Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh, HI!

Happy Friday Eve, beautiful people!

I almost sat on a cat.

For real.  Thought it was a pillow.

Anyways- I was sitting around, feeling sorry for myself and- oh, who am I kidding?  I was sitting around thinking, WHOOHAWL, tomorrow is Friday!  Not just any Friday, either.  Tomorrow is the annual Friends of the Library SALE!

Once a year, the 'Friends of the Library' have a gigantic book sale at the OKC Fairgrounds.  It's HUGE.  The best part?  Hardcover books are ONE DOLLAR and anything not hardcover is FIFTY CENTS.

The next best part?  If you pay ten bucks a year to be a member of the 'Friends,' you get tickets to the 'Member's Only Pre-sale' the night before the sale opens 'to the public.'  Now, being a member of the Friends of the Library isn't as exclusive as I might've made it sound.  Anybody with ten bucks is good.  And there are LOTS of anybody's with ten bucks.  TONS of people show up for the pre-sale.  The line starts to form very early- just to walk in at 5, when the doors open.  Holly and I show up around 1pm.  And sit on cold concrete for four hours.  Just in the chances that being the first hundred people through the door is the only thing keeping us from finding a real treasure.

Waiting in the line is fun, tho- we see the same people every year.  We catch up.  Holly and the lady who is always there with her Aunt practice their 'pushing people out of the way of a good book moves.'  We make fun of the woman who talks on the microphone the entire three days of the sale.  We make fun of the 'unexperienced book shoppers' that walk in with dreams and a list of brand new bestsellers they'll find...  and then we make fun of each other.  It's all in good fun, we're not cruel.  Not that cruel.  And then the minute the doors open, we all run inside and forget we ever saw each other- until the next year, that is...

What kind of books do I find?  All kinds of things.  Books I never knew I wanted or needed or ones I've known I've wanted to have for a long time- and each one is a surprise!  I look for (and usually find) lots of scripts, published plays, theatre history books, crazy fiction, literature-  very cool stuff.  I do all this while Holly clears out the Home Decorating section.  I usually end up with fifty to sixty books.  Last year, I picked up a few old dictionaries and an atlas, for cool papers to use in crafts.  This year, I think I'll need lots more.  My old dictionaries are lookin' kinda ragged.  Well, the ones that didn't walk away with other people who needed cool old dictionaries.  I might pick up a few extras, for use in me 'n Holly's online shop.  No, it's not live, yet- so don't get too excited.

Wait a minute, where was I?  Oh yeah-  so, I was watching TV and thought, I can't sit still too long.  Project Runway All-Stars isn't entertaining me.  I decided to get up and work on a mini-album that I started a month ago.  I'm blocked.  I decided to try out a new Tim Holtz die that I bought a week or so ago.  That didn't get anything flowing, either.  I know!  I'll make a card!

I'm still slightly in love with that paper I used on the 'wedding' layout that I did a couple of days ago.  The opposite site is a bright yellow color- and, of course, I was dying to spray some Mister Huey's up in hurr!

I'm a bit proud of this photo.  I attached my camera to the super-nice tripod I found for five bucks at a Goodwill last Friday.  Believe it or not, my hands are not as steady as you'd think they would be.

I used a piece of Kraft cardstock that I bought from Jo-Ann.  This is the best kraft cardstock that I've ever got my dirty hands on- seriously.  It's thick and has almost the texture of a grocery store paper bag- you remember those thick brown bags?  It's slightly rough and is just terrific.

The only other things I used on this (surprise) simple card are:

Crate Paper: Brook Collection- 'Ripple'
My tiny attacher
The 'centers' that the Tim Holtz mini rosette die cuts out
and- Dark Calico and White MISTER HUEYS, for the win, as the kids say.

Here's another view:

Well, I don't know about you beauties- but like the card doesn't say, tomorrow is a new day, too- and I need my rest for a big day of half a day of work and THE LIBRARY SALE.  Wish me lots of luck!



  1. Hi Kory~I like your the kraft background with the accent papers you used! I wish you luck at the book sale tomorrow/today!! I, too, love things like that! You can find the coolest stuff cheap at thrift stores, library sales, craigslist, etc I got a card done tonight also..mines a little more fluffy! lol Joann's has free shipping right now, in case you need anything! Sleep well! ~HL
    p.s. glad the cat is

    1. Hi! Thank you so much!

      off to lol


  2. Good Luck at the sale Kory, sound like it will be tons of fun!! Hope you find some nice treasures! Lovely card!!! Love the design, and love the misting!!! Awesomeness!!! Hope you are well!


    1. MISTAH FRANK! Hi!

      I am well, thank you! Can't wait to see what I'll come up with at the sale- especially want a really cool vintage dictionary and more maps!

      You are my misting Godfather!

  3. Great card. Love the clean design. The library sale sounds like great fun! I'm enjoying your blog. New follower! :)

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! And thanks for following me!


  4. Library sales are the best! We have 2-3 every year for each library in my area. I love when they have a $5/bag sale where you get a reusable bag to fill with as many books as you can for only $5!!

    Have fun book hunting :)