Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Scrappy Beginnings:

Oh, HI!  Thanks for being one of the first visitors!  You’re looking lovely, today! Welcome to the newest & most funnest place for scraptacular entertainment on the internets!

Oh, hi!  My name is Kory.  I love scrapbooking and other creative activities: painting, art journalling, building, cardmaking, stamping, gluing…  You get the idea.  I like to be creative.   I've made scrapbooks since I was just a little Kory.  My first was a giant (14X14!) old scrapbook that my Mom found somewhere within my Grandparent's house.  It had a blue cover, with the word 'SCRAPBOOK' embossed on the cover.  Cool, huh?  It was the real, vintage thing- a ton of thick, plain kraft pages- ready for any memory or scrap of that memory to be glued right in...  I still have, and love, that scrapbook.  As I grew, so did the technique of scrapbooking.  I remember the early days of crazy scissors and crazier stickers.  And while the techniques change and grow (Just as we do. Deep, huh?) the meaning remains the same:  Memory Keeping in an artful way.  That's what the SCRAPiVERSE is all about. 

BUT, KORY!  I don’t know what scrapbooking is!!!  Isn’t that purty ladies with moldy pictures and glue and flowery paper?
No.  It isn’t.  At least not here.  It’s much, much more.   You don’t like scrapbooking?  Don’t worry!  There will be plenty of other sexy crafty times, here- so don’t worry.  Even if you aren’t into scrapbooking, you’ll find plenty of more good times and fun ideas.  So stick around, cuz you’ll be plenty into scrapbooking in no time.  Take my word for it…

until later, but soon,