Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Studio Calico - CHA 2012

I'm not exaggerating one bit when I tell you this:

Looking at Studio Calico's blog gives me the same feeling I got the very first time I saw a dirty magazine. 

It's a thrill.  And it also scares me how much I like what I see.

Out of every CHA sneak preview that's popped up - Studio Calico is the one that made me the most exciting in the pants.

Look at these journal cards: 

From Studio Calico

I'll allow you a few moments to pull yourselves together before I show you the next piece of Studio Calico CHA hotness.

Okay, all better now?  Here ya go:

From Studio Calico

I can already hear what you're saying- you've got the SMASH date-stamp.  You've got the Dear Lizzy date-stamp.  And hell, you've got a drawer full of date-stamps that followed you home from various office jobs.  But Studio Calico's date-stamp kills them all with a combination of hip design and smart phrases.  INSTAGRAMMED!   EPIC!  A ROW OF HEXAGONS?! 

Go over to Studio Calico's porno blog right now and look at everything else.  I'll be taking a cold shower.



  1. I'm right there with you! Can you imagine being at CHA right now and touching everything? Swoon!

  2. Studio Calico makes me more excited than Santa. And that's saying A LOT. I bet CHA is exactly what heaven looks like.

  3. Love Studio Calico Kory, thanks for sharing this! Love those journaling cards for sure.


  4. Love ita, but Simone needs to make a Date stamp that goes past 2007!

  5. I do love SC and all their goodies!