Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Hi everyone! 

I am so sorry to tell you all that it's Monday.

When I woke up this morning, I was confused by how bright it was- DID I OVERSLEEP AGAIN?  I overslept TWICE last week.  TWICE.   Which was a tremendous shock to me.  I am so rarely EVER late getting anywhere.  Even work.  But last week, I overslept TWICE- not even waking up until two to five minutes AFTER I was supposed to be at work.  This morning, I woke up to a blinding light.  No, it wasn't later than I thought- it had snowed!  I fought a battle with my conscience.  Do I call in 'snowed in' to work?  No.  I drive a giant four-wheel drive truck and too proudly boasted about my ability to smash through giant snowbanks to get to a bar during the last blizzard.  Dangit!  

So: No staying home and making things and hooking up the microphone to the stereo and perfoming my lounge act in the living room.  I went to work.

The ScrapShopping Weekend.  OR:  Saturday Morning at Tuesday Morning.

If you saw my previous SALE ALERT posts, you know that I was looking forward to hitting up the local TUESDAY MORNING shops to see what Tim Holtz products they had- more specifically the 'Texture Hammer.'

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning and headed North to the nearest Tuesday Morning.  I should've checked their hours- they don't open until 10am.  It was 9:46am.  I sat in the parking lot until I saw a woman with a big bouffant bun stagger up to the front of the store and turn on the OPEN sign.  Surely that's the cue that the store is open, right?  Surely she wouldn't turn on the OPEN sign and not yet be open, right?  Wrong.  I walked up to find a locked door.  She gives me a frown and walks to the door, unlocked it- and let me in, but not before berating me about it not being 10:00, yet.   I was in a pretty good mood, so I didn't 'tell her about herself,' as my friend LaKenda would say...  Instead, I tried to be nice. 

"I'm sorry, I saw the OPEN light turn on and I thought it would be okay to try to come in..."

"No," the beast snarled.

Really?  What's wrong with YOU, lady?  It didn't get better from there, either!  They didn't have ANY of the Tim Holtz product advertised in the paper except for the RETRO GRUNGE paper pads.  I bought one,  just so I wouldn't have to leave empty-handed.  While paying, I thought I'd try to ask the Beast With A Bun if they even got the hammer or anything else in the paper-

"If it's not out there, we either didn't or it sold out!"

I seriously considered, again, 'telling her about herself.'  But I thought, 'out with anger in with love and go to another Tuesday Morning.' 

*For anyone interested in which Tuesday Morning this evil thing works at- it is this location:
9446 North May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73120-2712
Avoid it at all costs.

I had much better luck at the next Tuesday Morning!  WhooooHOO!  I found my Texture Hammer!  For 4.99!  I also found some great American Crafts stamp sets (1.99ea), a nice, huge rotary paper trimmer (also American Crafts and for 14.99).

So, the weekend turned out to not be so bad!

Coming Soon:  More sketches !  I was hard at work, laying in bed last night.  No, perv, not that kind of 'work.'   I was hard at work on the iPad, coming up with more sketches and ideas...while watching The Walking Dead.  Glad that's back on TV!

More fun to come!



  1. When are you going to post some of your completed layouts? I'm excited to see your style.

    1. Well, I think I might do one later today! Thanks for telling me!


  2. yay, feel like I'm getting to know lots about you haha but have never seen anything you've done. Can't wait. Love being inspired by others.