Saturday, February 18, 2012

PayDay Friday: Part Two!

Yeah- that's right.  Part TWO.  The PayDay celebration so big that it had to be two posts!

This second part will be much, much shorter.  Promise.

After all the Jo-Ann Grand Opening excitement, I really just wanted to go home.  And crash.  But we had to check out Super Target.  It's next door.  I debated buying a box of silver binder clips.  Holly debated over a plant.  We changed our minds and decided, no, let's go to Goodwill.

And that took some convincing.  I don't like to go to Goodwill.  Well, I do- but I'm always so discouraged because I rarely find anything.  I was all, "NO! LET'S GO TO BASKET MARKET!!!!"

Holly is a Goodwill Guerilla.  She can find the coolest stuff at the thrift shops.  I'll often be at work, slaving away at my desk, and she's texting pics to me from thrift stores across Oklahoma.  The coolest things.  I'm still kicking myself for missing the text about the ventriloquist dummy that she found- I would kill to have that scary little thing sitting on a chair in my room!

So, Holly talked me into Goodwill.  And I actually found things!  A vintage Better Homes 'Entertaining' Guidebook.  So cool.  I love the photos in vintage entertaining books.  And the recipes.  Hilarious.  I have an old cookbook, that I think I stole from my Mom, just because it has a recipe for something it swears would be 'perfect after a night of energetic folk dancing!'

I also found a nice tripod, still in the box.  Surely, I'm going to need something to steady my camera, right?  And it was only 4.99.  I also picked up a couple of records.  You know, for my record player.  Have you seen my amazing record player?  I'll haft show it to you.

So, Holly found a giant old globe.  I was jealous she found it, but didn't try to wrestle it out of her arms because it was HUGE and I didn't have any place for it...

Holly drove me back to Jo-Ann, and dropped me off at my truck.  She said she was going home to take a nap.  But I know better.  She was hitting more thrift stores and didn't want my competition.  Or my whining for BASKET MARKET.

And BASKET MARKET is exactly where I headed!   I jumped in my big manly truck and headed to the least manly place in town.  The HOBBY LOBBY OUTLET!   I know I'm always going on how it's called BASKET MARKET but it like an undercover Hobby Lobby outlet.  Yes, the majority of the stuff is wholesale floral and wedding supplies.  But you go in, you turn to the right, and cross under this sign:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, through this passage is the promised land.

At first, I kinda felt out of luck.  It had only been about a week or week and a half since I've last checked out the Basket Market.  When I made my first descent into the scrapbooking aisle, I really felt out of luck as I saw the three hundred packages of Hobby Lobby brand brads that have sat there looking lonely and unloved.  I think those poor brads have been there for ten years.  They're dusty and sad.  Not even their 1.00 price tag can find them a new home.  BUT WAIT- what's all this?!  There are so many new packages of stamps that they're almost jumping off of the wall hooks!  WhooooHAW, restock!!!

I found lots of stamps.  Too many.  I had to restrain myself.  I grabbed so many on the first pass that I had to sit down on the cold concrete floor and decide what I really NEEDED.  Yeah- believe it or not, I don't just buy EVERYTHING I get my hands on- I DO try to really put some thought into it!

I realize that I'm not 19, anymore, when I try to spring up from the floor.  I realize that I'm not even 29, anymore, when I think- I might be trapped.  My injured knee isn't going to let me get up off the floor!  (I hurt my knee last week, at the theatre, trying to climb down a dangerous metal spiral staircase.)

As I'm thrashing about the floor- something catches my eye.  What is it?

Well, if you keep up with my goings on, you will remember that last week, I saw and fell in love with the Studio Calico Mister Huey Color Mists.  Yes- that's what was on the shelf.  A nice selection of MISTER HUEYS!!!  And the EVEN BETTER part?  They were TWO DOLLARS EACH.

You would've thought I saw priceless jewels.  Well, they kinda are!  None of the local stores carry them.  I was about to order them from but they were out of a couple of the colors I wanted, so I wanted to wait until they had all the colors I wanted IN STOCK so I could order them all at once.  But I LOVE being able to just buy something IN a store.  I hate paying and waiting for the mail.

I grabbed every color of MISTER HUEY that caught my eye.  And then some.   

