Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Do you know what ScrapCrack is?  Sure you do.  It's that product that you stumble upon in a store that catches your eye.  It signals to you, just like the little crack dealer on the corner of 1st and Main. 

The Amy Tangerine Thickers keep calling out, "Hey Mister you out lookin' for something?  Need-a-rock-Need-a-rock-need-a-rock?"  

So you buy the Amy Tangerine Thickers, called 'Goodness.' 

And you run home with the Amy Tangerine Thickers.  You wrap your leopard print Snuggie around your shoulders and turn on your desk lamp and you have a good time with those Amy Tangerine Thickers. 

But suddenly, you're running low.  You're out of vowels.  You start to itch.  You run to and the 'Goodness' Thickers in white are 'DISCONTINUED!'  Next thing you know, you're wandering around in the Hobby Lobby parking lot, offering random Cricut cuts to strangers in return for some more Thickers! 

That's ScrapCrack.


  1. I have this too, I call it "the fever" can't get rid of it once you have it! I'm often in the store staring at something telling it that I love it as much as a back alley hooker loves crack, so I feel your pain! Lesson: always always buy more than one, if its good enough to give you the fever you might as well buy more than one!

  2. Been there my friend LOL. In the days before paper was sold in collections and pads, I would walk into a shop and buy one 12x12 sheet of every design I fancied. Then I decided to make a double LO, and ran out of a sheet of patterned paper. I returned to the shop to find they had no more. From then on, I bought patterned paper in pairs. But these days, I buy paper pads and collections so I'm sorted. As for thickers, I tend to paint, ink or add utee to them, so that I can use mismatching letters if necessary. Pxx

    1. Oh!! I never thought of adding UTEE to thickers!


  3. Did you see the new Thickers that are white and you color them whatever color you need?? I NEEEEED them!

  4. OMFG.....this made my sides hurt from laughing so hard! You seriously rock at blogging, I delight in reading your daily antics!