Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shopping Round-Up!

First of all, I *love* to say 'Round-Up.'  It is just fun to say!

Besides just being fun to say, it also reminds me of the time I was 18- living in a ghetto apartment with friend from high school and totally enjoying being young, stupid and having a hell of a good time.  Yeah, I was very poor and would sometimes have a can of corn for dinner-  don't be sad, that was very rare.  My roommate and I usually ate very well, by 'dating for dinner.'  What's 'dating for dinner?'  It's just like it sounds- kinda like prostitution, only instead of a crumpled up wet twenty dollar bill tossed at us after the 'date,' it was a plate of food.  And we didn't even have to put out.  We just put up the appearance of heading in that direction.

"Wait, Kory- what are you talking about?  Get back on track- the ROUND UP."

Oh, yeah.  So, the Round-Up was a cheap diner about a block away from our ghetto apartment.  If we had a few bucks, my roommate, Deana, would join me for a biscuit and a big cup of iced tea.  (Or, as we pronounce it here, 'Ice Tea.')  We would sit at the Round-Up for hours and watch all the senior citizens come in for late dinner/early breakfast after the square dance at the Masonic Lodge across the street.  I got the biggest kick out of the old ladies and their gigantic frilly dresses.

Okay, enough rambling- here's the ROUND-UP!

Let me begin by saying that this week- I HATE MICHAELS.  Why?  Because they have the Spellbinders for Buy One Get One Fitty Off, which translates to WORST DEAL OF THE FREAKING CENTURY.  Because now I can't use the rather generous 50% coupon (generous, but still stingy, as it's only valid Friday and Saturday 6-7JUL).  Wait, am I right?  I can't use the coupon on a Spellbinder cuz they're already on special?  Or if I only buy one, does that make it NOT on sale and I CAN use a coupon?  I'm asking you because if I asked a cashier at Michaels, I'd just get a blank stare and whatever answer they can best pull out their ass at that moment.

SO: MICHAELS: 50% off coupon, good on 6-7JULY- only.

Alright, now on to JO-ANN!

They've got the Vagabond, designed by our crafting lord and savior- Tim Holtz, for 169.99.  The bad news?  It's WEB ONLY.

Their 40% OFF Papercrafting SALE continues, too!  Which is like being able to use one regular coupon on everything you buy, instead of going to every store in town with Holly and handing her cash and a coupon to get something else.  CONVENIENCE!  Thanks, Jo-Ann!

J's also has a 50% Off coupon for this Friday/Saturday, too.  AND a 20% off total purchase, INCLUDING sales!  WhoooHOO!

And over at Da HobLobs-

Hobby Lobby has angered me.  Yeah, they've got the usual 40% off coupon, but they've marked Sizzix/Cuttlebug/Spellbinders at 30% off, killing the coupon.  Is the universe conspiring to keep me from getting a new set of Spellbinders at a great sale price?  I guess there's the sale at Jo-Ann, but still...
And you know what, Hobby Lobby?  By only putting the dies at 30%, and not having any other great sales this fabulous 4th of July week, you have effectively given our great country a big middle finger.  That's right.  You have insulted this great country by not having a better 4th of July sale.  How do you feel about yourself NOW?!

Enough of the chain store talk- let's talk about a local shop!

I went to Whole Lotta Scrap, yesterday, with Darla and Tanya- two of the most funnest people over at  And I took a picture, to slightly illustrate how much I love Whole Lotta Scrap!

There it is- that's why I love Whole Lotta Scrap.  The largest selection of Mr. Holtz's dies ANYWHERE in town!  That's not even all of them!  Their Tim Holtz section is so big I couldn't even fit it all in the frame!  So which die did I pick up this time?  The new Decorative Strip 'Washer Border.' I love it!  I thought about getting another-  the Vintage Valise, Rickety House AND the new Globe were ALL calling my name.  But since I couldn't decide which one of those three I really wanted the most at that moment, I said no to all of them.  Heartless, yes, I know. 

Well, speaking of craft 'n scrap stores, it looks like one has exploded in my work area.  I gotta go, I've got to try to clean up and organize stuff.  Wish me luck.  I might get a few sheets of paper into my new (on sale!) plastic paper cases before I get distracted by my total laziness.


  1. You have to go to Joanns and ask them if they will honor the online deal! My local Joann's did!! I just pulled it up on my phone.. they looked at it and gave the online price.. I was so happy! Give it a try!

    1. How lucky for you! I am just afraid I'd get the meanest cashier in town, who would pull the ad out and make me read 'online only' out loud to the other people waiting in line- who would then beat me up for holding up the line! lol

      but you know what they say, desperate times...

    2. LOL I was lucky.. that shopping day was a bunch of old ladies everywhere I went.. and they were all super nice!

  2. The savvy consumer that you are, i'm sure you'll have those stores eating out of your hand and handing over the best priced products to you. And I love the idea of dinner-dating! Never did it myself but if I were poor enough, I probably would. Pxx

  3. OH! OH! OH! I want that typewriter stamp right at the top of the store photo! I've kind of developed an unintentional collection of them. (Being old school, I learned to type on an old manual typewriter! Yes, I'm THAT old.) I haven't seen that one.

  4. Love this Kory, love your love-hate relationship with Michaels lol I too have the same relationship haha why don't you just carry PRIMA please? UGH! lol hope you are doing well!! Hugs!