Thursday, March 1, 2012

Inspiration Time!

I really can't get enough of strips. 

No, not strip clubs.  But speaking of that, I need a vacation to New Orleans.

I'm talking about STRIPS...of papers, of borders, of grunge-y ribbon fun-ness.  I love it...

And speaking of grunge-y ribbon fun-ness, stay tuned for my first EVER video extravaganza, where I'll teach a fun thing I like to make!

Here's a striparific sketch! 




  1. Agreed: fun sketch. I love the overlapping banners!

  2. hey kory, thanks for coming by my blog and commenting today! you are welcome to come visit cleveland and craft anytime! ;) so, i came to you blog earlier to look for that other sketch that you posted (that i hadn't tried yet) and saw you posted this one. so, i went ahead and used this one and made a lo tonight! you are pretty good at this sketch makin thing! i just posted it so if you get a second you can see your hard work in action. lol thanks for sharing! ~hl

    1. ps after i made the lo and looked at your sketch again, i realized that that one strip on the left of the photo could also be interpreted as one large strip, but i used 2 different ones..i guess it just depends on how you look at it. ;)

    2. I see what you mean!

      How you look at it is the best thing about sketches!

      thank you again :)


  3. Another excellent sketch Kory. I've saved it to my computer for later. i'm, ahem, a bit tardier than your more loyal followers haha. I'm impressed with Heather's alacrity. You'll see my effort sometime in 2013 lol. Px

    1. maybe i'll learn what the word "alacrity" means by 2013..hee hee have a good weekend Paul! :)