Monday, July 9, 2012

Chinese Restaurant Supply Scrapbooking Supplies

No, it's not a new scrap shop in town or online.  Or 'LSS' if you frequent the boards.  Or 'Scraping Shop' if you're one of the many people who can't seem to spell 'scrapping.'  That always cracks me up- no, I'm not being rude or insensitive.  It just makes me laugh, because it sounds so painful.  "I've been SCRAPING this weekend!"   Oh, hon, I'm sure you have- but we don't need to know.

Anyways- Chinese restaurant supply scrapbooking supplies- 'KORY! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!'

Well, I'm sure you know that I love to find random things that can be used for supplies.  Cuz it's fun.  Anyone remember my fast food ketchup cup flower?  Few probably do, unless they pay attention to everything I do over at  No, don't bother looking for it- it's much, much less spectacular than I try to make it sound. 

Where was I?

Oh yeah.   So I found these 'egg roll' bags at the Super Cao. 

The Super Cao is a gigantic Asian grocery store, here in Oklahoma City.  Think of it like a Wal-Mart with nothing you've ever heard of before and a bucket of baby octopi sitting limp and slimy in an aisle, apparently forgotten.  It's tons of fun and even more fun if your allergies are so bad you can't smell anything. 

I looked at these glassine bags and new I had to have a few:

See?  They look great- don't they?  You can use them, full size, as is- affixed to layout.  Or, cover the pretty flute player with an embellishment if you need to coordinate to a specific color scheme.

You can cut the top off, to make it shorter.  Cut a little notch at the top of the front side of the bag. 

And, as my little brother and I liked to say when we would dramatically and quickly throw a dressing room curtain open as our poor Mom attempted to try on clothing: "TA-DAAAAA!" - you have a cute little bag to slide a pair of ticket stubs into....

Now, you can use the plain top piece of the bag to make a tiny bag, by just taping the bottom of it shut.

And, again:  TA-DAAAAA!  A cute tiny envelope to slide a business card into!

Cool, huh?!



  1. Very clever and fun idea, Mr.K!!! Thanks for sharing your ideas and funny writing with us!

    Love ya,

  2. AWESOME doesn't seem to cut it - you're AMAZING! :D Love this idea!

    Isn't that place gross? I went once, years ago, and it made me gag. There was a bin of some kind of seafood, live and crawling all over each other. They kept crawling out of the bin, falling and hitting the floor. A few broke their shells and just laid there, a few hit the ground running. I thought it was amusing, but also odd. The only reason I went there was that I needed was a 1" piece of ginger for a recipe and I couldn't find any in the regular grocery. I took a piece of ginger up to the register and was asked if that's all I wanted. I said yes. They just said it wasn't worth ringing it up and to take it and go. LMAO! :)

  3. Those are so cool Kory, I really do love them, the would work in so many different ways. Imagine making a mini out of them how cool would that be? I would love to go to a store like that, I know we have some here in Los Angeles, but haven't gotten around to visiting, but will one day!

    Hugs! Frank

  4. OMG-is this not frugal and crafty at the same time? I have a HUGE Asian grocery store near me and now you've enabled me to see some things in a whole new light! am gonna be on the lookout for these. Hope you don't mind-can I do a small writeup about this (a sneak) and then link folks to the blog?? lmk!

    1. Go right on ahead and do it! I'd be honored for the mention and link! I'm gonna go hang out on your blog for a bit- so glad you commented. Love your blog! -k

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