Monday, July 16, 2012

Instagram? Instagram!

Thanks to Sherry at My Favorite Things, there is now heaps more INSTA in my INSTAGRAM!  I'm feelin' like an INSTAGENIUS! 

Y'all know how much I hate to order things -  you pays your monies, and then you WAIT.  I don't like to pay and wait.  I like to pay and HAVE.  This means that even with the existence of such great Instagram printing apps, like  PostalPix, I've never ordered any prints.

Because of my technological limitations, I've also never been able to properly format photos following other's 'easy' directions for printing out a sheet of Instagram beauty.  You know what I'm talking about- stuff like: "First, you just open up a copy of Photoshop version 20 and have these three updates and extras installed, then you create a new document in this pixel size, download and load this template then..."  Photoshop?  I was barely able to operate THE PRINT SHOP on my first DOS computer- what the hell are you trying to explain to me?  I just want my Instagrams! 

Imagine my orgasmic surprise this morning, when I come across Sherry's blog- and today's post with the heading, "Easy Instagram Printing."  Easy is one of my favorite four letter words.  Click on that link, read, enjoy, discover.  Grow.

And you know what?  Within an hour later, it was time for my lunch break.  I was on my way to Walgreen's to pick up four sheets of beautifully printed squares of joy. 

I did several different options- a sheet of six little squares, a sheet of two big squares and four littler squares- as they say, the possibilities are ENDLESS.  Again, visit Sherry, follow her instrutcions, thank her profusely- and, as Brini Maxwell would say,  'Now, why didn't you think of that?!'

That's not even all- can you believe it?   The day- MONDAY- even gets better?  Why, yes!  It does!

You know what Mr. Walgreen's is doing for all of us photo-addicted peoples?  No, not introducing us to a new hobby!  They're giving us a discount!  Not a stingy barely worth it 25% off entire sale- ahem, Michaels, coughcough- they're giving 40% OFF ENTIRE PHOTO PRINTING AND ENLARGEMENTS until the 31st.  Of July.  Now if that doesn't give you the will to stop reading blogs and earn your paycheck, I don't know what will-  All you gotta do is:  "Enter coupon code PRINTIT40 at checkout thru Tuesday, July 31st.*"  You'll have to visit Mr. Walgreens and his website to see whatever that asterisk is referring to- all I know is that the coupon is good for photos and and enlargements until the 31st of July.  I used it with great success to get my Instagrams today and I'm in love...

Again, Sherry- I thank you.  The world will thank you.  Yes, it's that important.

*my version of what the asterisk will be referring to, if *I* wrote the fine print: 

"Thank you, customer, for your interest in our very kind 40% discount on all prints and enlargements.  I'm sure that you'll enjoy the discount.  I'm also sure you'll be so pleased with such a generous coupon code that when you arrive to pick up your photos, you'll stay off of your cell phone while in line to pay and even treat the cashier and/or photo desk employee with nothing but courtesy and kindness.  We also trust that you'll not hold up any lines while you try to argue that the coupon for 40% off prints and enlargements should also apply to custom mousepads, coffee cups, calendars or even any product off the shelves at the store than you managed to grab with the hand not holding your cell phone while pushing your way to the photo desk.  Please, wash your hands.


  1. You are cracking me up! Thanks for link and the laughs!

  2. LOL - that's awesome! :) Off to check out Sherry's post ... thanks for sharing!

  3. Kory you are a trip. Nice photos.

  4. KORY!!! I have missed you so! I messaged you on Facebook! You need to check it out so we can work on our little project! I know another "GUY" in CTMH!!! You would not be the only one! I can intro you guys! You should join my team! :) We will talk more later if you ever get on facebook and message me back. hehehe I used the Windows Movie Maker to make my video, for the music it is the GOTYE song Somebody that I used to know. I love it! :)

    Message me! Princess out!

  5. you crack me up and btw, I plan on using that stingy Michaels coupon on some Martha Stewart goodness bright & early tomorrow...I normally don't shop at Walgreens only due to distance (my horrible CVS is 2 miles away and the Walgreens is 5 lol) and due to the fact that I too like instant gratification and print my own stuff...BUT, am gonna see if the link really is easy and give it a try.

  6. Thanks for sharing this, I always print mine wallet size, but this would work way better!


  7. You can do the same thing with Picasa and print at home....just use the Picasa "create collage" feature....add your prints, print to whatever size you want.
    You can print individually in Picasa as well by choosing the collage feature, adding only one photo and picking the "square CD cover" prints a perfect square picture!