Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Templates from The Crafter's Workshop

Don't tell me I'm behind the game with all the mistin', schprayin' and schpritzin'- I know I am...

I bougth my first ever template/stencil/whatever a few weeks ago, at a local shop.  It's the 'clocks' template. And I love it.  I've been playing with that thing since the day I bought it- the only thing I don't like about it?  Trying to clean it up after I'm rubbed ink all over it.  It's bad enough trying to clean my hands off after a craft binge.  Do you know how sad it is to be at the liquor store buying a box of wine, with ink smeared hands?  They think I'm a hobo.  It doesn't help that I look like one, with my unshaved face and fingerless gloves that only serve to accentuate my ink smeared fingers.

But ever since buying that first template- all I can think of is how to use it and which to buy next!

I was just checking out those classy Crafter's Workshop people's website, and whoa- look at that! Brand new templates!  Be still, my box of Franzia!  I've decided to post my "GOTTA GET" list of new stencils from THE CRAFTER'S WORKSHOP!  My mind is spinning with ideas!

I do need to admit that I really do like all of them- but here are the real lookers:

'Fence Frame'
'Circle Explosion'

Check these hot little numbers out, as well as most of the other new ones:

both photos via THE CRAFTER'S WORKSHOP.
Now, what did I tell you?  Yeahp.  Yeahp, they're sexy.  Go get 'em!



  1. Tell me about it, I've already have about six of them in my wish list. I have to have the flames for my motorcycle book.

  2. Thank you very much now I have another thing that I have to go out and buy! hahaha Glad I get paid Saturday and have extra scrap money this week! You are really now good for my scrap budget! hahahah

  3. And just got the new ones in! Can't wait to get a few. If you're into sprays, Lindy's has a coupon good for today only, 20% off: 'birthday.'

  4. very very funny. fingerless gloves over ink stained hands buying boxed wine. lol, you are soo funny!