Friday, July 27, 2012

Prima Craftsman, or: The week of new product which excites me in the pants.

So, yeah, I have been meaning to update for two days, with some pics from the night at Paper Crown's Mix 'N Mingle.  I've also had some other idea for a post that I cannot recall at the moment.  Then, there's the idea I had, last night, while under the influence of five or six a few vodka and tonics, which at the moment I must've sworn was the best idea ever to occur - yeah, for real- I was so excited by the idea that I scrawled the entire draft of the post on my steno-pad.  I don't know if it was the booze or the moment, but I wrote the entire post in authentic old-school schoolteacher handwriting.  Full on Palmer Method.  Not joking.

I've spent the evening watching the opening ceremonies from the Olympics.  Wow.  I mean 'wow' in the 'what the hell is up with the giant baby that looks like it's head has been cut open?!' way, not 'wow' in the 'oh what a beautiful show,' way.  And I hate to sound heartless, but-  I hate the sound of children singing.  And the opening ceremonies were mostly that.  As if that's a big surprise.  Just as I was shouting, 'Is there anything more cliche?!,' I was reminded- yes, there is something more cliche than children singing at a 'big, momental event.'  What is it?  You know what it is- it's having the children sing WHILE DOING SIGN LANGUAGE.  Not that I have something against sign language or even ANY language- but really?  Someone was paid to come up with a big, hopefully awe-inspiring, production and the best they could do at any given moment is to fall back on one of the most over-used 'moments' from a grammar school Christmas show?!

Well, my commentary was nonstop.  I should've rented a space and sold tickets for people to watch the ceremonies as I commented over a microphone.  If you think I'm funny during CRAFT WARS: LIVE, then you should've been at my house for my deconstruction of the opening ceremonies.

But, the night got better.  I saw something that excited me.

What was it?

It's Prima's new CRAFTSMAN collection.  Have you checked it out, yet?  You should.  Here's my highlights:

Check out this mask:

You could use it as it, or just use the gear parts, or just use the circle parts.  At the moment, masks are some of my favoritest thangs.  Especially ones that have a multi-use possibility! 


I should've warned you before the pic- but I didn't.  I'll tell you now.  IGNORE the stickers in the upper right corner.  Really, Prima?  You couldn't do a masculine theme without throwing 'DUDE' in there, could you?  To any companies out there who might deign to read any of my harsh yet (truly) constructive criticism:  you might think you're aiming at pleasing the mainstream with the cliché- but you must remember, the kind of people who might embrace this are not your good customer.  Be true to the theme and always, always, keep it classy.  But the rest of the stickers more than make up for the very very slight affront to taste, dude.   Especially the set in the bottom right.  Great color, great look - and as far as I can tell, not similar to anything already out there!  I love those!  I love the upper right section, but they're a bit too similar to a set from Mr. Holtz's sticker pads to be impressive.  But I still like them.

Okay, NEXT! 

Beautiful paper!  Perfect!  The blueprint theme seems to be a trend, right now.  And I love it so much.

Time for some STAMPS!!!

Excuse me, I must have a moment.

Thank you.  The lightbulb?!  The gears.  The compass.  Even the BOOM.  So much fun.  And two bucks?!  Last I checked, the biggest thrill was on a corner for twenty bucks.  You have it beat, Prima!

More sexy paper.  Sexxxy.  Would look great as is and even better if cut up to use each segment as part of a layered embellishment or background for a card or... just laying in a stack of your sexxxy papers, where it's easily accessible for viewing and admiring purposes.


What is up with my love of pins?  I don't think I've used any, but I have a few.  And now, I will have more.  The gear and the lightbulb are the best.  The balloon is close, tho, in third.  The pointing finger is nearing 'children singing while signing' saturation point, and I don't know what the hell the little monster is...  I want these.  So much that I'm a little bit angry that isn't a store down the street, open 24 hours and waiting for me to come in and snatch them up in my hot hand.

Everything is currently available in the SUPERSTORE at

Alriiiiight then?  I'm off.  Gonna enjoy this LOCKUP marathon on MSNBC.  Opening Ceremonies?  Olympics, PLEASE-  this is quality television.  Maybe I'll get lucky and it'll be the episode with the wild and crazy lesbian loan sharks.  Just like Mr. John Waters, I've always had a soft spot for the female juvenile delinquent.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Goings On- New product, jokes and more!

Whoaaaa.  There's some hot and sexy new product appearing in the 'just arrived' section at's 'superstore' and also in the 'new arrivals' section over at the Two Peas shop.  I spent my entire lunch hour- and then some- doing a little 'monitor shopping.'  What friend would I be, if I didn't share my favorites with you?! 

So here it is:  Kory K's Hot New Product Round-Up of July 27, 2012:

The first few things I have to show you are from Echo Park's newest collection, Everyday Eclectic.  It's a modern, muted yet still bright, fun set of papers- including a great page of cardstock sticker alphas.  (I grow increasingly addicted to letter stickers with each sheet I buy...) 

Echo Park - Everyday Eclectic Collection - 12 x 12 Double Sided Paper - Kraft

Everyone knows my devotion to plain old kraft- but check out the herringbone wood pattern on its opposite side.  Reminds me of the floor in an apartment I had some good times in...