They didn't have 'Clay,' and a few others I'd wanted- but I can order those later.  At least, now, some of the compulsion is quelled.  But they did have CALICO WHITE- which is the one that has been most recommended to me- so here, allow me to model it for you:

Now, here's where I learn an important lesson.  

Things might only be one or two dollars each.  That doesn't mean you can fill a basket with the things and  only spend ten dollars.  This is a lesson I have to relearn.  Every time I go to Basket Market.  These things do NOT add up in my mind.  I will fill a basket with two dollar items and be dazed and confused when the cashier says, "That'll be 54.19."  WHAT?!  I only bought 27 two dollar items!!!

No, I'm not complaining.  Look at these great stamps I found!  

There it is- the Part Two of the Pay Day Celebration haul- Basket Market style.  I even found a few colors of Distress Stain (also 2.00!) and the Goosebumps texture spray that I saw mentioned in the forum earlier in the week.  I said I would buy some and sure enough, I did!

See you all later- the Craft Donkey inspired me to make a card.  



  1. Drooling over your Mister Huey sprays!!!! $2 each???? I'd have just bought up the shelf load and pleaded with the cashier that the bill she presented me with is obviously wrong. Love the close up of the white bottle haha. It's craft porn lol. Looking forward to seeing your artistic creations from your haul. The cost aside, it sounds like you had a perfect day. And I'm just going to keep repeating a mantra that i'm not jealous until I finally convince myself :) Px

    1. Paul! You are so funny! And speaking of craftporn, wait til you see what I'm coming up with... It's gonna be a riot!

      But yes! 2/each! I couldn't believe it! Most of the stuff in this store are manufacturer's samples, sent to Hobby Lobby. So they have stuff the regular store doesn't even carry. And lots of random things. It's so much fun! Don't be jealous, I'll share! Come on over!


    2. Haha I'd love to - if only to steal your stash when you're not looking :) but you never know. With Skype & the internet & all this modern technology stuff etc, we may organise a cyber crop one day. Who knows. And I cannot wait to see what you're going to blog next. I shall make sure i'm sat in a dark room by myself lol. Px

    3. A CYBER CROP!!! that is an awesome idea I love it!!! Some one should totally do it, I am game!!!

  2. OH EM GEEE!!!!!! I'm getting dressed RIGHT NOW and heading over!!! OMG I hope they have some left!!!! :)

  3. I am so jealous!!! I want to be in that aisle with you!!!!

    1. You shoulda been! They had so much stuff this time!


  4. Kory, I'm GREEN with envy. :( They had maybe 5 left, and I got 3 of those. No white. :( :( I kept wondering if you'd stashed them somewhere ....
    I'm going to have to send you my number and you can text me when you find treasurers like this!!!

    1. Yeah...maybe 5 is about all I left- sorry. I almost bought bith bittles of 'Overdue,' tho, so ou can at east be thankful I left it... That is one you bought, right?

      And hahaha, no, I didn't stash any misters! I did stash something, tho.... I began to feel shopping guilt, so I hid something. LoL


  5. wowsers!! sounds like a SUPERFUN (say that really fast like super fly..its fun!) day!! cant wait to see what you create! thanks for the giggles!

  6. OMG you totally need to hook me up with some of those typer writer images, stamp n send man! hee hee about 25 will do haha. Frickin love typewriter stamps and that is one I dont have yet!

  7. Love that I inspired a card! Rock it out man! Can't wait to see it. Whats the little teal looking circular thing?

    1. The little teal thing is one of those Donna Salazar Mixed Media Ink inkpads... Their shape always intrigued me, everytime I'd see them online. So I grabbed one to try it out.


    2. Oh okay, that's what I thought it was! I have some and I love them. Have you used pan panstels? I frickin adore them use them as a dry color as well as as a wet color been loving playign with them and gelatos! been my latest obsession!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Holy crap, Kory! What an awesome haul! I am so jealous that I don't have one of those near me. Then again, I just got Hobby Lobby stores in my area less than two years ago!

  10. Wow, what a great haul!! Good thing you got a truck ;)

  11. Oh my gosh I am SO jealous of your awesome find! I'm totally in love with Mister Huey's right now. Go you!! ;)

  12. I'm jealous too! That is ridiculous! I've got to see if there is a basket market ANYWHERE within 3 hours of me! I've never heard of it?!

  13. LOVE Calico Mists!!! You lucky lucky boy! Awesome find!!!

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