Thursday, March 29, 2012

PayDay Friday Eve!

At the new JOANN's Grand Opening SALE-abration!

That's right, people!  Tomorrow is that sacred holiday, PAYDAY FRIDAY!  It's not a time to quietly observe with friends and family.  It's a time to take a day off work and leave all slow people behind, as you wildly tear ass through your favorite stores, buying whatever you want before going home to collapse in a total post-binge bliss.  You know- that moment right before you crash and cry and say WHYYYYYYYY?!
Just kidding.  It's not that severe.  Nobody call that mean old biddy from on me!  I'm not spending myself to the poor-house.  I'm just having a little fun!
I also do NOT take off of work every PAYDAY.  But something felt special about tomorrow.  So a day off it'll be!
What am I on the look out for?!
Well, I heard that PAPER ARTS, here in Oklahoma, has the 'Technologic' collection from Kaisercraft in stock! 
Then, there's the new WASHI TAPE at Target and Wal-Mart- wait, WHAT?  Yeahp!  Washi is so out there, right now, that it's being found at Target and Wal-Mart.  I heard from some of the classy ladies over at SCRAPBOOK.COM about it-  and wow, some of it looks good!  Target has some, in the office supply aisle.  Not sure what the brand is, and I don't have a photo of it- I'll let you know what I find out, tomorrow.
But this Elmer's brand washi tape has been spotted at Wal-Mart.  Again, Wal-Mart, of all places.

Interesting, huh?
I definitely want the darker colors in the first picture. 
Enjoy FRIDAY EVE, everybody!


  1. Ooooh you're tempting me to take the day off tomorrow (who am I kidding, I'm self employed, I can take any day off - if I don't care about being paid etc) and go do some stash shopping myself. I need distress stains!!! OMG I just read that back. Makes me sound incontinent! I was going to amend it to 'Tim Holtz's Distress Stains' but that doesn't sound any better. Why on earth did he call them that. I realise if I now mention to my non-crafting friends I have distress stains, they'll back away slowly. Anyhoo, sorry for that, my mind is meandering again. Enjoy your day off. Pxx

  2. So glad that I did not read this post before I left. I would have had to stop at walmart, and been in a lot of trouble ahahha!

  3. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, I love the Elmer's tape! Unfortunately tomorrow is month-end at work which means the only way I can have the day off is if I call in dead. But there are 2 WalMarts on my way home, think they both deserve a peek into.
    Enjoy your day off!