Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Best Friend

I took the day off of work!  

I was so stressed out yesterday, I realized that I had better use some personal time, or quit.  I decided to ask my boss for a day off, ince I don't have another full time job begging me to start in a few days (hint, hint- wanna hire me?  I'll do anything).

I really wanted to 'make a page.'  That's what I call scrapbooking, really.  Makin' a page.  I've got so much new paper laying around, begging to be used- but I needed the photos!  I'm really bad about getting photos printed out.  Because like everything I set out to do, it usually turns into an ordeal.

Well, it was-

Printing photos was an ordeal. I woke up bright and early-  thinking it would be nice to be in Wal-Mart with less of the humanity usually involved.  It was empty!  Which was GREAT- but the photo printing machines don't turn on until 9am.  WHY?!  You do it yourself!  It was only 8am, so I had to slowly wander around the aisles and read magazines for an hour.  Which attracted lots of attention from employees.  In a big empty store, I guess the bored employees decide to focus on the three people there- NO I don't need help! NO I'm not stealing anything! NO I'M NOT COOKING DRUGS IN THE AISLES. 

Also, I have a habit, of when I'm looking at things on the bottom shelves- I will just sit down on the floor. Which is what I was doing in the scrap aisle, looking thru all the dollar stamps and junk. I guess they think that means trouble or they're used to chasing away hobos who 'move in' or something. Just leave me alone! I'm browsing!  I did find three nice lookin' rolls of Wal-Marts new 97cent washi tape!

9am finally came and I finally started printing photos- a young girl came up to use the machine next to me- and I guess it was giving her trouble. It required that the loud and pushy photo counter employee to come over and be...loud and pushy. I just want to print photos in peace!!!

I was happy that I was able to print my photos with a white border around them- I love that look.  I think it adds a touch of class.  I know what you're thinking- why would someone who thinks Franzia's box of Crisp White is a nice drink think they can recognize a touch of class?  I don't have all the answers.

I finally finished choosing which pictures to print, waiting for the slow machine to load each next screen so I could click NEXT until I could click SUBMIT ORDER, finally finished waiting for the machine to print my fifty-three photos, finally get to the counter to pay the loud pushy photo counter employee.  Guess what?  Now I have to wait for her to get the cash register to work-  even had to move to another register.  And then what?  She flips through all my photos!  I'm like, WHAT THE HELL?!  Is she this bored, that she's gotta flip through my stack of photos?!  

I was so happy to get out of Wal-Mart that I almost kissed the ground.

Since there's a Hobby Lobby next door, nearly, I thought- 'Well, I might as well check out their clearance aisle.'  

I wasn't finding anything.  I considered buying some paper, since all paper (including pads! all pads!  take THAT, Michaels!) was 50% OFF!  I was just about to buy Mr. Holtz's glorious new DESTINATIONS pad- but noticed the corner was dented.  Each page had a dent in the corner.  That would've driven me insane.  No matter how small a dent, no matter how unnoticeable it might actually be- I would always know it's there...  and they only had one left!  The Denim Skirt Queen was stocking the scrap aisle, and I guess she thought I was stealing, so she hovered over me all the way through the clearance aisle.  So I left. 

Went to Basket Market. They are just not getting new stuff into BUYER'S CORNER!!! I was about mad that I wasted time going, until I remembered that the last time I was there- with Darla & Tanya, I hid some stuff I wanted into two separate hidey-holes. An employee was stocking in the aisle of my favorite 'vault,' so I had to 'make' a new one- and I COULDN'T exactly remember where it was- I new it was in the entire shelf full of blue glitter, but couldn't remember the exact path. After a bit, I managed to find the stamps behind all the glitter. So I ended up with a cool new stamp, a set of the new Anna Griffin flourish stamps (only 5.00!) and a nice 12x12 pack of AUTHENTIQUE papers (the Journey collection) for only 6.00! 

So now I'm at home... have everything I need to make some pages. But my lazy side is trying to talk myself into going to th movies. I wanna see the Cabin in the Woods! lol And I love going to the movies alone, during the daytime. 

Nevermind. I don't wanna drive again. I'll make something. 

I decided to scrap two cute photos of my best friend and son, Nelson.  May he rest in peace.

I loved this dog more than anything in the world-  I'll miss him for the rest of my life.  I'm glad I took so many pictures of him!

I used some of the washi tape that I got at Michaels to point to the 'best friend' sticker that I stuck on a pennant cut from one of the smaller dies in the Spellbinders Lacey Pennants set-  luckily, not all of the pennants were 'lacey.'  I love the smaller ones!

Well, that was fun, 'makin a page!'  

I'm gonna go drink a Dr. Pepper.  My sugar and caffeine high is fading.  That's not a good thing.



  1. Ah, I love it, Kory! :) Nelson was such a cutie, love that mug and those jowels! Your layout is gorgeous! :) I came really close to calling in today, I need a day off myself - just to scrap. Wonderful post, as always. :)

  2. I laughed when you were saying how everything turns into an ordeal. I understand how you feel. "I dont have all the answers" about the white borders and white wine thing. It struck me as funny.
    Aw, too bad about dear Nelson. That's a nice tribute to him to do a page. The photos are really good and so is the layout.

  3. Awww! HUGS!!!! Random hugs from a chick-a-dee on the internetz, that's what I think you need. Hope that helped!!

  4. you did a good job makin' that page!! :) love the photos (Nelson was so cute! sorry for your loss! ) and the washi tape! i hope things get better for you at work, Kory. hugs, hl

  5. Sweet layout! Bullies are just the best friends ever! I love my girl, Bella to pieces! And thanks, to your 4-1-1 about the Michael's washi tape I picked up some this week at 50% off! Thanks so much!

  6. Fantastic layout Kory, you completely rock the CAS style, this is graphic design chic! And I love the sentiment. My favourite pet, Poppers, died around ten years ago and I still think of him. No pet, no matter how much I love them, will ever be the same. I'm tickled by the idea that you sit on the floor in shops. Such wonderfully eccentric behaviour! It should be further encouraged. What's the worst that can happen? Being man handled by a rough and rugged security guard? Ooh I've come over all peculiar. Off to grab the smelling salts....Pxx

  7. i've never 'made a page' in my life! yours is really great - such a gorgeous wee dog!
    as always i love your blogs ....
    hugs from uk
    tony x

  8. This page is great! I don't see a pintrest link here. Do you mind if I pin it?

    1. I don't mind at all- that's very nice of you!

      (I'm not yet advanced enough to figure out how to put in Pinterest links, lol)

      -thank you!