Echo Park - Everyday Eclectic Collection - 12 x 12 Double Sided Paper - Chevron Woodgrain

The pink side goes a little too far into the 'super-girly' look that's predominate in way too many new releases- but the chevron wood pattern makes up for it and gives me the strength to carry on!

Echo Park - Everyday Eclectic Collection - 12 x 12 Double Sided Paper - Journaling Cards

Their journalling cards are even cool.  I love the 'pay-per-view' telescope in the bottom right.  Fun!

Echo Park - Everyday Eclectic Collection - 12 x 12 Cardstock Stickers - Alphabet

Here's the letter alphas!  Wood and white!  Blue!  And trusty black!  I'll need two sheets of these hot little numbers (alphas?)!

Next, I've got some highlights from We R Memory Keepers Inc's new Hall Pass Collection.

That's their 12x12 piece of vintage green sexiness, 'Pop Quiz.'  Both sides are such eye-catchers, I'll need three sheets.  Two to use and one to hoard and stare at every so often.  Dammit, I love good paper designs.

That, there, is 'Classroom.'   Also from We R's Hall Pass Collection.  Journalling cards are, like alpha stickers and washi, two of my at-the-moment favorite thing to have-  I like the entire design on a small scale action/can use for almost anything aspect of journalling cards.  The ' name is...' card makes the entire 12x12 sheet worth a dollar all on its own.

More woodgrain action!  This time from those sexily clever peoples over at Studio Calico.  Want. Now.

The last of the eyecatchers are these rolls of washi tape from Freckled Fawn.  I've not heard of Freckled Fawn- up until about a week ago, and now I seem to see them popping up everywhere.

That's 'Foreign Newspaper.'  Part of me wishes it were more monotone.  Part of me likes the colors and says, 'shut up and love it as it is...'

I couldn't help but put in some more hardcore woodgrain love.  I love wood.  I love woodgrain.  Even when it's as cartoonily done as it is here- I love it.

Hop on over to and order some new nice lookin' supplies- you won't find these at Michaels!  However, you will find this:

Just kidding, Michaels, you know I love you- and I know it's hard to stay on top of the times when you have to buy for a hundreds of stores.  But really?  Discount DVDs?

So that's all, for now!  I'll be back later to fill you in on all the fun at last night's 'Mix N Mingle' at Paper Crown!  And coming up even later/after/soon, a HALLOWEEN PRESHOW!

Don't forget tonight's episode of "CRAFT WARS: LIVE with KORY AND DARLA!"  Showtime is 10/9Central, live during TLC's airing of CRAFT WARS, in the forum at!

UPDATE:  RED ALERT!  RED ALERT!  Thanks to a good eye for detail and a quick response, Okienurse has alerted me that CRAFT WARS is on at 8/7pmCENTRAL tonight, not its usual 9CST, due to some kind of scheduling conflict.  SO- This makes CRAFT WARS: LIVE with Kory and Darla on at 8pmCST, too!  Thank you, Okienurse!!!

see ya there!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday: Obsessed

Happy Monday!

And I mean that-  I want you to have a Monday as happy as a Monday can be...

Am I being negative?  No.  I just don't want to be secured to a desk until 5pm.  I want to be at home, working happily away on a little project.  A project that I started yesterday morning.  It's sitting halfway completed, now, crying for my return.  What is it?  I won't tell you, yet.  But I will give you a hint.  It began with these nice 12x12 sheets of chipboard.

That tells you lots, doesn't it?  I'll give you another hint-  it's a project for my favorite holiday.  Halloween.

I'm really proud of myself, thinking ahead and all...  I've got projects lined up for your amusement and entertainment needs.  All the way through Valentine's Day! 

I'm here today with some inspirationical links.  Stuff I'm obsessing over or stuff that has inspired me enough to lay in the middle of the floor thinking about what I'd do if I would only sit up.  If you follow all the people I've told you about in the past, you'll have seen it already- so in that case, you should skip to the bottom and let me know what you're obsessing over!

First up:  Sherry C's blog, My Favorite Things.  I'm loving her blog so much she should change her blog's title to KORY'S FAVORITE SITE.  She's a genius.  Want proof?  Lookit how she cut a square out of the Core'dinations and flipped it around so you can see both sides of this great paper.  I love this idea.  And I love that set of Core'dinations.  I have lots of it, mostly scavenged from Basket Market.  Also, don't miss the later post where she draws/embosses the Core'dinations by HAND.

Now, head back over to Frank's Haus of W.  Not only can you admire the old-fashioned CAMERA that he built, but the amazing Vintage Envelope Mini-Album he designed to go inside the camera.  And my dearest Franklin was also too kind to give away a PDF of the envelope template that he made!  I love envelopes more than I love vodka and tonic- so I spent some time playing with the template.  I printed it out in three sizes- regular size, medium size and a baby size!  Here they are, lined up in my mini-Smash book:

Cool, huh?

I would much rather make a card- but there are still times when a moment arrives and you just need to grab a store-bought card.  I have hundred of cards.  I always pull a selection of two or three cards from each package, to keep in my file cabinet at the office- so that I always have both thank you cards and blank cards near my right hand at all times.  How often do I need a thank you card?  Just about as often as I need a blank card to write happy birthday to someone down the hall, that's how often.  In other words: ALL THE TIME.

