Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Pennant: First Draft: Take Two!

If you missed Sunday, you missed reading all about how a ghost attacked me, breaking my glass and spilling wine all over my first attempt at designing my SPRING PENNANT for the SPRING PENNANT SWAP!

I spent hours trying to come up with a design, trying different things, working out that all important first draft and then: ruined.  But I did come up with the main idea that I liked- putting the tiny pennant banner at the top of the single pennant.

Today, I worked up a new first draft, trying a few new things.  

Aaaaand, I think I'm halfway there:

It's very, um, refined, for me- so far, don't ya think?!  I'm trying to think nice thoughts, trying my best to concentrate on the mantra: WHAT WOULD FRANK DO?!  WWFD, all the way.  Clearly, that didn't work- cuz it's nowhere as refined and damn beautiful as the work of his highness!  I love you, Frank!  Now, I beg of you, HELP ME!

Here's the middle.  It needs so much work.  Maybe another piece of the ivory cardstock in front of the blue piece?  A lighter color of 'foliage'?  (Thems are pieces from Mr. Holtz's FESTIVE GREENERY die.)  And it needs a new 'edge.'  Hmmm.  Maybe the second draft will look EVEN BETTAH!

Feel free to point me into the right direction!  



  1. I think it's looking good..I struggle with everything I do..lol
    Check out my blog..there is something for you there. hugs, hl

  2. I like it alot. Feels like it maybe needs something but maybe its somethign simple like inking the edges of the cream pendant and the blue center piece to make them pop a bit. Just my two cents. I love banners and have alot in my gallery you could gander at.

    1. Thanks so much, Donk, that's some nice cents. I'ma do it!


    2. awesome. show up follow up pics. hee hee wanna see what you end up with for sue. but sometimes ink.. ooo can be orgasmic.. lol in giving it the finish POW.. hee hee

  3. I join you in the WWFD club. I've been saying the same thing recently lol. And then I also ask myself, how would Kory write about it. Honestly, since discovering it, this is my favourite blog to visit.

    Your pennant is fabulous. I'm a sucker for that blue/red combo. I don't know why it is they work so well but they just pop against each other. And the lacy border strips give it a dab of elegance, especially in white.