Monday, February 6, 2012

PayDay FriDay!

Oh, hi!

One of my favorite holidays is, definitely, PAY-DAY FRIDAY.   Sometimes abbreviated as PDPF- which isn't really shorter to say, but is a heap of fun to say!  Sometimes I format the spelling differ-oh, anyways-  So-


Oh come on, you know what it!  It's that special, magical holiday that occurs whenever you get paid!  Whether it's a biweekly holiday, like mine- or a monthly holiday for a government employee, or just whenever the money gets thrown on the dresser as your, um, 'employer' finishes getting dressed to head home to his wife-  THAT, my friends, is PAYDAY FRIDAY!

How do I celebrate this glorious day?  With shopping binges at my favorite crafting meccas:  Hobby Lobby!  Hobby Lobby Outlet! Micheals!  Home Depot!  Byron's Liquor Warehouse!

I went a bit overboard, this weekend.  I began at the Hobby Lobby outlet, which is actually called BASKET MARKET- but I still just call it the HL OUTLET, cuz, that's what it is...  More on this trip, later but soon, because that's my upcoming SURRRRPRIZE! 

One of the highlights of my weekend was visiting the newly opened JOANN, at Northwest Expressway and Rockwell, here in beautiful OKC.  Our former Joann was 'down the street.'  It was one of those 'antique' Joanns- with barely room for a sad fabric collection and a few sadder pads of DCWV paper packs...  The 'NEW' Joann, I'm excited to note, is large and in charge! 

When I spotted all the fully stocked shelves, I think I gasped a little-  but when I saw all of Mr. Holtz's dies and texture fade embossing packs- WOW!  My eyes lit up like a methhead finding a crate of Sudafed! 

And, as usual, my insane rationalizing crafter's mind took over.  Some people will say, "Well, since I'm buying this die, I will wait until next PAYDAY FRIDAY to buy this nice embossing folder..."

My mind says, "If you're going to spend 20.00, you might as well spend 40.00!"  Yeahp, my little internal BAD IDEA BEARS were running on overdrive!   See the photo of that shopping haul?    Please don't surprise me with a televised intervention.



  1. Okay I will say this, that haul of loot up there, makes my shopping habits look very very bad. I think i shall forget I read you say that was a large haul or that means I may have a problem.

  2. Well, that wasn't all of the haul- that is just from the hit on Joann. But, I'm guessing from your comment that you need a dumptruck to get your hauls home, so yeah- forget what you read and embrace 'the problem!' lol.


  3. Oh well that makes me feel better then. Knowing that wasn't the whole haul, maybe I dont have a problem. haha

  4. You're a terrible influence, Kory! But I love that about you! :) I almost never get to "the North side" and didn't even realize the *old* J's had closed and there was a new one. Seems like I saw a sign that one had also opened in Norman, which is more likely where I will be looking for some fun stuff! :)

    I went to BM on Friday and walked out empty-handed. Either all the things I liked had been picked over, or I got them all last time I was in, I don't know. But when I saw your picture, I thought it was from BM and I initially pouted, thinking I had missed those punches. Good thing they're at J's! :)

    PS - it's so funny you mention Byron's, I made a stop there last Friday too, LMAO!!! :) Apparently we're peas in a pod. :)

  5. Oh Kory you are fun!!! Love shopping! I sure wish I had a Hobby Lobby Outlet next to me!

  6. Kory, you have been a bad BAD Kory !! Putting thoughts into our crafty brains about buying moar crafty stuff. God knows my entire family, and all my friends for that matter, just smile hazily at me when i explain that this stamp i just bought, is so very different from all my other stamps (i am guessing i have about 5.000). Anyways, maybe it is a good idea for me to get a second employer (the nightstand-kind maybe, i hear they pay well, haha) to cover the cost of my crafty addiction. Love to read more so get writing m'boy ! Huggles :D