Thursday, February 2, 2012

Paint Chip Party!

WHO doesn't love paint chips?  I understand you might not love them as much as I do- but I'm sure there's a part of your little black heart that loves them even a tiny ounce.  They're COLORFUL.  They're FREE.  What's not to love?  Yes, there have been a few paint-chip-craft related bickering about the ethical concerns with using these 'free' paint chips.  I do not feel it is stealing.  Why?  Because I've asked the people at Home Depot.  That's all you have to do for paint chip crafting with a conscience.  The Home Depot conversation went something like this:

Kory:  Hey, is it okay if I take a few of each color of these ones?
Home Depot Guy:  Yeah, sure.  Take all you want.  I might have a box of some that we picked up on the floor that you could have, if you want.
Kory: Why thank you, you're too kind.  You're going to go far in life!

Yeah, so that isn't verbatim.  But you get the idea of how it went down.

So, again- what's not to love?

Oh, I can think of ONE thing!  The tiny printing that labels the paint chip with it's descriptive information.  But you can get rid of that!  Yes!  An answer to prays!  So what is this little miracle worker? Yeah, it's an eraser.  A 'plastic eraser.'  A WHITE, plastic eraser.  It can be found nearly 'anywhere fine art products are sold.'  (Doesn't that sound like a commercial?  Love it!)  And it's cheap. 

I cannot claim to be the sole originator of this technique.  But there doesn't seem to be much about it, out there- and in a way, I came up with it one my own.  How?  Well, I was sitting at my craft table, thinking.  As I was thinking, I was rubbing my pencil with my thumb.  No, sickos.  'Pencil,' as used in this sentence, is alluding to nothing but an old fashioned No.2 PENCIL.  I glanced down, and saw that I'd rubbed whatever advertising was written on the pencil.  I began thinking, as one does, and wondered if I could somehow 'rub' off the text on a paint chip.  I'm often heartbroken when I find a nice, big, perfectly colored paint chip which I hafta cut up to remove the paint name and product number. 

So, I try a couple of erasers that I had in my craft arsenal.  And it works.  Crazily elated, I dream up all kinds of ideas and feel on top of the world- then I think- I'm not THAT original.  Someone has surely come up with this idea BEFORE.  SURELY, there's plenty of PAINT CHIP PIONEERS who've come up with a way to do this- so I google.  Yeah, it's happened- but not as much coverage as I'd thought.  So here ya go- and check back soon- I'll be sharing some exciting Paint Chip Valentine Crafts!


  1. Thank You for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment, I appreciate it greatly! Oh this is such an awesome technique thank you for sharing! Cannot wait to see your work Kory!

    Hugs! Frank

  2. Very nifty! Have to say I've used chips for years and always cut around them or hid the company info. This is def. handy to know. BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog, your more than welcome to win the goodies there as well! As up tot his point the only men on there were just friends who didn't craft but liked to see what I came up with. Lookinf forward to following you and seeing what you come up with from a diff. perspective.

  3. I will have to keep this in mind -TFS :)