And I saw these colorful cards at Target:

I like the 'Tired of Texting' card.  And the 'Freakin Thanks' card.  Fun, huh? 

Okay, I've got work to do-  wish me luck!



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Studio Calico - CHA 2012

I'm not exaggerating one bit when I tell you this:

Looking at Studio Calico's blog gives me the same feeling I got the very first time I saw a dirty magazine. 

It's a thrill.  And it also scares me how much I like what I see.

Out of every CHA sneak preview that's popped up - Studio Calico is the one that made me the most exciting in the pants.

Look at these journal cards: 

From Studio Calico

I'll allow you a few moments to pull yourselves together before I show you the next piece of Studio Calico CHA hotness.

Okay, all better now?  Here ya go:

From Studio Calico

I can already hear what you're saying- you've got the SMASH date-stamp.  You've got the Dear Lizzy date-stamp.  And hell, you've got a drawer full of date-stamps that followed you home from various office jobs.  But Studio Calico's date-stamp kills them all with a combination of hip design and smart phrases.  INSTAGRAMMED!   EPIC!  A ROW OF HEXAGONS?! 

Go over to Studio Calico's porno blog right now and look at everything else.  I'll be taking a cold shower.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Instagram? Instagram!

Thanks to Sherry at My Favorite Things, there is now heaps more INSTA in my INSTAGRAM!  I'm feelin' like an INSTAGENIUS! 

Y'all know how much I hate to order things -  you pays your monies, and then you WAIT.  I don't like to pay and wait.  I like to pay and HAVE.  This means that even with the existence of such great Instagram printing apps, like  PostalPix, I've never ordered any prints.

Because of my technological limitations, I've also never been able to properly format photos following other's 'easy' directions for printing out a sheet of Instagram beauty.  You know what I'm talking about- stuff like: "First, you just open up a copy of Photoshop version 20 and have these three updates and extras installed, then you create a new document in this pixel size, download and load this template then..."  Photoshop?  I was barely able to operate THE PRINT SHOP on my first DOS computer- what the hell are you trying to explain to me?  I just want my Instagrams! 

Imagine my orgasmic surprise this morning, when I come across Sherry's blog- and today's post with the heading, "Easy Instagram Printing."  Easy is one of my favorite four letter words.  Click on that link, read, enjoy, discover.  Grow.

And you know what?  Within an hour later, it was time for my lunch break.  I was on my way to Walgreen's to pick up four sheets of beautifully printed squares of joy. 

I did several different options- a sheet of six little squares, a sheet of two big squares and four littler squares- as they say, the possibilities are ENDLESS.  Again, visit Sherry, follow her instrutcions, thank her profusely- and, as Brini Maxwell would say,  'Now, why didn't you think of that?!'

That's not even all- can you believe it?   The day- MONDAY- even gets better?  Why, yes!  It does!

You know what Mr. Walgreen's is doing for all of us photo-addicted peoples?  No, not introducing us to a new hobby!  They're giving us a discount!  Not a stingy barely worth it 25% off entire sale- ahem, Michaels, coughcough- they're giving 40% OFF ENTIRE PHOTO PRINTING AND ENLARGEMENTS until the 31st.  Of July.  Now if that doesn't give you the will to stop reading blogs and earn your paycheck, I don't know what will-  All you gotta do is:  "Enter coupon code PRINTIT40 at checkout thru Tuesday, July 31st.*"  You'll have to visit Mr. Walgreens and his website to see whatever that asterisk is referring to- all I know is that the coupon is good for photos and and enlargements until the 31st of July.  I used it with great success to get my Instagrams today and I'm in love...

Again, Sherry- I thank you.  The world will thank you.  Yes, it's that important.

*my version of what the asterisk will be referring to, if *I* wrote the fine print: 

"Thank you, customer, for your interest in our very kind 40% discount on all prints and enlargements.  I'm sure that you'll enjoy the discount.  I'm also sure you'll be so pleased with such a generous coupon code that when you arrive to pick up your photos, you'll stay off of your cell phone while in line to pay and even treat the cashier and/or photo desk employee with nothing but courtesy and kindness.  We also trust that you'll not hold up any lines while you try to argue that the coupon for 40% off prints and enlargements should also apply to custom mousepads, coffee cups, calendars or even any product off the shelves at the store than you managed to grab with the hand not holding your cell phone while pushing your way to the photo desk.  Please, wash your hands.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Layout Time!

I am proud of myself.  It's Sunday.  Late Sunday afternoon.  Instead of my usual daydreaming about doing something productive- even semi-productive, I got up and DID something.  What did I do?  Laundry?  Pay bills?  Nope.  I made a layout!

I'm still slowly working through a giant stack of photos I printed out.  Today,  I happened upon this picture that I took in Central Park on my last trip to NYC.  I think this picture is damned beautiful and if any cheap '10 Postcards For a Dollar' company had any sense, they'd snatch this one up!

