Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Infomercial! Or: A blogomercial?

There you are, with a racing heartbeat and endorphins flooding your bloodstream.

Your face is glistening with sweat.  That's right!  You just returned home from another trip to the Scrap store!

You sit down at your scrap table, trying to clear a 12X12 space, pushing as much as the clutter away and BAM! It hits you.  Hits you like a beer bottle in a bar fight.  You're SCRAPBLOCKED!

What do you do when you're blocked?! 

You can cruise the gallery at
You can read Frank's blog, Haus of W, and gaze at the amazing work he does...
You can search Google Image for sketches...




But KORY, what's that?!

It's a fun, handy way to experiment with ideas, developed while sitting at my desk while I should've been doing something a little bit more productive!

But KORY! How does it work?!

Thanks for asking, Judy!  It works easily!  (I love pretending to be in an infomercial.)

You get a stack of POST-ITs from the office supply cabinet.   The regular, well-known, classic POST-IT is 3 inches by 3inches.  A nice, perfect little square.  That's going to be your regular piece of 12X12 cardstock.  Or your fancy piece of scrapbook paper.  You decide, it's your imagination!

SO- since we've decided that a 3X3 POST-IT equals a 12X12 cardstock, that means a fourth of an inch equals one entire inch.  How'd I figure that out? No, I didn't just know the measurement.  I'm artistic, not mathtistic.  I used my handy "Say No To Drugs" ruler to count!

Why do I have a "Say No To Drugs" ruler?  Once a year, we hold a thing for school kids, called "Camp Red Ribbon."  I thought you’d ask.
A ton of excited, screaming kids come to the office.  Kids so young they don't even know what drugs are, but start telling them early is the idea, I guess.  We have games and a fire truck and a giant slide and bouncy-castle, and over their shouts of excitement, we shout "DON'T DO DRUGS, YOU WILL BE POOR AND DIE!"
And then we give them gifts.  The item I decided our department would order are these classy, multicolored rulers WITH alphabet stencil built in-  I picked these out because I wanted a ruler with alphabet stencil.  I'm smart that way.  Wow, long story just to explain why I have this ruler.  Where was I?

Oh yeah!  Our scale measurements! 
To review: 1/4 inch equals 1 inch.  Using this scale, you can then cut out little squares for different sized photos and embellishments.  A brightly colored Christmas pencil that you boss put in your Christmas stocking is helpful for marking the cutting lines on your paper.

I made a few generic squares, 4X6 and 3X3 'sizes,' and some random sized 'paper pieces,' such as a long strip, some border shapes, a couple of circles, and a bracket-y shape.  Just cut out any shapes you can think of- these are going to be our little 'placeholders' on our POST-IT layout.  Once you've made a nice little set of little shapes, you're ready to start arranging them on your full square POST-IT- remember the full square is your base piece of cardstock. 

Peel off a few POST-ITs and line them up in front of you and write TITLE in random places on each one.  Then, just start placing your 'picture' sized square pieces onto the big square.  Or lay down some long strips and place a 'photo square' on top of those- and SURPRISE- your layout will begin to take shape!  Fun, easy, and amazing- huh?

Now, that you've got your very own Kory K style POST-IT NOTE SCRAPBOOK LAYOUT PLAYSET, you're ready to let inspiration grab you by the weave and shake you around a bit!  Keep all your pieces together in an envelope, and next time you're standing in line for forty-five minutes at Michael's, behind a lady who SWEARS there was a sign over that item that SAID it was a dollar, so they better sell it at that price- no worries!
Pull out your 'Layout Playset' and dream up ways to put your stash to work!

As Brini Maxwell used to say, “Now why didn’t you think of that?!”

Have fun, and let me know if you try it out!



  1. LMAO! I have to confess I have my own version of this at my desk ... :) Mine is on grid paper though, in half size. I have cut out squares equal to the sizes of photos I like to print, and I move them around until I like how it looks. I also add a few details with colored pencils, 3-hole punch it, and it goes into my SKETCHES binder, that has homemade dividers by number of photos the layout will hold. Until now, I thought I was crazy, OCD, bored too often at work, but also just down clever ... now I know this madness isn't just contained within me!!!! YAY!!!! We've sooooo got to hang out sometime! LOL

    1. I would love to see your 'layout playset!'. It sounds much more advanced (and certainly sounds better lookin!) than mine!


  2. I do this at work too when I'm being "productive" :)

  3. Oh Kory you are too awesome, thank you so much for mentioning my blog you are too awesome! I have a ruler like that too I was given in elementary school, over here the program is called DARE I don't remember what it stands for lol but they would always give us little prizes for saying no to drugs! OMG what a fun idea and yes I get scrapblocked all the time and this is such a fun and cool idea! Thanks for sharing and the tutorial! I know what you mean about "the Michaels lady" lol she might be shopping at my Michaels too lol and when will they get price checkers!!!? Ugh! lol have a good one Kory!! Love your posts!

    Hugs! Frank

  4. Great Idea...I usually sketch little doodles onto everything, but I might swtich to some form of this! So Thanks! for the inspiration, Kory!
    ...I found you through

    1. Thank you so much!!!

      I'm headed over to your blog, now!


  5. Kory, you crack me up! I like this idea though and love the name! I just might have make one of my very own!

    1. Thank you! And if you do make one, I definitely want to see it!


  6. Very cool! You are so organized. I usually just get a pencil and start scratching out a mess that I try to interpret into a page later. LOL

    P.S. I'm your newest follower!

    1. Thank you so much for following me!!

      And I wish I were as organized as I may appear. You should see my workspaces!