Monday, March 26, 2012

iPad Scrap Apps: ScrapPad

There's a few iPad scrapbooking apps.  I've tried many of them.  I might talk about a few of the others, but then again- I might not feel like doing so.... and that's why I resisted titling this post with 'Part One' or something like that...

Because I've tried a few scrappy apps, I thought I'd tell you about my favorite one- ScrapPad.  It's fun.  It's easy.  It's CHEAP.  Seriously- how can something that only costs five bucks be this fun?!  I'm talking about hours of entertainment.  It even beats one of my other favorite five dollar apps, 'Pollock's Toy Theatre,' in the hours of entertainment category. 

I first tried out ScrapPad by downloading the free version with just the 'Movie Theatre' theme.  It was just a trial like thing- with a watermark and just the one kit, with a movie theatre theme.  Withn a few minutes, I realized it was worth buying and bought the full version!

The full version comes with seventeen- count them- *17* 'kits!'  Over 1500 'elements.'  There's backgrounds, stickers, embellishments, borders...  Each kit is themed- there's the 'Starter Kit,'  Love, Travel, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Christmas, Spring-  so so much for just five bucks.  Every onece in awhile, an update comes out that adds another kit to the app without an extra charge.

There are more kits available for purchase- I mean, if all that you get with the full version isn't enough!  But the kits are only .99 cents each!  That isn't bad.  Totally justifiable, especially if you have as much fun with the app as I do-  so far, though, I've only downloaded two extra kits, the 'What A Trip: NYC' and the 'Indie Nation.' 

So back to how easy it is to use-

You don't need to ready any instructions to be able to use ScrapPad.  You can make something the moment you load the app.  Want to add a background?  Click on 'Backgrounds.'  Want to add a photo?  Click on the camera button.  Want to add an embellishment?  Click on embellishment.  Then just pinch or 'push out' with your fingers to make them smaller or bigger!

I'm not really into digital scrapbooking, though-  but I love it for an online scrapbook look, and I love using it to make stuff that I call 'magazine layouts.'  That's when I use photos and add text to show instructions and stuff-  remember the 'Paint Chip Tip' picture from posts back?  I made that with ScrapPad.

What you make is pretty much limited to your imagination- and I'm sure many of you could do much more amazing things with the app- but here's a simple layout I made just to show you what it's like!

Fun, huh?  Alright.  I'm gonna get ready for bed and another stress filled week at work!  Whoooo!

For more information about ScrapPad, visit the developer's site HERE.


  1. Very nice! I tried digital scrap booking multiple times and just can't get into it. I think I like sniffing the glue and paint along with my no whine...while creating my treasures. Are you coming to the weekend crop at WLS?

  2. What a fun digi layout Kory!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing this, it sounds like fun and something that I might try, it would also be amazing to be a able to create a layout on there and then bring it to life in paper! Awesome!

    Hugs! Frank

  3. Sounds a brilliant app. I have been known to dabble in digital scrapbooking now and then, depending on the purpose. And I agree with Frank, i can see it as a great tool for designing digitally before transferring to paper. Great photo of you!!!!!!! and the LO is wonderfully graphic, bold and funky. Px

  4. They need to fix a bug where when you are on a page that you want to delete, it deletes THAT page not a different one and then there is no warning...POOF it's gone😭