I started with a nice piece of paper from BasicGrey's 'WHAT'S UP' collection- the 'b-side' of the 'light as a feather' paper.  I misted it with my brand new Dylusions Ink Spray (Vibrant Turquoise).  I just discovered (as in, first used) this ink spray YESTERDAY in the Dina Wakley class.  And I'm addicted to it-  the colors are so freakin sexxxy and they spray so well-  just go buy some.  They're five bucks a bottle.  If that isn't a freakin' bargain I don't know what is and there's just no pleasing you people.

Here, you can see detail of the Dymo label, tapes, and the cool stamped (from American Crafts) arrow-y chevron-y kinda design.  I love this stamp.  It's the single most fulfilling thing in my life.

Hope you all had a great weekend!  I'm off to watch some True Blood and Newsroom and then get my handsome sleep.  I need it.



Check it out, crafty hookahs.  This Tuesday, I'll be joined by the great and hilarious DARLA for CRAFT WARS COMMENTARY: LIVE!  Come join in the fun over at the forum at SCRAPBOOK.COM.  With any luck, it'll turn into an all-out brawl.

Speaking of possibilities for all-out brawls- yes, I have been in a few bar-fights in my day, but for real- I thought something was gonna break out during the class, yesterday.  Somebody mentioned Craft Wars and the volume in the room grew so loud so fast- I backed up.  I heard the rise in volume and started planning emergency exits.  Clearly, there's lots of anger towards this show.   And this is one of my tips for successful living:  When you enter a room, always plan emergency exits and spot at least three items which can function as a weapon, should the need present itself.

Craft Wars: I don't have anger towards it-  I don't LIKE it, but I don't hate it, either.  It does provide plenty of unintentional hilarity.  That, my friend, is my favorite kind of hilarity.

But it does sadden me.  It was a chance for there to be a fun craft-related competition show.

One of you- maybe not one of you, it was either here in the comments or over at the forum- mentioned CRAFT CORNER DEATHMATCH.  I had never ever heard of it, so went immediately to Google.  There are a few episodes uploaded to Vimeo.  Entire, commercial free, good quality videos.  In other words, a rare and lucky gift from the Craft Gods.

I'm in love with CRAFT CORNER DEATHMATCH, now.  I'll just abbreviate it as CCD from now on- y'all know how I love to come up with abbreviations for things.

CCD ran on the Style Network back in 2005.  Remember when Style was a good channel?  Remember The Brini Maxwell Show?  I am still in love with Brini.  I even have her book.  To this day, whenever I come up with a clever idea, I look at the nearest person with a slightly tilted head and say, 'Now, why didn't you think of that?!'  I don't do it justice.  You need to see Ms. Maxwell's delivery.  Pure genius.  t still can't figure out how I missed this show.  Because I either have a drive to force you to love the things I do -or because, since you're even reading my blog, we must have similar taste- I've included a link to a YouTube 'Best of Brini Maxwell' link.  For some reason, it doesn't include her 'Now, why didn't you think of that?' catchphrase- and that's just a dirty shame.

I'm sorry, ladies and gentleman, what the hell was I talkin' about?  Oh yeah- okay, back to CCD:

CCD is exactly what CRAFT WARS should've been-  loud, crazy, wild, hilarious, FUN - and above all, actual CRAFTS.  Not CONSTRUCTION.  How the hell can a craft competition show NOT be fun when the 'surviving' contestant must battle 'The Craft Lady Of Steel' for the win?!  And how freakin' cool is the Craft Lady of Steel?

(Also, how much fun is Amber, the never smiling 'assistant' with the crazy hair and out of place sequined gown?!)

Here is a link to Vimeo, with some episodes of CRAFT CORNER DEATHMATCH for your viewing enjoyment.  It's fun.  Just do it.  And don't forget to join me 'n Darla on Tuesday night for CRAFT WARS COMMENTARY: LIVE!


-p.s.  here's the 'Best of Brini Maxwell reel that I mentioned.  Enjoy!

-p.s.s.  please note the text (blurry as it might be) on the bottom of the Kory & Darla Craft Wars Commentary poster-  this 'special live event' is not officially affiliated with, and we might even get kicked out of the forum before we begin.  But hey- even if we draw one or two new people to the site and their forum, we've succeeded in something positive for them, right?  Right!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Encaustic Tag Book Class with DINA WAKLEY!

For anyone who didn't sign up for this freakin' great class: I'm sorry you're such a loser. So what if it would've involved a drive on the interstate or connecting flights? What else did you have to do today? And I would've taken you out for a wild night on the town afterwards, too. So it would've been doubly worth the time.

So what did I learn? I learned that I am in love with Dina Wakley and will join her cult and buy all her stamps. Hell, I would drink her Kool-Aid spray inks if she had some. I also learned that some beeswax, tissue paper and a hot iron can make some amazing shit. Also: A hot iron can burn you. Who knew?!

While I'm here, I've gotta thank Maura at My Heart's Fancy, for hosting the class, and of course- Darla, who signed me up for the class!  Oh yeah!  Don't miss KORY & DARLA hosting CRAFT WARS Commentary LIVE on the forum this Tuesday!  Bring your smarts comments over and join us!

First up:  My inky hands.  That's the sign of a successful class. 

Here's my book- the one you're kindly humoring me by pretending to be exciting to see:
Tied up with an ink-stained ribbon.  I love dyeing ribbon with ink and/or stains.

