Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Joys of the USPS

I love to get mail.

Love is putting it lightly, even.

I freakin' LOVE getting mail.

When I was a kid, I bought a little book at the school book fair, called "Free Things For Kids Through The Mail."

I sent away for every single thing in that book.  Even for the free pamphlet, "Puberty And You, Girls!"

As usual, I digress.

And before you have to ask me, yes- I talk like I type- just like a rambling drunk lounge singer from the late 50's.


I love to get mail.  Imagine my surprise at such a mail-filled week!

The week started off with a package from one of my greatest friends from, the lovely Scrap Princess.  Her stuff is pictured on the left up there...  She sent a beautiful card and some great Halloween die-cuts, some very nice movie theatre themed cuts, and some cool black paper flowers.  I love the Halloween die cuts!  They're from the Slice Halloween cartridge.  Really made me regret not buying the Slice when it (and cartridges) were all on clearance at Michaels.  I still remember myself standing in front of the entire display.  I even had the box and a few cartridges in my hands.  But then, something masquerading as common sense took over and said- you have a Cricut, you have a Cricut Expression 2, and you barely use those- so why bother buying THIS?  You'll not only want the Slice but then you'll want every cartridge, just so they look good lined up so DON'T GET IT.  Dammit.  Kory loves you, Princess!

THEN- just when I'd barely got over the buzz of mail from the Princess, I get a message from The Ellen Bee.  Yes, the ELLEN from The Women's Waiting Room.  What they're waiting on, I don't really want to know- but she has a fun blog and I'd won a RAK just from leaving a comment!  And you know what it was that I won?  A great envelope full of fun!  It's all on the right in the above photo.  I love everything- especially the tombstone embellishment, and especially the octopus charm!  Actually, I really freakin' love every one of these charms, and I'm afraid she's started a new collecting obsession- but really: check out this octopus!!!

Isn't that terrific?!  I can't wait to find a place for him!

And then, the week ended with an envelope full of unmounted rubber stamps.  I got these for free, from Viva Las Vegas Stamps, just for adding their blinkie to my blog.  Now, I wouldn't have done this if I hadn't been to their site and LIKED their stamps.  They have an ADULTS ONLY section of stamps, dammit!  And the free baggie of stamps didn't disappoint.  My top favorites are the set of Scrabble tile alphabet stamps and one little treasure that says STAMP SLUT.  

So there you have it- a week full of fun mail!  Thank you, Princess, Ellen, and Viva Las Vegas Stamps!



  1. wow, kory, you lucky dog! ;) i didn't get a darn thing in the mail this week besides bills! boo! lol that octupus is cool!! he'd look good hangin' off of a masculine mini album. adult only stamps? really!? awesome! i'd like to make my own adult stamps..i've got some great ideas! hee hee i hope you enjoy your day! make sure to work in a lil' crafting time!
    <3, hl

  2. I hope you enjoy all your stuff! You better show us pictured of what you decide to do with the Halloween die cuts! I can also do so many more for you if you would like. I just didnt have to do that many more before I sent out your card! lol I love the new Nickname! hahah You even got Henri saying it! hahaha
    I am now also awaiting my Viva Las Vegastamps!

  3. I really enjoy your writing. Youre expressing some stuff that i can relate to. Collecting scrapbooking stuff takes a lot of my time. I wonder what your scrapbooking storeage looks like.

  4. I too wander what your space looks like. you should share this month on my blog Kory to win a free clip it up!