Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Card Day

After an uneventful weekend and a long Sunday afternoon nap- which left me extremely disoriented, I crawled to my worktable and made a card!

I was really just wanting to play with my new Spellbinders!

Yesterday, I made the drive to 'the new' Jo-Ann.  Yes, the official name of the place is 'Jo-Ann.'  Not Joann.  Not Joanne.  Not Joann'S.  Just Jo-Ann.

Am I cranky?  No.

Yes, I am cranky.  That nap was either too short or too long.  Why yes, I have been called Goldilocks before...

When I complain, everything is either too hot or too cold.  Like the weather.  Right now, it's too hot.  And I'll be complaining of that until about late November.  Possibly December.

What am I talking about?!

Jo-Ann!  'The NEW Jo-Ann!'  I love this place-  maybe because it's not as crowded as Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  I think Jo-Ann (or: "J's," as it's known in the land of is a great store.  It's always clean, the shelves are stocked, and the employees don't follow me around and bother me.  Even if I'm sitting on the floor, reading your magazines that while I will buy, I want to make sure I get the one I want THIS trip...

I'd lost my cell phone at some point between waking up and getting downstairs to the shower.  How?  I don't know.  I couldn't find it and I ended up at J's without a coupon and without my cell phone and the trusty Jo-Ann APP with a e-coupon.   I was close to frantic tears.  Especially when I spotted the set of Spellbinders that Paul at The Artsiders used to make this beautiful card.  I've never paid full price for a set of Spellbinders!  I'm also too lazy to drive home and find a coupon or my phone and drive back to Jo-Ann.  Imagine my surprise when I dragged myself up off the floor, where I was digging through a bin of dollar stamps (found a cute birdcage stamp) and made it to the cashier.  The Spellbinders 'Lacey Circles' rang up at 14.99!

I yelped like any self-respecting man in Jo-Ann and demanded they throw in a set of 'Lacey Squares,' too!

So- enough rambling.  Back to the card I made:

It's nothing groundbreaking.  I thought (hoped?) that by sitting down to make a simple card, I would suddenly be seized by a creative force and do something more substantial.  It didn't happen.

Here it is!

I used a piece of red paper from BasicGrey's Konnichiwa line, which I embossed in a Cuttlebug folder (Stylized Flowers) which I also found at Jo-Ann for two bucks.  From my sets of Spellbinders, I used one of the 'Lacey Squares' and one of the dies from Labels 5.  I think it's Labels 5, don't hold me to it...  That's one of Tim Holtz's Crown stamps, and some Frayed Burlap and Tea Dye Distress Inks all over the place.

Enjoy your Sunday evenings, everyone!  It's back to work in the morning, for me.  I think I can...I think I can...



  1. its a great card! The red is so bright and cheery. All the details are great.

  2. hope that red cheered you cause it did me! WOW, PMS or what!! Daughter worked at Jo-Ann's as a manager/supervisor for a while and I like their stuff but their policies suck! Hope your day got better.

  3. Pretty card. Love that label!

  4. Sweet, love the fancy ribbon and the center looks awesome, sorry about your phone, hope you can find it Kory, the card is amazing my friend!!!

    Hugs! Frank

  5. What a bargain Kory! I would have been emptying my bank account to buy all the spellbinders haha. Crafting is such a cheap hobby. Wonderful card, love the dinky little crown in the centre. Hope you have a fun week ahead. Pxx

  6. I hate to pay full price for Spellbinders, which is why I only have 3, all purchased when on sale or with a coupon. I really want the octagon set, but I never find it discounted. If you ever see it, let me know!! :D

  7. Aren't sales fun??? yes, of course. Great card and I'm liking Spellbinders now that I've dusted off my Bigshot.

  8. bright and fun card! i've sent a couple of my friends your way lately! :) hope you have a good week!

  9. Always fabulous work and such entertaining writing! Thanks for sharing!!!