Untie the ribbons, why don't ya?  There, now you can see the cover.  I cut the wings from a stamped image of a bumblebee to glue on the crowned lady.  The two fellas were from a book page I found in Miss Dina's giant bag of collage papers.  Wasn't that nice of her to not only bring things, but let us take anything from the bag that caught our eye?!  The kraft tissue paper with words all over it was donated to me by the kind (and fun) Texan ladies who were sitting at my table.  See how I called it MY table?  I'm full of myself, aren't?  It was THEIR table, and they were so cool to shout at me that I could join them, when I found I that every seat at Darla's table was taken!

Here's the inside of my book- six tags.  Each one carefully (that means quickly and without thought) designed, colored, painted, waxed- all by ME.  We were given a printed out page of inspirational quotes.  They were all very nice and thoughtful- but you know me, I had to cut them up and reassemble the quotes until they barely made sense and weren't as thoughtful.  Yeahp, I'm the crafty William S. Burroughs.  But I like them.  And they're now ME instead of 'quotes.'  Which, seems very 'me, to me.'  Does that make sense?  Hmm.  Does to me.

The last tag, up there on the right, was made in about three frantic minutes.  When we began to assemble the book, I found that I was one tag short.  I got a spare tag, rubbed some paint on it, sprayed some ink on it, grabbed a couple of pieces of stamped tissue paper, and ran over to the wax and HOT iron table to melt it all together.  And you know what?  I think it's my favorite one.

Aaaaand- here it is, all opened up and standing up, as proud a pimp at 1st and Main:

One more shot of my book, in all it's colorful glory:

Alright, that's it from me.  I've got a wild party tonight.  I need to attempt to scrub the rest of the ink from my hands and try to look presentable.  I shouldn't look like THIS until 2:30am.  

Have a great day, everyone!  Go make something!  Here's a picture of me 'n Dina Wakley, herself!  This just might be my Christmas card.  Don't we look like such a happy couple?  We'd only been together for three short hours.  Looks like years, doesn't it?  

Happy Saturday night, people!  First round is on me!


At the Dina Wakley class!

I'm at the Encaustic Tag Book Class, taught by Dina Wakley, this morning! Why didn't you sign up?!

Here's a shot of my tags- in progress!

Really, having the greatest time!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Layout: Beautiful Baby

Are you growing tired of my Nelson layouts?  Really?  You're bored of layouts using photos of my dear doggie, Nelson?  Would you say the same thing to the coworker who throws pictures of her horrid children in your face all day?  Oh, you would?  Okay, as long as you treat everyone equally...

How's everybody doing tonight?   Yayyyy, me too.   A long, torturous day at work- but luckily it was broken up by a lunch hour shopping frenzy at PAPER CROWN.  That's right- I have (nearly) the entire collection of BasicGrey's CLIPPINGS in my hot little hands.  And it's as beautiful as it looks in its publicity photos.  Swear.

But more about CLIPPINGS later-  I'm back with a new layout:

I recently printed out a good-sized heap of photos from my digital camera.  I've got lots of photos to work with- and I'm definitely gonna hafta do a few multi-photo layouts.  But for now, I'm just going to enjoy myself with my favorite kindsa layouts.

As usual, there's some misting and some tape.  I can't say no.  I used the Christy Thomlinson 'Vintage Doily' mask to for the big misted/masked shape up there, off center.  I used Mister Huey's Dark Calico and some October Afternoon 'Frequent Flyer' Sprinkler.

The 'I miss you dearly' piece is from a set of stamps from American Crafts, that I picked up on clearance (3.00!) over at Da HobLobs.  I cut off the part that says, 'just a note to say.'  And I thought it worked nicely under the photo.

I tried to use my SMASH stamp to stamp the date up there- but I didn't press it down correctly, and had to handwrite the date the rest of the way...  but I like how it adds to the handmade touch.

And one last close-up.  You can see the misting pretty well, right here.  I also like the Sizzix embossing folder I used on the piece of kraft paper behind the photo.  I love to emboss.  It's one of the finer things in life.  Every single time I'm standing at the BigKick, rolling another piece of cardstock through, I sigh and say, "I wonder what the poor people are doin' today..."

Tomorrow's FRIDAY!  I have a fully booked weekend, lots of shows to catch before they close, a wild party, and a class with Dina Wakley on Saturday morning.  So you know what that means.  Yeahp.  No cocktails tomorrow night.  I've gotta be ready to make some stuff bright and early on Saturday!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Craft Wars Commentary Time!

Time to turn the channel to TLC, home of those crazy Toddlers and Tiaras, for another exciting installment of BUILDER WARS- oops, I mean CRAFT WARS!  I'm sorry, how did I make that mistake?  Ohhhh it must be the way the show seems more about CONSTRUCTION with weird random piles of crap, instead of CRAFTING.  

But you know what that means!  Time for C.Dubya-C.T.   Craft Wars Commentary Time.  Get it?  Yeah, I'm stupid.  And easily amused.  SO- if you haven't watched the show yet cuz you have a classy DVR and don't want to know anything about it- don't read any further.  I don't want to hear any cryin' that I ruined it for you- because I won't care.

