Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday: Obsessed

Happy Monday!

And I mean that-  I want you to have a Monday as happy as a Monday can be...

Am I being negative?  No.  I just don't want to be secured to a desk until 5pm.  I want to be at home, working happily away on a little project.  A project that I started yesterday morning.  It's sitting halfway completed, now, crying for my return.  What is it?  I won't tell you, yet.  But I will give you a hint.  It began with these nice 12x12 sheets of chipboard.

That tells you lots, doesn't it?  I'll give you another hint-  it's a project for my favorite holiday.  Halloween.

I'm really proud of myself, thinking ahead and all...  I've got projects lined up for your amusement and entertainment needs.  All the way through Valentine's Day! 

I'm here today with some inspirationical links.  Stuff I'm obsessing over or stuff that has inspired me enough to lay in the middle of the floor thinking about what I'd do if I would only sit up.  If you follow all the people I've told you about in the past, you'll have seen it already- so in that case, you should skip to the bottom and let me know what you're obsessing over!

First up:  Sherry C's blog, My Favorite Things.  I'm loving her blog so much she should change her blog's title to KORY'S FAVORITE SITE.  She's a genius.  Want proof?  Lookit how she cut a square out of the Core'dinations and flipped it around so you can see both sides of this great paper.  I love this idea.  And I love that set of Core'dinations.  I have lots of it, mostly scavenged from Basket Market.  Also, don't miss the later post where she draws/embosses the Core'dinations by HAND.

Now, head back over to Frank's Haus of W.  Not only can you admire the old-fashioned CAMERA that he built, but the amazing Vintage Envelope Mini-Album he designed to go inside the camera.  And my dearest Franklin was also too kind to give away a PDF of the envelope template that he made!  I love envelopes more than I love vodka and tonic- so I spent some time playing with the template.  I printed it out in three sizes- regular size, medium size and a baby size!  Here they are, lined up in my mini-Smash book:

Cool, huh?

I would much rather make a card- but there are still times when a moment arrives and you just need to grab a store-bought card.  I have hundred of cards.  I always pull a selection of two or three cards from each package, to keep in my file cabinet at the office- so that I always have both thank you cards and blank cards near my right hand at all times.  How often do I need a thank you card?  Just about as often as I need a blank card to write happy birthday to someone down the hall, that's how often.  In other words: ALL THE TIME.

And I saw these colorful cards at Target:

I like the 'Tired of Texting' card.  And the 'Freakin Thanks' card.  Fun, huh? 

Okay, I've got work to do-  wish me luck!




  1. Great links (Frank deserves every mention he gets - love his blog!!!) Can't wait to see what your finished project will be, sounds most intriguing. And you'd think with all the cards i've made, I wouldn't have to buy one but I'm afraid most people get a store-bought one from me haha - so you're not alone - and I bet you don't hang your head as low as mine in shame lol. Have a fabulous week. Pxxx

    1. You're right, I don't hang my head in shame. If I could think of something I'd be ashamed of, I'd do it in a second.


  2. KORY, KORY, KORY!!! What can I say but THANK YOU!!! LOVE your envelopes they look amazing, and you resized them COOOOOOLLLL I cannot wait to see what you create. Thanks for the mention, you are always so nice and lovely! I too am glad Paul is back! We missed him dearly.