to give them some thank yous later!  Yeah- I have tomorrow off, but I'm going in to make my Easter basket with my boss! 

Yes, I have a huge box full of pre-made thank you cards (they're very important in my profession, and I love to write thank you cards- so I have millions, ready to go).  But I love making cards!  I sat down with my new rolls of tape, some stamps from AMERICAN CRAFTS that I love, and - well, wanna see them?!  Here they are!

Card Number ONE!  A spray of Mister Huey's, a line of tape, a stamp or two and SURPRISE!  A card.

Card Number TWO!  This one is my favorite.  I really like it-  I used a light blue paint chip to stamp the THANK YOU on-  taped it to the card with my favorite of the tapes- this light blue stripe, and used this nifty 'lines' stamp on the sides.  I'm really happy with this one.

Card Number THREE!  Wait, what?!  I thought I was making THANK YOU cards?!  Well, I was.  But this Happy Birthday stamp caught my eye, and I wanted to try it out.  Sprayed some Heirloom Blue MISTER HUEYS (dammit I love this stuff!) then sprayed it with the Calico White.  Glued on one of the doilies I'd stamped and cut out, during my October Afternoon Doily Stamp orgy from a few weeks back, slapped on two pieces of my new tape, and used a thick foam dot to attach the HAPPY BIRTHDAY stamp.  I'm liking this card lots too-  now I just gotta find someone who's having a birthday.

Alright.  Gonna go to sleep.  Gonna wake up, hit up JOANN's, go into the office for my coworker's EASTER BASKET MAKE N TAKE LUNCH HOUR PARTY (I'll take pictures!  I'm sure you're all curious as to what kind of place has make 'n takes and what the hell it'll look like) and THEN I'm gonna try to find some summer clothes!  I NEED CLOTHES.  

See ya!



  1. Love these cards! Great ideas with the tape!!

  2. Sounds like you're having fun. Enjoy your shopping and then crafts tomorrow. Nice cards, congrats on your great deals.

  3. My sweet Jesus I will be going to Target tonight!!!!! But I bet my local wont have those.....I will go just for the heck of it. Love your cards, the misting is awesome.

  4. love the cards Kory! the last one is my fav! that's awesome about the tape!! i'll have to check it out!