Here we go!

I think that, possibly, Judge Stephen 'Glitterville' Brown is a vampire.  I love him, but please kind sir, stop 'affectionately tilting' your head for every reaction shot.  That freaks me out.

"Red and yellow are primary colors."  Who made that painfully obvious comment?  I was looking for my glass of Kool-Aid.

"We run Robbie out to the woodshed."  Wait, what am I watching?  Hahaha. That sentence just sounded disturbing.  But I am loving how these ladies are referring to their toy box by the name they gave it- like it's a real person.  They're fun, I like them.

Okay, time is running out.  Let's see what sadness awaits.

Yes, Madamn Judge, the 'tent box' does look messy.  And like the guy says, it won't squash FANGERS.  For those of you that don't come this part of Amurrika, that's how we say 'fingers.'

Next up, the chipmunk rabbity lookin' robot.

Stephen 'Twilight' Brown is breaking it down for all y'all glitter lovers: white glue, and also just revealed that he grew up covered in glitter.  I never would've guessed.   I agree, though, Mr. Brown-  WHY is the alligator covered in felt?

Awww. Bye, Brad.

Alright: time for the rest of the show!  What're they gonna BUILD, I mean 'craft' next?

Exciting!  They're gonna BUILD, I mean CRAFT a 'Pet Mansion.'  And Tori Spelling is gonna hold a chicken!


Pam Naughton is going to glitter the hell out of this pet mansion, isn't she?  Oh yes, she is...  Or at least she's going to glitter the hell out of some dog biscuits.  Good luck, lady!  White glue!  White glue!  I can just hear it now...

Who wants to bet some sexual favors that the judges are going to attack her for glittering dog biscuits that a DOG MIGHT EAT and get sick from the glitter?

Oh dear- Amy's covering the inside walls with fabric.  And attacking the fabric with spray glue.  After they told her not to- and on top of all this- AFTER it is pointed out WHY spend time covering stuff with fabric/felt/whatever and that they should not be afraid of PAINT.

Oooooh - the CRICUT got a shout out!  How much did that cost Provo Craft?

I wonder if we're all seeing the same commercials?  Did you just see the commercial for The Price Is Right: LIVE?  Branson, Missouri- ladies and gentlemen.  Just when you think Branson couldn't get any worse... SURPRISE!  I've been to Branson.  As a child.  I didn't have any choice.  It was terrible.  My brother threw a big BIG tantrum because he wanted to go see The Waltzing Waters.  And then he got bored during the show.  It was the family joke for years.


The 'mansions' -

Ms. Naughton:  Awww....hmmmm.... I don't know what to think- there's bits that I like- the paw print stamp.  And then there's the rest.

Amy Ng:  I like it.  Really freakin' cute.  She sure took 'mansion' literally, didn't she?  That thing is freakin' HUGE!

Commercials:  I would die happier than I ever thought possible if I never saw another commercial AGAIN.

Oh Mr. Brown, let the white glue die.

Okay, we're about to find out who wins.   Can you contain your excitement?

Congratulations, Pam.

How long do you think TLC will keep CRAFT WARS?  My opinion is that the mainstream isn't interested and it isn't enough CRAFT for the crafters- what do y'all think?  Let's discuss it.  But in the meantime, I'm taking a benadryl and calling it a day.


Happy Birthday Card Party!

One of my favorite things about having a buttload* of paper and papercrafting thingamabobs is the ability to make a card at any given time.  A birthday?  I don't hafta go to the store, I just hafta haul my lazy self to my worktable.  How do the normal people survive?!

*Actual scientific papercrafting measurement.  You don't believe me?  Ask anybody in the field.   For realz.  If you're all important and you're going to be at CHA next week, just tell anybody taking a product order that you want a BUTTLOAD of that new product.  They might even throw in something free, just for impressing them with your industry knowledge.  Trust me.

So what did I get up to last night?  Well, if you paid attention to my introduction, you'll have guessed already:  I MADE CARDS!


The first, was pretty much a failure and I hated it-  so I made a second one that I was much happier with...  but, hell,  I'ma show them both!

Here's card number one:

  See what I mean?  Simple.  Plain.  I like it- but it just looks a bit too respectable.  And generic.

I just took a piece of navy cardstock that came in one of those 'Pound O'Cardstock' from Tuesday Morning (one of the few purchases I regret) and threw it onto my newest Fiskars trimmer.  Have I told you about my trimmer addiction?  I have four.  I keep buying them.  My card base was 4X51/2.  So I cut the navy card 1/4 inch shorter on top and the side, so that it would have a nice border around it- then I threw it on top of a scalloped circle Spellbinder and rolled it through the BigKick.

I took a light blue piece of Mt. Holtz's ColorCore and stamped HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it, then tied a bow with some Dollar Tree twine.

Looks boring.

I started digging through a bowl of scraps on my table.  There's a bit of everything in that bowl.

The only thing I knew was that I wanted to use some of my brand-new Cavallini 'Vintage Office' paper tape.

