Sunday, March 11, 2012

Making Ribbons

Hi there, everyone!

What a weekend.  Yeah?  One thing you know, it's Friday and the next thing you know, it's time to lay out your clothes for work and watch THE WALKING DEAD on TV...

Speaking of work, I'm not gonna be in the mood to get up and go tomorrow.  Why?  Because of the stupidity that is the time change.  I hate Daylight Savings Time time.  My internal clock is screwed up.   I'm gonna be crazy and mean at 8AM tomorrow.  I promise you.

But now- it's time to talk about making ribbon!

Why make ribbon?  And is this really ribbon?  I call it ribbon, so there- it's ribbon.  I've used this on lots of projects.  It adds a great touch, and you can adapt it to make any kind of ribbon 'look.'

First, cut a strip of plain, unbleached muslin.  This stuff is cheap.  And versatile.  And looks good.

One of my favorite things to do, when 'makin ribbon,' is to stamp the muslin. My favorite stamps to use when doing this are Distressing Stamps from Glitz.

Here is the stamped muslin.  Looks cool, doesn't it?  The muslin takes the ink very well.  It looks like the fabric 'came that way!'

Let's look at that close up!

I also like to color the strips with some Distress Stain, then cut it into smaller strips.  Here, I've used some Weathered Wood and Vintage Photo Distress Stains.  I usually mist the fabric with water before applying the stains- it seems to both help the fabric take the stain and gives it more of a worn/streaky look.  Which I like.

I really liked how the strip from the 'numbers' stamp turned out.

I decided to make a few strips without any stamping.  Misted with water, put on some stain.

Wrinkled it up into a ball and dried it with my heat gun.


Cool lookin strip of fabric!

Which I cut into smaller strips and tied to a mini-book that I've been working on for months.  Yeah.  Months.  I keep doing a little bit at a time.

I like how they look on the side of this book, but not sure what else I'll do to them or tie to them or..

So, make some ribbon!

I'm going to relax for a little bit and then try to go to sleep as early as I can, so that I don't feel like too much nasty when I try to drag myself to work.  I think it'll be a Benadryl night.

Oh yeah!  Remember my little contest?  Well, besides from makin' ribbons, I also used one of your ideas and made something with my cool little stamp!  I'll show it to you tomorrow!



  1. I really liked what you did with the muslin. It's definitely cheaper than canvas which I thought about getting but I think you have changed my mind. I watch The Walking Dead too...Eeek!! :) Your album looks good. Good luck tomorrow with the time change! :)

  2. Nice book!
    Yes the muslin does take the stamps well. Cool idea.

  3. wow, that looks awesome, kory!! never though of doing that before! love your mini book, too. can't wait to see the inside of that baby when you get it done. thanks for coming by my blog today..i replied but forgot to hit reply, as usual, cuz i'm a dumbass..anyway, sorry to let you down with the blimp story but i have a couple of ufo stories for you if you'd like to hear them some day! lol hope you don't have too much trouble getting up tomorrow. have a good one!! ~hl

  4. You are a genius!!!! I love this idea!!!!

  5. Thank You so much for this tutorial how amazing is that? I love muslin fabric its so versatile I will be giving this a try for sure!! Thank You! Have a good Monday!

    Hugs! Frank

  6. Brilliant tutorial. Not sure how easy it is to buy muslin over here but I must try & seek it out. Love the stamping you've done on you ribbons. Looks stunningly shabby chic. Px

  7. Thanks for jogging my memory! I bought muslin about 6 months ago and have been meaning to try stamping on it but plum - dum forgot about it. Looking good Kory. I still haven't placed my order with Catslife press but will do it tonight. You are going to be jealous :-)

  8. Great technique. I don't like DST this a.m. you are probably feeling like a 'walking dead'... good luck to your co-workers.

  9. Im curious to see what you made with the contest idea!
    Walking dead was good last night i thought.

  10. Awesome Ribbon, gonna have to dig for some muslim now! I personally was looking forward to daylight savings time, figured that one hour of sleep lost was worth it to have more daylight in the evening, plus it means spring is coming (and my bday. lol)

  11. This is an awesome idea! so now I have to buy muslin because it just looks fun to do.

  12. Good idea...looks great....thanks for sharing.

  13. Wow, this is absolutely great. Find you on pinterest and your ribbons are awesome.

    Regards from Germany