Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crafting Under The Influence

What a weekend.

I'm saying that because of how fast it went by- not because of how great it was...

I did make it out for some shopping-  picked up this great new Daniel Torrente stamp, while at My Heart's Fancy on Saturday:

Isn't that cool?!  I love these stamps!!!  I already know which one I'll get next time.

Also, while at the store, I 'entered' their Spring Pennant Swap.  I've never done any kind of swap before- and I'm always one to get caught up in the moment, so I picked up the 'starter bag.'  I've gotta come up with ten pennants by April 14 with a Spring or Easter theme.  Now I'm really wishing I bought the Tim Holtz BUNNY die when I saw it that first time at Paper Arts.  No, actually I'm glad I didn't- that seems a big too obvious and it would be like showing up on the first day of school, in the same shirt and sweater as someone more popular.

Because I'm such a famous procrastinator, I decided that I should start on the pennants IMMEDIATELY, instead of on April 13th.  I'm glad I did- because my first attempt took most of the day and ended in tragedy.  Hence the title of this blog post.

I wasn't drunk.  It was Sunday morning, dammit.  I was simply having a pre-craft aperitif or two, of my favorite box wine.

Now, this is where you will say, "No, Kory you were drunk."

But I wasn't!  I swear- A GHOST DID IT.

My wine glass exploded.

I always drink my wine out of a small juice glass.

Except for today.  It was dirty.  So I used a regular wineglass. (Is that one word? I'm saying it is, since a squiggly red line didn't appear underneath.)

I'm working away on my first pennant, when BANG-SPLASH, wine was everywhere.  I may have set it down in just the right way that it fell sideways (loved that movie) and broke- but I'm still saying that a ghost did it- it was just that fast.


Ruined pennant, shot number one.

Ruined pennant, shot number two.

Wine was everywhere- took nearly twenty minutes to get everything cleaned off and dried-  but the pennant-in-progress took the brunt of the storm.  It didn't survive.  Oh well, maybe attempt number two will look lots better.

Has anyone else made any pennants lately or would you care to come over and make some with me?  I promise to retreat to higher ground to drink.

I'll be back tomorrow with MORE CARDS!


P.S.  To the person who, according to Google Analytics, found my blog by searching Google with the keywords "HOOKER HOT SPOTS OKLAHOMA CITY,"  the part of town you're looking for is SW 44th and Robinson and/or NW 16th and Blackwelder.  Good luck, fella.


  1. My full whiskey glass did the same thing last night, didn't ruin anything but my pants were soaked! I'm not gonna lie about, I was wasted, gotta go back in tomorrow to pay my tab since I forgot to when I left.

  2. hahah I loved the end Kory! My blog was found, by searching goosebumps at one point! hahaha

    Good Luck with your swap! Maybe after you get done with that one you will be ready to enter my swaps! hahahha

  3. Too bad about the pennant! I have horrible visions myself about spilling a cup of coffee on my keyboard. That was very weird about the wine glass. I spent a lot of time scrapping today. Couldnt decide what to use for anything. I cant see any humor in it right now.I finally finished, its been many hours over a couple days. Of course i watch tv too. I hope you caught the finale of the Walking Dead. Wait, Im almost finished with the layout .

  4. haha funny about the google analytics thing.

  5. Sorry about the pennant Kory, it looks like it was turning out to be awesome though, I hate it when things like that happen, hopefully your other ones come along nicely. WOW that Google Analytics thing, haha, it has happened to me too, people searching random things and coming upon my blog, weird how the internet works. Take Care.


  6. Oops! Isn't wine troublesome that way! Looks like it was white, not red, which hopefully proved less destructive. If you see me with a glass of red, I advise you to stand well back. I've spilled it on many curtains, carpets, shirts etc. but not on any crafts yet. I spilled white craft paint onto an antique chair which didn't go down too well. And nowadays we only have cheap wine glasses in the house, thanks to my frequency in breaking them. I've never thought to consider it was a ghost lol. Hope you persevere with your pennants though as it looks like it was turning out to be quite a funky creation before your little accident. Oh and thanks for the tourism update :) If I ever visit Oklahoma, i'll know where to set the GPS lol. Pxx

  7. Now that's why my drink is always on the other side of the room, now saying that in my craft room that mean not far behind me and easily accessible with a quick wheel of the chair but, the main thing is its away from my work. don't you hate people like me lol.

  8. Ok, Kory, you have lots of imagination in there. It's not's simply distressed a bit more than you intended. Carry on!

    LMAO at your comment to the spammer. I was in Philly this weekend and happened upon some of those areas, as well. Oh, my. That's is all I have to say (which is saying something in and of itself, given that I am a chatterbox).

  9. Aww, Kory, so sorry about your pennant! It looks like it was going to be nice. At least you have a starting idea, I am totally drawing a blank! Maybe we should work together, your creativity could rub off on me.
    Weird about the wine glass, but I'm sure it was a ghost or something similar, it couldn't have been anything you did, lol!
    I made a card using my new Daniel Torrente stamp, but couldnt' get it to upload in my gallery, grrrrrrrrr..........

  10. Mmmmm, a lickable pennant - now you're talking!

    Can I suggest a plastic toddler trainer beaker in future? Classy, I know.

    ps funny google thingy!!

  11. Kory.... I love that stamp. Absolutely love, love, love it.

  12. Forgive my complete lack of tact in not mentioning you pennant, but I am completely obsessed with what you can do with that broken wine glass. Have you seen the altered bell jars that people have made with old wine glasses? Lemme see if I can find a link... hold on... hold on...thanks for your patience... let's see... AH YES! You just stick a glass tile on top - you know the kind you get 200 of at the dollar store or Target that you put in the bottom of your vases or whatnot. A little alcohol ink might make it THAT much cooler... hmmm... I think I have a wine glass that needs breaking...

  13. Bad news on the pennant being ruined and all that good wine also. Google searches: the most looked at post I have is the one titled Happy Birthday Brother. It shows up on page two of Google.. I guess people are looking for ideas???????? My brother thinks he's famous. Take care..