Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh, NO!

It is FRIDAY! 

But before I get too excited and share my plans for the weekend, can I just talk a little trash for a minute or two?

Alright, but before I talk trash, I'm going to share my honored gossip sharing tradition with you- go get me a cup of coffee, pleaaaaase? 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  That's how I trick people into getting me a cup of coffee.  I say that I've got exciting, dramatic, guaranteed to have you balancing on the edge of your desk chair gossip, then I saw, "Okay, before I tell you the story, go get me a cup of coffee really quick!" 

It always works.

So what's going on? 

I have a coworker who, every time she calls someone, says 'Aw, YES!' when someone answers the phone.


It's driving me INSANE! 

I was discussing it with another coworker-  we've even tried to talk one another into even just asking, 'Lady, why do you say AW, YES! everytime you call someone?'

I don't even know why it annoys me.  It's like a water torture.  Just when the pain of one drop has subsided and you're starting to relax again:  "AW, YES!!!" 


Alright, so:  It's PAY-DAY FRIDAY!

What are my plans for the weekend?  I'm getting up bright and early to go pick up a stamp that I've had my eye on since last Saturday.  And I'm gonna buy whatever else catches my eye.  Anything I want.  Cuz I'm grown. 

Next stop:  Byron's Liquor Warehouse.  Gotta get a fresh box of wine.

Then, I'm gonna clean up my worktable and make things all weekend. 

Who wants to join me?  Reservation lines are open NOW.  Don't delay! 



  1. Aw yes! I now know how to get a drink out of Nick haha. A crafty weekend? You betcha! I could happily hole myself up in my room and muck about. Mind, I might take a break or two to veg in front of the TV and catch up on a film or two, but that's the only exercise I'm planning. Have a great weekend my friend. Px

  2. I love reading your posts, always so entertaining! My big office pet peeve is that everyone seems to think tomorrow is spelled tomarrow. I've soooo thought about sending a reply email to a certain person who is constantly spelling it this way. I'm up for a weekend full of crafting, but first will have to come an evening full of cleaning.

    1. Thank you for reading! And for finding my posts entertaining!!!


  3. maybe you should start doing the same know what they say, if you can't beat em, join em! lol

  4. Give me her # and I'll call when you tell me it's a good time. Not to annoy you by hearing the 'Aw, yes!!!' but to ask why she answers the phone that way. Oh, tell me what to call about so I seem relevant before I ask ;) I am 100% up for it lol!

    I'm not crafting this weekend unfortunately, but I am moving all the crafty goodness around, sorting projects, planning the new house on my 'breaks' as well as enjoying a few or more cold ones :)

    1. She says it when she CALLS someone!!!

      So, imagine it:

      She picks up the phone, dials it- and the person answers, says "Hello, (Name of Business or whatever)?

      AND SHE SAYS: "Aw, yes!"


      But I do thank you for offering to call- but how 'bout I give her your number and say, "Hey, can you call this important office and ask to set up a return call from whoever, for me? I know you're not my secretary or nuffin, but wouldja?!" THEN you could witness it!!!

      AW, YES!!!


      and as insignificant as it seems, imagine that- at random moments throughout the day- just as you've thought, MAYBE, just maybe, she won' do it the next time, you've just imagined or exaggerated it-

      AW, YES!

      -yeahp, it's that bad.


    2. HAHAHAHA! OMGosh, I'm so in for that! Before the small, I was a retail manager and had to deal with the crazies constantly. I am perfect at being polite yet sarcastic when called for. PM me or email me and we could have a great post on our hands lol!