Monday, April 2, 2012

Dollar Tree Treasure Box!

Earlier today, while suffering through an especially horrendous day at work, I spent some time cruising around one of my favorite online hangouts- the forum at SCRAPBOOK.COM.   On my favorite forum, one of my favorite online scrapbook personalities, Miss Henri, was writing about her family's Easter plans.  In a matter of minutes, I decided that *I* needed an old-fashioned childhood Easter, too!  I quickly e-mailed my Mom with my demands.  On my lunch hour, I ran out to buy some EASTER SUNDAY supplies!

I decided that I would be in charge of table decor and Easter baskets for all of my Easter Sunday participants.  Willing or not, my Mom will hide my (soon to be) beautifully colored eggs and willing or not, my friends will hunt for these eggs!

I headed straight to DOLLAR TREE.  That's right- The Dee Tee!

I bought six baskets, a vase, six chocolate bunnies, and many rolls of ribbon- in different colors- I couldn't decide if all baskets should have the same colored ribbon or if each should be a little different...

While staggering through the aisles, I spotted something- YES!!  One of my favorite things is back in stock at the Dee Tee!

What is it?!


I LOVE these things!  Around Christmas, I found lots of them - and once I'd fixed them up a bit, used them to 'wrap' Christmas presents.  I put the present inside, then tied a classy black string around the box.  Very simple, but looked great.  Then, the person got their present AND a nice box they could use to store jewelry, money, or pills or other medicinal/birth control needs.

So how did I fix them up?  With some acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, and some Mod-Podge!

Here's one box that I made for myself.  No, I don't use it to store contraceptives.  Silly.  I use it to hold my spare Cricut blades!

Ain't that purty?  I love that paper from My Mind's Eye.  I need to find more!

Here's another view:

Yeahp.  Cute.  And so cheap.  Dollar for the box, then just a piece of paper from your stash!

I have so much fun making these, that I'm gonna go make another right now!



  1. I love the box idea! I hope there's a box with my name on it very soon, LOL!

  2. I'm stopping at the dollar tree on my way to work tomorrow. {{}}EllenBee

  3. las t time i went there i bought paper doilies and a crocheted one. 2 things i said i would never do. if i can make them look ugly itll be ok. Now im going to get boxxes? dunno. Anyway, have fun at Easter. Your plans sound very fun and its generous of you to buy all those supplies.

  4. Kory that's great!!! Love the box, and for a dollar? How amazing is that? I will have to stroll into my dollar tree too and check these out, they would make incredible gifts!

    Hugs! Frank

  5. Brilliant box, beautifully decorated. Very classy. Love the idea that you have persuaded your family to have a nostalgic Easter. I have no such memories. I received one chocolate egg and that was as festive as it got. I still have a huge choccie egg, but it's usually bought for me the week after, in the sales. It's amazing how cheap the high-end ones become lol. Pxx

  6. jk about the boxes, its a great idea

  7. love your box! hee hee..was gonna say somethin' but nevermind. ;) love ya, kory k! ~hl

    1. Aw, c'mon- SAY IT! This ain't no classy place!!!

      Love you, HL!


  8. whats up ? you havent written in days.