Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Sketch A Day Keeps The Stash At Bay...

Sometimes, I stare off into space.  Not outer-space.  Not inner.  Just...space. You know.  Air. 

No, I'm not on any strange medications I may or may not have talked someone into smuggling back into the country from Mexico.  I'm just tired.

But, Kory, why are you tired? You're young and don't you sleep?

I'm actually 76 years old.  And no, I don't sleep.  Because I'm stage managing a new play that opens this week.  This Friday night.  The set isn't built and the lights seem to have developed a mind of their own.  They're doing all kinds of tricks, like- changing color and swinging to the right, before spinning straight up to light the ceiling.  So the director sends a guy up to the booth- he checks everything out, and tells me, 'Yeahhhh...they do that- there's something wrong with a data cord and it won't be fixed for like thirty days.'  So no, I don't sleep.  I'm battling possessed electronic lighting equipment.

What am I getting to?  Oh, I remember-  I decided to wisely spend some time designing some sketches!  I put some thought into the scrapbook supply store I call my home.  For realz, guys, I could hang a neon 'OPEN' sign and go into bidness with all this stuff.  How do I remedy this overstock situation?  I COME UP WITH IDEAS TO USE IT!  That's what!

If I don't go into battle with a plan, I will sit there- like a drunk hooker with smeared lipstick and no chance of employment.  (Sorry, I don't know where I come up with these analogies.  Just go with it.)

So here's the plan:  SOME SKETCHES!

So, that's it!  My inspiration for the day.  Will I get to put this inspiration to any scraptacular use, this evening?  No.  Because I will continue my reenactment of THE EXORCIST, with myself as the Priest, and the lighting system of the theatre as the little vomiting girl.

Wish me luck!



  1. You are hillarious! I love the sketches...and May God be with you on the exorcism! lol

  2. LOVE!!!! :) I'm going to use these for inspiration and stretch to a 2-page ... I'm soooo into the honeycomb patterns lately! Awesome!

    And GOOD LUCK with the opening tomorrow night!! :)

  3. I love your sense of humor and writing style. You're creating some nice sketches. thanks.