I kinda began the same way- by cutting a piece of kraft cardstock and ATG'ing it to my card base.  I found the postage stamp shape in my scrap bowl.  It was, at one time, cut with my Cricut from the Elegant Edges cartridge.  I found the piece of old map cardstock in the bowl, too.  I inked and distressed its edges.  I stamped HAPPY BIRTHDAY on a leftover piece of (already stamped) manila cardstock, leftover from my last layout and cut it out.  Then I taped the stuff down using the beloved Vintage Office tape.  It looked a bit plain, still, so I added a brad from the My Mind's Eye Kraft Funday brads set- I love those damn brads.

I was staring at it, and then saw the tab, which was a scrap from the last time I cut some cardstock using Mr. Holtz's 'Tiny Tabs & Tags' die.  If you don't own this die, you're obviously not serious about life.  I stamped the file tab with a side of the Dear Lizza date stamp.  Which I bought on impulse at da HobLobs and got home and thought, "I'll never use this, it looks like crap a teenage girl would say."  And it does.  But it seemed to kinda work here- maybe in contrast with the map and brown colors... I don't know.  I like it, tho.

So there ya go.  Two cards.  I've got candy to eat, thanks to a trip to 7-11.  I'll leave you with a close-up of my new card.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Chinese Restaurant Supply Scrapbooking Supplies

No, it's not a new scrap shop in town or online.  Or 'LSS' if you frequent the boards.  Or 'Scraping Shop' if you're one of the many people who can't seem to spell 'scrapping.'  That always cracks me up- no, I'm not being rude or insensitive.  It just makes me laugh, because it sounds so painful.  "I've been SCRAPING this weekend!"   Oh, hon, I'm sure you have- but we don't need to know.

Anyways- Chinese restaurant supply scrapbooking supplies- 'KORY! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!'

Well, I'm sure you know that I love to find random things that can be used for supplies.  Cuz it's fun.  Anyone remember my fast food ketchup cup flower?  Few probably do, unless they pay attention to everything I do over at  No, don't bother looking for it- it's much, much less spectacular than I try to make it sound. 

Where was I?

Oh yeah.   So I found these 'egg roll' bags at the Super Cao. 

The Super Cao is a gigantic Asian grocery store, here in Oklahoma City.  Think of it like a Wal-Mart with nothing you've ever heard of before and a bucket of baby octopi sitting limp and slimy in an aisle, apparently forgotten.  It's tons of fun and even more fun if your allergies are so bad you can't smell anything. 

I looked at these glassine bags and new I had to have a few:

See?  They look great- don't they?  You can use them, full size, as is- affixed to layout.  Or, cover the pretty flute player with an embellishment if you need to coordinate to a specific color scheme.

You can cut the top off, to make it shorter.  Cut a little notch at the top of the front side of the bag. 

And, as my little brother and I liked to say when we would dramatically and quickly throw a dressing room curtain open as our poor Mom attempted to try on clothing: "TA-DAAAAA!" - you have a cute little bag to slide a pair of ticket stubs into....

Now, you can use the plain top piece of the bag to make a tiny bag, by just taping the bottom of it shut.

And, again:  TA-DAAAAA!  A cute tiny envelope to slide a business card into!

Cool, huh?!


Sunday, July 8, 2012


- Moby Dick: The Musical

Good morning, everyone!  It's Sunday.  But still Sunday MORNING- so the late Sunday afternoon depression hasn't kicked in, yet.  I'm still happy, hopeful and OBSESSING.

What it it that I'm obsessing over right now?

Yesterday, I managed to drag myself off of the sofa and out into the 350 degree oven that we call Oklahoma City.  With remnants of Friday evening's wild activities still clanging and banging inside my head, it was quite a struggle.  I was able to last about an hour before I ran back home to the safety of air conditioning.  But in that hour, I was able to run up to PAPER CROWN for a papercraft fix.  And I mean 'fix' in all it's druggy ways.  Paper Crown is one of my favorite pushers in town.

I straggled into Paper Crown, hoping that BasicGrey's outstanding new line, CLIPPINGS, would be in stock.  It wasn't- but the owner said it should be there by Tuesday.  (!)  I bought a few papers, obsessed over a couple of stamp sets- but put them down.  Don't know if I've told you, but I'm trying to lay off the stamps for the time being.  I just have way too many and barely use the ones I have- so, I'm trying to 'rediscover' the stamps I already own before I go on another stamp binge.  So I decided to allow my washi tape collection to grow again.  Yeah, I'll probably have to lay off tape soon- maybe that's when I'll go back on the stamps.   Anyways- here's my big purchase from yesterday's trip to Paper Crown:

photo from Cavillini & Co.
Have any of you heard of CAVALLINI & CO.?  I never had- until I began shopping at Paper Crown.  Aside from their kickass paper tapes, they also have some wowful rubber stamps and some too cool to use papers. doesn't carry anything, but Two Peas does-  so if you're not in OKC, you can order them.  But if you're in OKC, run up to Paper Crown and tell them Kory sent you and you're there for the Cavallini.

Alright- back to the tape.  I think they made this just for me.  I love anything vintage office supply inspired.  It goes back to my childhood love of 'playing office.'  I didn't like to play ball or dolls- I liked to play office.  My Dad built a desk for me, and I setup my typewriter (remember those?!) and some IN & OUT boxes and I was in bidness.

