Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mini-Book Time!

Anybody who knows me knows how much I love to make mini-books.  More than anything.  Layouts? Cards?  MINI-BOOKS!  They're so much fun!

I recently made a blank book for my boss, for her birthday- for her to put photos in, after an upcoming trip.  She loved it so much that she begged me to make one for her to give, as a gift, to her daughter.  She emailed some photos of her grandsons and I got to work-

First, I used PIXLR to edit the photos.  What's PIXLR??!  It's a terrific and FREE editing website (also available as an app for Android, Apple's app store- I have it on my iPad, too- f'realz, I like it that much).  I added effects to all of the photos, added borders to some and uploaded the photos to Walgreens.  It is convenient to upload pics to Walgreens and just go pick them up on my lunch break.  No, I'm not being bribed by Walgreens to say that-  I really do!

I'd recently found the "Journey" collection of papers from AUTHENTIQUE and knew they'd work well for this mini-book.  With two of the 1.00 packs of blank chipboard book sets from the dollar bin at MICHAELS, I was ready to get to work!

I'm sure it's no surprise that there will be plenty of product from Tim Holtz in this book!  On the outside, right away you can spot the Philosophy Tags and the beautiful 'wings' stamp, which I heat embossed with clear embossing powder.

The metal frame/file-label tab-thingy, is from Hobby Lobby.  They have a box of ten for two or three bucks.  They look even better when sanded a bit!  Inside is a ChitChat sticker that says 'journey.'  The closure is made with a Hitch Fastener, string, and a Hinge Clip (all from Tim Holtz.  Well, except the string, which is DOLLAR TREE!).

How about a look inside?

Here's my favorite part of the book.  The page above was made by embossing a piece of plastic (leftover packaging material from a set of Spellbinders) and rubbing some paint on the 'back' side after I scratched it up with some sandpaper.  And there's one of my favorite stamps from Catslife Press!

And there's the back of the book.  Pretty anticlimactic, but it didn't feel right- all that and not showing the back of the book!

My boss was totally thrilled with the book.  She spent most of the day, running around the building to show it to people.  I'm glad she liked it!

And now- to clean up the mess I created while creating this book.  Looks like a bomb went off and then a tornado hit!


  1. Wow Kory!!! Love your mini book! Awesome job, my friend! Love all the little details! You rocked it! ~HL

  2. This is your best project ever! You have grown so much as an artist since you started blogging. Must add that you NEED to go to NYC and see Peter and the Starcatchers. It is the most enchanting play I have ever seen - and trust me, I've seen lots!

    1. Thank you, Miz Ellen! Very much!

      I have heard great word about that show! I'm also interested in another adaptation, called 'FLY' that will be trying out pre-NY in Dallas, soon.


  3. Stunning project. No wonder she went running round the office to show could have a sideline business going soon...

  4. Stunning mini Kory, and I must agree with you, mini-books are super fun, you really went all out on the pictures, details, and amazing arrangements, wonderful work!!

    Hugs! Frank

  5. Fabulous Kory. Mini books are fun. I just picked up some colored lunch sacks to make a few of those type of mini books. I was at JoAnn's today and the Vagabond on sale for $149. I didn't buy though....have spent my allowance up to 2030 now.

  6. I mistakenly came across your blog and I believe it was fate. I laughed my ass off and now believe I am in love with your humor!!! Love, love, love it!

  7. Brilliant book Kory! Such a lot of visual detail and gorgeous use of layers. I agree, mini books are the height of pleasure to make, though on saying that, I haven't produce one in ages. Love your catspress stamps - I can go quite soppy over their designs. Your boss is going to squeal when she sees this (if she hasn't already). Pxx

  8. Love the minibook! I bet the Moma and sons will love it too!