Thursday, February 9, 2012



Yes, the 'NEW' JOANN that I mentioned the other day or so, at NW EXPWY and ROCKWELL is having her GRAND OPENING shiny good time happy party this **NEXT** WEEKEND! It begins THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16 and continues until SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17!  **note: I excitedly/mistakenly read the dates as being THIS weekend- but it is NEXT weekend!  Which is even better- that's my payday weekend!

When I went in last Sunday, they gave me a sheet of coupons for 50% off one item for EACH day of the weekend.  Which, really- I gotta go ALL three days?  Okay, twist my arm.  50% off! 

ALSO- for anyone in the OKC area- the first 100 shoppers each day get a 10.00 gift card.  So, that means- with my 50% off coupon AND if I'm one of the first 100, I can get a 20.00 item for FREE.  This is IF they don't put ALL scrapbooking items 10%, causing your 50% off coupon to be useless, tho-

Let me know if you're in the area and want to meet it up at JOANN's on Saturday morning.  You can bring coffee and I'll bring .. I don't know.  I'll think of somethin'.   ;-)


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