Monday, September 24, 2012

A Very Dollar Tree Halloween

I know- I say it all the time.  This just might be the thousandth time I've said it- but I'ma say it again:  I LOVE HALLOWEEN! 

And I love the Dollar Tree.

Halloween and the Dee-Tee.  What's there not to be happy about?  Yeah, it's passing eight-two degrees outside and heading towards ninety, outdoors.  Global warming isn't real, my ass.  Why, I remember when I was fourteen years old and it was COLD by October 1. 

What the hell was I talking about?

Oh yeah!  This year's exciting "Kory K's Dee-Tee Halloween Crafts Spectacular!"   Hmmm.  Maybe I should call it a "Spooktacular," since I'm going to cliche retro obviousness.  Ha.  You know, in the way, at Easter, someone always calls something "EGGS-CITING!" 

I don't think I had my blog o' fun last Halloween- so I thought I'd start off with a project I did LAST year and posted to my gallery over at 

What was it?  Well- CHECK IT OUT!

I made the photo collage up there with the terrific app for iPad- ScrapPad.  I love that app-  get it!  But if it doesn't explain it all to you- I'll tell you a little bit more:

I bought one of the little 'Christmas Houses' from the Dollar Tree - and with the help of some fitty cent acrylic paints, turned it into an adorable little Haunted Crackhouse!

If you'd like to try it yourself- it's pretty basic-  just use brown and black paints to darken it up and scarify the place.  (I recommend using your finger to rub the paint on and around to get the best effects- paintbrushes are for classy people like Thomas Kincaid, may he rest in peace.)  ((But you might need a paintbrush for little areas.))

I might do another this year-  I need a HALLOWEEN VILLAGE! 


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

on tape and gifts and being busy

Ohhhh it's been a long week!

As usual, I've been BUSY!

I like to keep busy.  If I'm not doing something or about to do something, I feel like world will end.  Actually, I don't feel like the world will end- I KNOW it will end.

Last night, as I was leaving MICHAELS, I looked up to see a bright orange streak burning far far farrrr up in the sky.  It was much higher than a plane could be flying.  Clearly, it was an asteroid headed straight towards New Mexico.  I couldn't believe that I was going to die in the parking lot of MICHAELS.

Needless to say, it wasn't an asteroid and a survivor didn't have to pry the bag of washi tape from my cold, dead fingers.

YES!  Washi is back at MICHAELS!  The much talked about 'WALL O' WASHI' at MICHAELS!  Imagine the embarrassingly pre-teen squeal that escaped from my mouth.  You would've thought a twelve year old girl turned the corner and saw Justin Bieber- not that a handsome gentleman in his, um, late mid-thirties, saw a rack of tape.

Yeah- they call it 'crafting tape.'  Which does sound kinda classy, doesn't it?  All kinds of new designs- my favorite?  A kinda kraft chevron. 

There's a close-up for your tape viewing pleasure.  Pervert.

Just when I think that I can't be excited any further, I run across this little end-cap of joy:


Loads of stamps and 'ephemera packs.'  (And up above, those nifty 'Mix'd Media Inks.'  Love those!)

I can't tell you how long I've been wanting the 7gypsies 'BEAUTIFUL' stamp.  I like the font and I like the simplicity.  And now, I can't wait to use it...

So, what else has been going on in KoryLand? 

Well, in my show business career, I just closed another hit run of HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH.  Yes, I say 'another,' because it's the third run of this same production that I've stage managed.  The show that won't quit!  And I love every second of it!

But you know how much I love to give opening night gifts to all the actors and stage crew.  I don't care how many shows I've done-  I can't help but give SOMETHING.  The energy that is backstage on an opening night is one of the most addictive drugs in the world!  And I love to fuel it by delivering a small gift to everyone. 

Like last show's opening night gift, I made the same/similar necklaces-  using some inexpensive satin cord and chains with (also inexpensive!) clasps and a variety of tokens from Tim Holtz's Idea-ology line- along with a few random charms I've found along the way.  You can really make LOTS of neatly impressive necklaces this way, for not much money at all. 

But PACKAGING is what I really enjoy.  I love using paper lunch sacks and twine (Dollar Tree!) and some embossed tags when I package my gifts.

Something seemed to be missing...though...

TELEGRAMS!!!  Just like the 'olden days!'  You know- you've seen the movies.  A show is opening and telegrams are being delivered to everyone backstage.

A quick search on the internet and I found this incredible Western Union telegram template.  All you hafta do is type your information into the boxes- it puts it into an authentic 'telegram' font and PRINT.  The website even shows you how to fold them as Western Union did!!!

There's one of my completed 'telegrams' right there- trimmed to the authentic size and all!  I didn't have any cream colored paper or newsprint, so I settled on what looked to be an attention getting 'official yellow.' 

I wish I had a photo of the next step- but to make my telegrams look more official, I pulled out some stamps at the office and stamped "RECEIVED" in 'official' red ink.  It really added a cool detail!

There it is, all folded up!

And there they are- attached to the gift bags and tags and boxed up- ready for delivery!

Okay- that's all I got for ya, today.  I can't stay and talk for hours, ya know- I've got a mountain of work to do and then hafta run home and get to work with unpacking books, books and more books.  I clearly need to have a book SALE.

See you soon!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

busy, busy, busy

I'm not dead!  I feel like I might be close to the end, tho-  between moving to a new apartment, a new show opening and all that happens in between-  wow, am I tired!

Last night, while taking a break from carrying heavy boxes of books up a flight of stairs, I began to put my scap 'n craft supplies into their new spaces.  I love organizing supplies.  It's so inspirational.  Sadly, I didn't have time (or a clear surface) to make something new- but I've gots plenty of new ideas!

In the meantime, here's a picture of me at last week's opening night party, with one of the stars from CATS, down the street!

I can't wait to scrap this pic!

I'll be back, soon, with more Halloween projects, more layouts and MORE fun!  Don't forget me!