Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Friday, Get Your Weekend Scrap ON!

Good morning!

Actually, it isn't morning.  It's Thursday at 10:23pm CST.  I'm testing out the 'schedule' option to the right on Blogger, here.  Isn't technology amazing?  So amazing that I had to try it out.

I thought I'd start the weekend off with two sketches I made.  I've had a few people tell me that they like them.  I've even had people say they're going to USE them!  I totally didn't expect that- I mean, my sketches are simple to the extreme.  So simple that I'm sure there are exactly thirty-seven other identical sketches out there.  I make my sketches to inspire myself.  If I sketch it, it will be done.  That's kinda how I work.  I love to plan things out.  I love to make lists.  Seriously.  As a child, I even made details to-do lists to every occasion.  But I also used to demand to have my money in one dollar bills.  You're giving me birthday money, Grandma?  Please make it all in ONES, if you please.  And then I would mist them with water and iron them before hanging them from a string with clothespins.

How do I make these sketches?  I use an app on my iPad called Sketchbook.  I love this app.  It's handy.  I recommend.

That's my inspiration for the weekend.  Two layouts.  Will I do them?  Stay tuned to find out more, including news of LIBRARY SALE EXPLOITS!



  1. Awesome sketches Kory!!! Thanks for the tip for the iPad you rock! Yes make some layouts I want to see! Good Luck at the library!


  2. Nice sketches - I haven't tried that yet. Maybe I will try a layout using one of yours! ;)

  3. love those sketches! i am always seeing sketches that i like but i have never used i just start cutting and gluing like a mad woman, then wonder why i did that! lol i am working on rearranging/organizing my craft space tonight but when i get done, i will try one of your sketches out! i'll let ya know when i get it finished. and see..i told you my plan, so now i gotta do it! hold me to it! lol hope the sale rocked!! xo hl

  4. Love the sketches :) Have saved them to my computer for use at a future date. I have actually made a page from your previous sketch but I didn't like how it turned out, so it hasn't gone up on my blog. Nothing to do with the sketch. I just didn't like the muddy brown colour scheme I went with. Love reading your posts. They really make my day. You are one prolific blogger!!! I may not comment on all of them but rest assured, I read and love every one of them. Pxx