Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gray Monday

What a horrible Monday! It was dark and gray outside, a bit of a storm in the afternoon.  And my mood fit the weather.  I was ... DEPRESSED!  Yes, all capital letters.  The worst part of Monday?  It lasted for twenty four hours.  I hate Mondays- how original is that?!

With all that doom and depression surrounding me, I 'proceeded to push all sharp objects aside*' and use my lunch hour to drive up to Paper Crown.

This is such a great store.  If you're in OKC, go check it out.  If you're not in OKC, go check out their blog.  There's lots of great photos.  The store looks great- the way she places product is amazing.  Definitely a lesson for other shop owners!  I usually find lots of new and/or hard to find stuff, such as Crate, October Afternoon, Graphic45, 7Gypsies...and on and on- I even see cool stuff that I didn't even know about before-

Here's a picture of the store- I tried finding one that really shows the inside of the store, but this is the best I could come up with-  I should've asked if I could take a photo! 

Photo from PAPER CROWN:

Check that out- even the lighting is good.

I picked up a few more pieces from one of the best collections out there- KRAFT FUNDAY from My Mind's Eye.  I happened to be at the store right around the time the stuff first went out.  I bought two stamp sets, a pack of borders and some papers.  The more I look at the papers, the more I feel like I have to buy more and more.


Aren't those nice?!  My only complaint is that the text on the 'oh happy day' banner doesn't come out when you stamp it- and I've tried everything, from light pressure to quick and light pressure to different ink, to blowing on the ink before I stamp- I've even tried it on the full moon and stone cold sober.  Is it me or just the stamp?  If anybody else has it, and it works- let me know the secret!  (The stamp I'm talking about is n the first photo, under the two star stamps.)

Now, the papers!  I love Kraft.  It just looks nice.  It's sexy.  You can use it with nearly anything.  And My Mind's Eye has made Kraft even sexier with these great colors and patterns.  

I think my favorite is the paper in the bottom right corner- the one with the black chevron pattern.  Whoa. It's nice.   

While at the store- I also picked up a package of clear buttons from 7Gypsies.  I think I bought them for the cool metal container they came in, more than for the buttons.  And I finally picked up a box of those nifty bingo/game number pieces.  Love those.

If you're in OKC, go to Paper Crown.  It's at Penn and Britton Rd, and she told me there's going to be lots of new stuff coming in within the week- whoooo, I can't wait for the new Tim Holtz products to start coming in!!! 

If you're not in OKC- go check out Paper Crown's blog.  It's still worth looking at, even if you're not able to drive on over!  

Alright- Monday is gone.  The rest of the week best look better!



  1. kory, looks like you found some awesome goodies!wish i was closer to go check out that store. i guess a blog visit will have to do. i, too, love kraft paper! i don't know why, but i adore it. hope your tuesday has been better than your monday! have a great evening!~hl

  2. I love craft paper too, might have to look for some of My Minds Eye, it's a good quality paper. I purchased a stack of craft that is mainly Halloween but it has houndstooth and harlequin in it so I had to have it.

    Kory, you remember telling me about the Grungeboard Elements? Founds some on line on sale, and then today I found some at Big Lots for $2! Not kidding. I bought that too! One is dots and one is harlequin or diamond so I'm saying it's not too much.

  3. Lucky guy!!! I adore some of the ranges by MME too. And you're right, their kraft range is something to drool over. I'd have snapped up the same stamps. A great choice to fall into your shopping basket. You have some fantastic stores near you, lucky sod. Px