Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Show Bidness!

If you're keeping up with me, here, you'll know that I'm a stage manager.  For live shows.  You know- theatre.  Mostly for plays.  Musicals are much more work.  I stage managed a long run of the rock musical, HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH and it so many cues that I nearly lost my mind.  Well, what's left of my mind.  Non-musicals are so much easier to work on!  

As I move from show to show, I like to keep things that remind me of them- photos, cards from actors, ticket stubs, playbills, maybe even a prop or two that I manage to run off with...anything!  I've been working at building a nice album, full of my 'Show Bidness Memories.' 

The play I'm working on right now, opened last Friday night.  I loved the advertising postcards/flyers for the show.  The day I got them, I sat down at my worktable and got to work.  One more page for my album! 

The bright colors of the flyers really seemed to set me free from the stark and/or monochromatic style that I'm usually attracted to- 

I sat down in my pile of papers and found this bright pink paper from CRATE.  I love CRATE, lately.  The backside of this pink paper was a dark brown with a cool minimal design on it- I guess that is why I bought it, but I love that I've ended up using the unexpected (to me) side!

I also have a love for the shape of a postage stamp.  I cut the large photo mat, with my Black Friday Cricut Expression 2 and my latest cartridge, 'Elegant Edges.'  What a great cartridge.  I also used my Cricut to cut the rolodex card shape behind the photo on the left.  I found this great shape on the 'Graphically Speaking' cartridge.  Another great cartridge to have!  I love these kinds of shapes.  Anything that reminds me of office supply gives me a thrill.  Why?  I don't know.  I'll explore that with a therapist.

The part of this page that I had the most fun with?  The borders.  I lined them up all in a row.  They're from a pack of borders from K & CO.  EVERY border in this set is terrific.  The set is called CUT N PASTE.  Check them out: 

Photo from K&CO: http://www.eksuccessbrands.com/kandcompany
See the one that looks like a big film strip?  You gotta see it in person.  I've got to go back to MICHAELS and pick up another package of these...or another two package of these...

I love this 'New Vintage' look that has really taken off.  Will it replace my love for the beautiful grunge from Mr. Holtz?  No.  But, clean, modern retro is really winning over my heart.

There ya go, a page from my 'Shows' album!  If you wanna come to OKC and catch a show, let me know.  I'll take you to the Hobby Lobby outlet in the morning.  ;-)




  1. Great layout. OKC isn't far from me really, if I'm ever in town I'll give u a holler. I've honestly never had a reason to explore there. lol

    1. Why thanks, Donk.

      Where are you at, if OKC isn't too far?


  2. Wonderful LO. The bold colours are fantastic & perfectly co-ordinate with the flyers/memorabilia. Love the clean, flowing lines too. You definitely have an expert eye for design. No wonder you're attracted to the creative industry. I'm guessing it's never boring being a stage hand. Px

  3. I love everything about this layout! :) Great job!

  4. Wonderful, creative layout. The colors just sing to me. I secretly wish for my Expressions to die so I can get the E2 ( well now it's not a secret..ha). Thanks for sharing your great work.

    1. Thank you!

      I love the E2, it is fun...still getting used to the touchscreen, tho-