So, Cavallini's Vintage Office paper tape set.  Comes in a great metal tin, too.  So when you've used up all the tape, you can reuse the metal tin.  That's if you'll use the tape.  Right now, all I can do is stare at it and stroke it and promise it that I'll never hurt it...

Now: Before we continue to my next obsession, run over to the bar and freshen your cocktail.  Take a couple of deep breaths, then continue reading.  It's amazing.  If you've already seen it because you, I don't know- READ BLOGS, never-mind.  Freshen your drink anyways.

Do any of you keep up with The Gentleman Crafter?  You should.  It's very much like my blog- but run by a much classier guy, well written, with good photographs of amazing projects.  Like the Graphic 45 LIGHTHOUSE.  If I would've been working the same amount of time that I've spent staring at this project, I would've accomplished something.  But I've just been staring.  You will, too.  Cuz just when you think it can't be any more heart-stopping amazement:  IT OPENS UP.  Just go- look- NOW!

Alright, my last obsession of the week- or since the last time I posted about my obsessions- is this journal in a handmade felt pocket, from my wonderful friend Frank, over at HAUS OF W.  Frank, or Franklin, as I've inexplicably decided I must call him, is so talented that my eyes burn with jealousy and at the same time, intense admiration.  And on top of being so damn talented- HE'S NICE!  For realz, Franklin is the best.  One day, we'll be neighbors and he'll teach me how to make flowers.  Or get a restraining order.

Anyways- check out his journal in a pocket.  I love felt.  And I love that he COLORED his own felt.  When I first looked at it, I thought that's just the fabric he found.  No, he COLORED the piece of white felt!  And embossed on it!  So cool.  Go look at it- HERE.

Before I go-  will someone explain to me WHY everyone is making the game pieces?  You know, the bingo game lookin' pieces, round wood with the number on them?  Just when I thought I'd thought it would be the end of them- I see Crate Paper's Wood Bingo Chips.  And they all look EXACTLY the same.  How many more companies are going to pack up some bingo pieces and sell them?  And how can they sell them without some text on the packaging saying, "We know, this isn't original- hell, you surely bought Mr. Holtz's first, and maybe added to your bingo chip collection with Maya Road's pieces- but just in case you didn't have enough- here ya go!"

Anybody else obsessed with anything this week?  I'd love to hear what it is!



Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Of July! And: A New Layout (for real!)

Happy 4th of July!

When I was a little kid, a damn adorable little kid, I couldn't sleep before the 4th-  I was that excited to play with sparklers and firecracker 'chickens' and SNAKES.

I wish I could still be excited to light a smoke bomb and jump over the nasty smelling blue smoke.

Instead of possibly blowing off a finger, I decided to stop buying product and USE some of it...
That's right!  FOR REAL!  I sat down at my table and made a new page!

Last week, I was sending pics to Walgreen's for my boss- and threw in a few of my own.  She picked them up and brought them to me the next day.  I've been sitting, looking at them since-  you know how it is, you lay in bed reading blogs and listening to the TV and every so often- glancing at the pile of pictures you intend to work on- and then the moment passes and you find something else lazy and worthless to do...

Well, this morning, I woke up bright and early at 11am, full of the 4th of July spirit and sat down at my table.

First, I sat down on the floor and picked through a mountain of paper.  Most of which I had no memory buying.  I'd like to say that I flipped through paper at a bionic speed- but it actually took nearly an hour and thirty minutes to come up with that little stack of eye-catchers up there...

I should've timed myself-  It feels like this was a four hour process.  I sprayed, cut, stamped, moved and moved and moved things around.  The My Mind's Eye paper with the hexagons made many trial appearances in the work in progress but was eventually left behind.

I used the new 'Washers' border die from Mr. Holtz to cut a 'mask.'  Like I saw someone do somewhere- I'm thinking it was on the Sizzix blog- I'm pretty sure of it...  I love this die.  I recommend it- go buy it.

Here's my new page:

There's a little bit of everything on there-  the base is a piece of plain manila cardstock from Jo-Ann, misted with some Calico White Mister Huey and Frequent Flyer Sprinkler from October Afternoon.  Next layer is some ledger paper from 7gypsies.  The 'Numbers' paper was a 5 for a dollar Michael's brand special.  The light blue with dots and the bone sticker are from Echo Park's Mini Theme 'WOOF' kit.  More 'Numbers,' then a strip of light pink cardstock (I think it's from the Tim Holtz paper- but can't remember).  There's some washi tape, can't remember where it came from, some letters from Authentique- and of course, the photo is of my dearest child, Nelson.  May he rest in peace.

I seem to like to use my handwriting somewhere on every page-  I don't do much journalling, but I like to write something-

I like the way this stamp (from Michaels, the Hampton Art 3.99 big-ass wood mounted bargain stamps) turned out, stamped over the misting in Antique Linen Distress Ink.

Okay, that's it-  I bought a fresh bottle of mixer- uh, I mean, cranberry juice.  It's healthy, dammit.  Good for your... kidneys or something?  Well, adding a splash of it to a glass of vodka is a great way to enjoy the summer afternoon.  From the comforts of the air conditioned den.  And the vodka is healthy, too- it's like...mouthwash.  It's antibacterial or something.

Have a great 4th of July, everyone!