Sunday, July 8, 2012


- Moby Dick: The Musical

Good morning, everyone!  It's Sunday.  But still Sunday MORNING- so the late Sunday afternoon depression hasn't kicked in, yet.  I'm still happy, hopeful and OBSESSING.

What it it that I'm obsessing over right now?

Yesterday, I managed to drag myself off of the sofa and out into the 350 degree oven that we call Oklahoma City.  With remnants of Friday evening's wild activities still clanging and banging inside my head, it was quite a struggle.  I was able to last about an hour before I ran back home to the safety of air conditioning.  But in that hour, I was able to run up to PAPER CROWN for a papercraft fix.  And I mean 'fix' in all it's druggy ways.  Paper Crown is one of my favorite pushers in town.

I straggled into Paper Crown, hoping that BasicGrey's outstanding new line, CLIPPINGS, would be in stock.  It wasn't- but the owner said it should be there by Tuesday.  (!)  I bought a few papers, obsessed over a couple of stamp sets- but put them down.  Don't know if I've told you, but I'm trying to lay off the stamps for the time being.  I just have way too many and barely use the ones I have- so, I'm trying to 'rediscover' the stamps I already own before I go on another stamp binge.  So I decided to allow my washi tape collection to grow again.  Yeah, I'll probably have to lay off tape soon- maybe that's when I'll go back on the stamps.   Anyways- here's my big purchase from yesterday's trip to Paper Crown:

photo from Cavillini & Co.
Have any of you heard of CAVALLINI & CO.?  I never had- until I began shopping at Paper Crown.  Aside from their kickass paper tapes, they also have some wowful rubber stamps and some too cool to use papers. doesn't carry anything, but Two Peas does-  so if you're not in OKC, you can order them.  But if you're in OKC, run up to Paper Crown and tell them Kory sent you and you're there for the Cavallini.

Alright- back to the tape.  I think they made this just for me.  I love anything vintage office supply inspired.  It goes back to my childhood love of 'playing office.'  I didn't like to play ball or dolls- I liked to play office.  My Dad built a desk for me, and I setup my typewriter (remember those?!) and some IN & OUT boxes and I was in bidness.

So, Cavallini's Vintage Office paper tape set.  Comes in a great metal tin, too.  So when you've used up all the tape, you can reuse the metal tin.  That's if you'll use the tape.  Right now, all I can do is stare at it and stroke it and promise it that I'll never hurt it...

Now: Before we continue to my next obsession, run over to the bar and freshen your cocktail.  Take a couple of deep breaths, then continue reading.  It's amazing.  If you've already seen it because you, I don't know- READ BLOGS, never-mind.  Freshen your drink anyways.

Do any of you keep up with The Gentleman Crafter?  You should.  It's very much like my blog- but run by a much classier guy, well written, with good photographs of amazing projects.  Like the Graphic 45 LIGHTHOUSE.  If I would've been working the same amount of time that I've spent staring at this project, I would've accomplished something.  But I've just been staring.  You will, too.  Cuz just when you think it can't be any more heart-stopping amazement:  IT OPENS UP.  Just go- look- NOW!

Alright, my last obsession of the week- or since the last time I posted about my obsessions- is this journal in a handmade felt pocket, from my wonderful friend Frank, over at HAUS OF W.  Frank, or Franklin, as I've inexplicably decided I must call him, is so talented that my eyes burn with jealousy and at the same time, intense admiration.  And on top of being so damn talented- HE'S NICE!  For realz, Franklin is the best.  One day, we'll be neighbors and he'll teach me how to make flowers.  Or get a restraining order.

Anyways- check out his journal in a pocket.  I love felt.  And I love that he COLORED his own felt.  When I first looked at it, I thought that's just the fabric he found.  No, he COLORED the piece of white felt!  And embossed on it!  So cool.  Go look at it- HERE.

Before I go-  will someone explain to me WHY everyone is making the game pieces?  You know, the bingo game lookin' pieces, round wood with the number on them?  Just when I thought I'd thought it would be the end of them- I see Crate Paper's Wood Bingo Chips.  And they all look EXACTLY the same.  How many more companies are going to pack up some bingo pieces and sell them?  And how can they sell them without some text on the packaging saying, "We know, this isn't original- hell, you surely bought Mr. Holtz's first, and maybe added to your bingo chip collection with Maya Road's pieces- but just in case you didn't have enough- here ya go!"

Anybody else obsessed with anything this week?  I'd love to hear what it is!




  1. ohhh love that paper tape you found!!! hope you are having a great Sunday! Frank is amazing isn't he? Thanks for dropping by my blog today, sugar!


  2. Kory! I wish that you would blog every single day because your blog always makes me laugh, smile, and say hmmmm??! I LOVE reading your blog, but not like in a stalkerish way or anything- no restraining order needed! LOL! Have a fab Sunday afternoon!

  3. I agree with Nitasha.. I love my Kory fix.. I always get a great laugh.. LOVE reading your blog! And I think Nitasha is as stalkerish as me.. she just doesn't want to admit it! LOL .. Okay.. off to look at your obsessions.. for me.. I've been obsessing about nothing this weekend except for a WHOLE weekend without KIDS! WOOT! for me!

  4. Awww Kory you are such a sweetheart, thank you. You can call me Franklin anytime ;-). Thanks for the sweet comment, you are so awesome yourself, I had fun with the felt, its so awesome to work with, I am glad we both love felt :). I have heard of Cavallini & Co. love their stuff, especially their Paris tags, so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs! friend hope you are well!


  5. I am obsessed with the mailman. Our mail comes around noon and since I am at work I daydream all afternoon about stuffed boxes filled with goodies from the various stores I order from. Forget about kissing the husband when I get home. I head straight to the dining room table in search of my lastest treasure.