Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My WorkSpace!

Because I'm a terrible procrastinator, I've waited until pretty much the last minute to enter in the exciting contest over at The Craft Donkey.  Do I mean to put things off until the last minute?  Of course not!

It's a fun thing to do- to take a picture of your space and link it up for all the interested to take a look.  And I'm one of the people who love to see where other people create.  I love it.

First, tho, before I got around to taking pics of my space,  I played around with the doily stamps from October Afternoon's Farmhouse stamp set.  I stamped them onto a piece of kraft cardstock and cut them out- and don't they look terrific?!

They're so cool!  I can't wait to use these!

After cutting out maybe fifteen of these beauties, and after admiring them for a bit- I started the search for my camera.  Why can't I keep it safe in one place?

Found the camera and shot some terrible pics!

First up: My table.  Look at that mess.  Stuff everywhere.  I can't decide if I work better with a mess all around me or if I start with a clean surface and everything in its place.

This is where I keep my paper trimmers, Martha's ScoreBoard, my BigKickAss, and usually a stack of dies that I've forgot to put up on my shelf.  To the right, a big plastic bucket of scraps, paint chips, and other random things...

This is my ghetto photography studio.  Obviously, there's my tripod.  A blank canvas works as my white backdrop.  On top of my YUDU, I've stood an assortment of objects for height, and covered them with a white shirt.  Classy, huh?

Here's a few buckets filled with stickers, chipboard letters, Bind-It-All book covers, rub-ons...

Close up of a shelf- in these gray bins, I keep lots of grommets, Tim Holtz Ideaology, envelopes, my big metal paper hole-puncher...

Here, I've stood back, so you can take in the mess in its entirety.  I love my stuff!

The stuff spills out onto the back of this sofa, here, too.  It makes a great platform to line up papers and stuff I'm meaning to use 'next,' or thinking of using 'next.'

I love the cliche white craft storage units.  I admit it.  I admit it proudly.  The bottom two shelves are cheap 20.00 shelf units from Target.  The top wall shelf thingy is from Michaels.  Thank you, coupon.  I got it when they had 40% of storage plus 30% of sale price.  I love arranging my Distress Stains, Alcohol Inks, paper tapes/tissue tapes, ribbons and anything else, into the little spaces.  Love it.

Here's the Tower of Power!  Sewing Machine, Cricut, bucket of stamp pads, binders full of stamps, Cricut cartridges, piles of paper....and on top, yes, those are mini-bottles of liquor.  Yes, I do drink them- they are not for display.  Everything here is for use, not looks.

Close up of my top shelf unit- see the framed sign above it? Cracks me up!  "All Madam's Must Keep Their Girls Off The Street After Dark"!  At the bottom is a mini-album I've been working on for forever.  It is slowly but surely coming together.  I can't wait to share it with all of you!

Distress Inks, Mister Hueys! And more STUFF!

There ya go!  A tour of my space!  Wish me luck, I wanna win a prize!

And yes! Everyone click the link at the top of my post to go to visit my wonderful friend The Craft Donkey, and enter pics of your space!  A chance to win an incredible prize- who wouldn't be up for that?!  But not too much time left!  Run!



  1. hahaha looove it. It's oddly just what I imagined when I thought of your space! it's much luike your personality... all over the place.. which I adore!

    1. Why thanks, Donk!

      I had lots of fun taking pictures and then describing my stuff. Thanks for giving me the inspiration/drive/all that!

      Hey! I been meaning to ask you- hope you read this- what kind of cam do you use to make your videos? They look really good.


    2. It's just a logitec webcam. I got it from bestbuy or maybe the dreaded walmart.. it was like the 50-60 dollar one. I had a cheaper one before that and it wasn't as good. i do want a better one though.. lol.. cause once you get better you just keep wanting better. I don't have a tripod.. lmao i'll show you how I record in a pic I post tomorrow, it's my white trash, back of the trailer way of doing it.. haha which i think you'll appreciate!

    3. I've been meanign to also ask you.. are you on facebook? i get not wanting to put it on your blog so you can email me.. at ..... gasp.... my private email,

  2. Looks like one could lock themselves up in there for hours and have a grand ole time! ;) Lots of cool stuff! I just got my own craft room this week. I posted some pictures on my blog last night. Have a good one! hl

  3. And yes! Everyone click the link at the top of my post to go to visit my wonderful friend The Craft Donkey, and enter pics of your space! A chance to win an incredible prize- who wouldn't be up for that?! But not too much time left! Run!


    1. yes yes.. open till tomorrow morning, when I shut it down.. hee hee so it depends on how fast i move at work

  4. I like your studio, it looks very professional.

  5. Awesome crafting space Kory, thanks for sharing!!