Sunday, March 25, 2012

On The Aisles At MICHAELS and/or: WHY AM I AWAKE?!


No.  My social life is not over.

I'm still fun.

I've spent most of the day working on my 'super secret super exciting' project.  You know, the one that I'll surely build up so much that when you see it, you'll say, "Really?! THAT is what you've been going on about?!"

The rest of the time I've spent drinking boxed wine and watching movies.  Yeahp.  It was movie night at the SCRAPiVERSE household.  I mostly listened/sang along from my workspace.  Yes, sang along- cuz we played HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH on da big screen!   I love this movie/show.  I stage managed the stage version, during its 'hit long run' here in OKC.  And I never got tired of it.  Usually, by the end of a show that I'm stage managing, I'm sick of it-  begging every night that the curtain goes up that the actors just talk really fast and I can go home early- but with HEDWIG, I was in heaven.  I was a big, big fan of the show during its original Off-Broadway run in NYC.  I used to fly to New York and stay in hostels just to see it!  Of course, I was much younger and much more adventurous that I didn't have any problem sharing a room/bunk beds with 11 strangers.  But it was 17.00 a night, in NYC, with free breakfast!  I would've slept ON a stranger 17.00 a night!

But I digress.  However, remind me to tell you of my 'staying in NYC at the infamous Carter Hotel' days, one day, too!


Last night, Holly joined me for an evening of crafting and smack-talking.  We had to run to Michaels at 8pm for supplies.  They close at 9pm, and yes, we were still wandering around the store and they had to get on the intercom to tell us to make our decisions and head to the front.

Check this out:

They're selling these scrapbook paper sized frames for 2.00 each.  That's a good price for a decent looking frame.  And if you're like me, and think you've gotta hang that cool mustache paper on your wall- this is a steal.  Michaels.  Two bucks.  Tell them Kory sent you and to tell the girl who works the line nearest to the exit on Saturday night that he doesn't think she's a very nice person.

And speaking of the great punk rock musical that is HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, let me leave you with this photo that I took backstage at the production that I stage managed, on the last night of its run:

Isn't that a great photo?  Why, thank you.  I'm very proud of it, myself.

When I wake up, it'll be Sunday and I've got lots of stuff to do, so I've gotta make like a nail and press on...

see ya



  1. I had that giraffe stamp in my hand and didnt get it, the one from Michaels. I said "I dont use stamps much anymore" If i wanted all 4 ,and i did, it would have been 6 dollars. Ide already spent what i could for the week. Tonight i used a stamp on a layout. I thought of that giraffe. Do you think it will be there tomorrow?
    Sounds like you had a productive night, having fun crafting, and shopping.

  2. that cracked me up when you said tell the checkout girl Kory doesnt think shes a very nice person. I wish i lived there so i could say that! lol just kidding.

  3. First of all, I'll kidnap Frank en route to Oklahoma, then you can help me lock him in a dark room in your house somewhere until he shares the secret of his talent with us lol. Maybe tempt him with a box o' wine? Good to see another Hedwig fan out there. Such a fantastic movie. I have a very worn out DVD of it. Never seen a stage production though. I bet you ran your fingers through the wig just after you took the photo, when no one was looking haha and felt just a little tingle of pleasure ;). Looking forward to your BIG reveal. If it's what I think it is, I'll be like a cat who found the spilt cream. Pxx

    1. lol Paul you are too fun! haha I don't think you would want to kidnap me I will be a pretty boring hostage lol now offer me a box full of those lovely flowers you make and now we're talking!! You two are my favorite people to visit so much fun, Kory I cannot wait to see your reveal
      I'm sure it will be awesome!!! Get some sleep!

      Hugs!! Frank

  4. I can not tell a lie I had never heard of Hedwig before so I go to YouTube and watch a few video's, it looks like a love it or hate it and I ain't sure which side I fall yet I think I'd need to see the whole thing and I haven't got time for that. There is a small problem with telling the check out girl that Kory said your not a very nice person is it could be the wrong person, I know it may not make a difference some store are like that, but still. I am waiting with baited breath for the big reveal so please don't make it a long wait I may not survive.

  5. OMG I literally had to read your post twice too funny Kory about that girl at Michaels I think she works at my michaels too lol

  6. Kory- we got lots in common. Hedwig is also one of my favorite shows. Do you love Rocky? My daughter was in the show in Los Angeles for 4 years starting off when she ws just 16. Just bought tickets for ONCE for our next visit to NYC. Cannot get enuf of Braodway! Have had muslin stamping on my list of thigs to do for months and you convinced me to buy, tear and stamp. Have you seen that short starring Patrick (Harris?) called something like The Amazing something or other? Another favorite of mine - a must see!

  7. The girl in Michaels also works in Tunbridge Wells Hobbycraft. Fact.

  8. Hi Kory! I sure hope you are getting some sleep tonight! I'm excited to see the project you are working on! I'm sure it will be hella cool! ;) That frame thingy looks sweet! Thanks for always tellin us about the great deals! I am still wanting to get to Michael's for those stamps you found. Do you have a Archiver's there? Have a great week! xo, hl

  9. Left you a PM at If you need the new TH embossing folders, check out They have a bundle of 6 for $19.99 plus $5 s/h.

  10.'re a kick!! I have NEVER read ANYones blog all the way thru..funny, I read yours! Your personality is way cool and kept my interest!! Thanks! And great find at Michales.[that spelling doesnt look right.hmm...should look up in your entry for the spelling...naww..never mind!!]

    Great room I saw on, have been there [at for a while now] and now I need to check out the rest of it on here! Have a creative Day there Kory....xo Pam