Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Goings On- New product, jokes and more!

Whoaaaa.  There's some hot and sexy new product appearing in the 'just arrived' section at Scrapbook.com's 'superstore' and also in the 'new arrivals' section over at the Two Peas shop.  I spent my entire lunch hour- and then some- doing a little 'monitor shopping.'  What friend would I be, if I didn't share my favorites with you?! 

So here it is:  Kory K's Hot New Product Round-Up of July 27, 2012:

The first few things I have to show you are from Echo Park's newest collection, Everyday Eclectic.  It's a modern, muted yet still bright, fun set of papers- including a great page of cardstock sticker alphas.  (I grow increasingly addicted to letter stickers with each sheet I buy...) 

Echo Park - Everyday Eclectic Collection - 12 x 12 Double Sided Paper - Kraft

Everyone knows my devotion to plain old kraft- but check out the herringbone wood pattern on its opposite side.  Reminds me of the floor in an apartment I had some good times in...

Echo Park - Everyday Eclectic Collection - 12 x 12 Double Sided Paper - Chevron Woodgrain

The pink side goes a little too far into the 'super-girly' look that's predominate in way too many new releases- but the chevron wood pattern makes up for it and gives me the strength to carry on!

Echo Park - Everyday Eclectic Collection - 12 x 12 Double Sided Paper - Journaling Cards

Their journalling cards are even cool.  I love the 'pay-per-view' telescope in the bottom right.  Fun!

Echo Park - Everyday Eclectic Collection - 12 x 12 Cardstock Stickers - Alphabet

Here's the letter alphas!  Wood and white!  Blue!  And trusty black!  I'll need two sheets of these hot little numbers (alphas?)!

Next, I've got some highlights from We R Memory Keepers Inc's new Hall Pass Collection.

That's their 12x12 piece of vintage green sexiness, 'Pop Quiz.'  Both sides are such eye-catchers, I'll need three sheets.  Two to use and one to hoard and stare at every so often.  Dammit, I love good paper designs.

That, there, is 'Classroom.'   Also from We R's Hall Pass Collection.  Journalling cards are, like alpha stickers and washi, two of my at-the-moment favorite thing to have-  I like the entire design on a small scale action/can use for almost anything aspect of journalling cards.  The 'Hello...my name is...' card makes the entire 12x12 sheet worth a dollar all on its own.

More woodgrain action!  This time from those sexily clever peoples over at Studio Calico.  Want. Now.

The last of the eyecatchers are these rolls of washi tape from Freckled Fawn.  I've not heard of Freckled Fawn- up until about a week ago, and now I seem to see them popping up everywhere.

That's 'Foreign Newspaper.'  Part of me wishes it were more monotone.  Part of me likes the colors and says, 'shut up and love it as it is...'

I couldn't help but put in some more hardcore woodgrain love.  I love wood.  I love woodgrain.  Even when it's as cartoonily done as it is here- I love it.

Hop on over to scrapbook.com and order some new nice lookin' supplies- you won't find these at Michaels!  However, you will find this:

Just kidding, Michaels, you know I love you- and I know it's hard to stay on top of the times when you have to buy for a hundreds of stores.  But really?  Discount DVDs?

So that's all, for now!  I'll be back later to fill you in on all the fun at last night's 'Mix N Mingle' at Paper Crown!  And coming up even later/after/soon, a HALLOWEEN PRESHOW!

Don't forget tonight's episode of "CRAFT WARS: LIVE with KORY AND DARLA!"  Showtime is 10/9Central, live during TLC's airing of CRAFT WARS, in the forum at Scrapbook.com!

UPDATE:  RED ALERT!  RED ALERT!  Thanks to a good eye for detail and a quick response, Okienurse has alerted me that CRAFT WARS is on at 8/7pmCENTRAL tonight, not its usual 9CST, due to some kind of scheduling conflict.  SO- This makes CRAFT WARS: LIVE with Kory and Darla on at 8pmCST, too!  Thank you, Okienurse!!!

see ya there!


  1. Hey Kory awesome topic! All this new stuff that is coming out is going to cost me a fortune. btw my friend Cheryl Darrow is on Craft Wars tonight and she said they changed the viewing time to 7pm rather then 8 central tonight due to a viewing issue...

  2. I LOVE the Hall Pass Collection, I'll be looking out for that when it reaches the UK in a hundred years time. The wood grain tape is cool too.

    WHO buys those discount dvd's??!!

  3. LOL Thanks for the entertainment! And the new product! I really like that Washi tape! :)

  4. Hey Kory have you checked out Bluemoonscrapbooking.com? I have been eyeing that Everyday Eclectic for about 2 weeks and debating if I should get some of that...

  5. Thanks for showing use these awesome papers. I love wood grain. Loving that We R Memory Keepers Inc's new Hall Pass Collection. Loooove!!

  6. Ahhh to come home and enjoy the fabulous irreverent Kory wit :) Missed it sooooo much! Makes my heart sing and the week given a shimmer of light! I want to hear more of the good times apartment with the wooden veneer floor! Great drool-worthy products you've spotlighted, not heard of Freckled Fawn before either - must check them out! Pxx

  7. Love those products Kory and yummm the everyday eclectic line is so amazing and fun! I already have it and I love it so much!!! Love the washi tape too!

    Thanks for sharing!