Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Product Party Time!

I feel like I've been away for years!  No, please, don't cry-  I'm right here!

There's so much excitement that I can barely keep it in my pants!  My wallet, I mean! 

Yes!  It's almost PAYDAY FRIDAY and on top of THAT-  there's heaps of new product coming out of the woodwork!

Last night, I almost fell off my bed when I noticed that SCRAPBOOK.COM was now fresh in stock with all of Mr. Holtz's AMAZING new dies-  the globe, the telephone, the typewriter (AND MORE!!!)....  These look cool beyond words. 

They are also carrying the embossing folders I've nearly gone insane waiting for- the "'Book Covers"  Aaaaaand the "Riveted Metal" and "Diamond Plate" set!!!   I've been coming up with so many ideas to use these for-  I can't wait to get a set in my hot little hands! 

And speaking of the Holtzcitement-  did y'all check out his blog today for the special announcement?  NEW DISTRESS INKS!!!  Yes- you're right- it's time for the SPRING Seasonal Distress set.  Yes, if you're in Oklahoma, you'll join me in saying IT IS 90 FREAKIN DEGREES OUTSIDE SPRING WHAAAAT WE'RE ALREADY READY FOR THE SUMMER COLORS!!!   The colors are BEAUTIFUL - get over to Mr. Holtz's beautiful new website and see the colors for yourself!!!

K & COMPANY's crazily popular SMASH line is out with the new just-like-a-DYMO labelmaker.  Which I want.  Badly.  Why, Kory?  You have a real-life vintage DYMO labeler that works perfectly?  I LIKE THE FONT, OKAYYYYY?   And can you believe how popular the SMASH Books are?!  I heard from a friend that saw a display of them at a GROCERY store in Dallas!  You can buy them in Target!  I don't know why I find that as exciting as I do... Congratulations on a great product, K & COMPANY!!!  I love it!  (I also really love their SWATCH tape, which I recently picked up at the local store, My Heart's Fancy.)

Is there some new product you're excited about?  Let me know!



  1. I've got the Book Covers, Riveted Metal and Diamond plate embossing folders :o) And on your say-so I got the diffusers yesterday too. I haven't had a chance to use them yet.

    I've just got His Royal Highness T!m's new book and I'm super excited working my way through that.

  2. Yep, I saw Smash stuff at a Safeway in San Francisco. Imagine that - scrappy stuff in The City!! And I've been dying to get my hands on Riveted Metal but now I'm waiting so I can order the inks at the same time. I've been doing the Homer Simpson happy dance a lot lately, too much cool stuff!!

  3. I gotta admit all of these goodies are amazing Kory, I truly love the new Distress Inks, they are amazing, thanks for sharing all this you rock!


  4. Ooh it's always a treat when it's payday haha. Your resulting posts are brilliant. Love to see what you come home with and the crafts you make with them. i'm not a fan of all the distress inks but I have to say I think I might be partial to the Peacock Feathers :) Enjoy your shopping expedition :) Pxx

  5. Kory: I was very excited about the new colors, but really excited about the re-inkers! I was worrying that my pads would dry out and not be able to get them again since they are limited. I am really excited to be getting the embossing plate things (can't think of the name of it) that he put out where I will be able to have different shaped focal points left open. I can't wait to try them. Thanks for the rundown of the new stuff...I will be on the lookout.